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Hi There,

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Our Mission

Resist, Repeal, and Replace Donald J Trump.

Yabberz Rules:

1. Membership on Yabberz is a Privilege NOT a Right.

2. Yabberz is Free and Open to all Individuals as long as you follow the rules.

3. Yabberz is not for people who parrot Donald J. Trump's talking points. Content and individuals that distrupt our mission will be removed.

4. Yabberz allows critique and criticism of public individuals. However, the personal insult of a non public member on Yabberz would be considered a flaggable offense.

5. Personal and Individual Use:

  1. No businesses or people acting in the capacity of or on behalf of a business.
  2. One account per individual.
  3. Real name posting is not required but accounts may be subject to identity verification.
  4. Yabberz may request confidential verification to confirm an account(s) is personal, unique, and individual at any time at its sole discretion.
  5. Suspected duplicate accounts, business accounts, accounts acting on behalf of a business, or accounts with multiple rules violations are subject to verification/re-verification/suspension/removal.

6. Posting DO's:

  1. Post original commentary or original comments with a link to sites you trust. Include clear references/citations/attributions.
  2. Add a thought provoking and accurate title to your post. Good titles are very important. Add images or videos to help drive readership and interaction. Use the Start tab if you need help finding a good link.
  3. Select the correct topic, from the topic dropdown, which best fits the content in your post. Questions about Yabberz should select Yabberz Suggestions and Help (Suggestions).
  4. Pick articles or videos from Start to open a discussion if it helps make your point more credible.
  5. Make Friends by Following Members and Following Back. Friends (mutual Following) is required to private message aka chat.
  6. Rate and award points to posts based on content quality, originality, and your opinion of its “news worthiness”, or as a way to say thank you.
  7. Share thoughtful posts from Yabberz to other social media sites.
  8. Express your opinion with respect to public figures, national or international news events, celebrities etc. The more defendable your opinion the better. It is okay to express a negative or controversial opinion. Exception: we will remove credible threats to public figures, as well as hate speech directed at them.
  9. Block members who post content you find offensive, annoying, tiring, reptitive or you simply don't want to deal with. Please note our standards are specific and we only remove content that (1) concretely violates the standards and (2) has been brought to our attention by members via a flag.
  10. Flag content or members that violates the rules, but don't post about it - it is not newsworthy. As with all of our standards, we rely on our members to accurately and fairly report this content to us.

7. Posting DONT's:

  1. Curse, Not-Safe-For-Work Graphic Images/Videos, Adult Content, Racist Content, Hate Speech, Ask for money.
  2. Post links to fake-news e.g., sources of dubious reputation, or "state media" e.g., Breitbart. Promotion of media outlets that are owned and controlled by the Trump family such as the New York Observer or Breitbart shall be removed at Yabberz discretion. If you need to refer to content on such a site, it is okay to discuss but avoid direct links.
  3. Post content to the wrong or misleading topic category. Never Re-post the same post in multiple topic categories (doing so multiple times will lead to banning). Conspiracy theories are not news and should be posted under Other. Incorrectly classified posts will be reclassified or if done repeatedly removed.
  4. Impersonate another person, member, or use your avatar or handle name to harass another member or impersonate anyone as a form of harassment.
  5. Name call. Insult or start a conversation specifically about another member with an intention to insult or demean another member or tell the world what another member thinks in some negative way. It is okay to post a strong rebuttal to another member’s work if the rebuttal is generally non-personal in nature.
  6. Post policy or help questions on the main stream. Use Yabberz Suggestions and Help or better yet Email us - support@yabberz.com.
  7. Use posting or private messaging as a way to incite folks to harass or attempt to silence another member.
  8. Conversations between/about a subset of members that have no bearing on the news, may be removed from our main feed pages and placed into "Community Life" or in rare cases deleted without notice. We view these threads to be semi-private conversations since not all members (especially new members or readers) are able to understand these topics without context, and therefore Community Life posts can no longer earn points or be shared. Example topics include:
    1. Yabberz members
    2. Yabberz policies
    3. Yabberz the company itself
    4. Specific technical issues
  9. Flag posts you don't like or disagree with, but clearly do not violate the rules. We give you tools (Block) to avoid content you find distasteful or offensive.

8. Never/Bannable/Banned:

  1. Reposting Red Flagged aka Deleted Content. Your account will be automatically suspended and subject to re-verification. Email support@yabberz.com if you have a question about a flag notice you received.
  2. Suggest members do self harm or incite self harm – e.g., Go Kill Yourself.
  3. Post screen shots or the content of a Private Message.
  4. SPAM - A few examples:
    1. Posting the same post repeatedly or in multiple categories/topcis
    2. Posting content to solely promote your business, website, blog, books, campaign, and/or commercial enterprise on our main feeds. Exception: You may provide links to to your blogs, website, or business and how it relates to you ONLY on your "About Me" profile page.
    3. Content that solicits for money, registration, or the sales promotion of another business. Exception: Posting a well known ad or video for purposes of discussion -- for example an ad on TV or an interesting movie trailer that is "newsworthy" unto itself. Must include why you are posting and it is not SPAM.
    4. Writing the exact same content or posting the same link over and over on our main feeds either in a post or a reply. Exception: You may provide a general greeting to all new users on the New Members feed.
    5. Conspiracy theories or conspiracy theory content related to mass murders such as 9/11, Holocaust, Sandy Hook, etc.
    6. Content that may violate the terms of service of our ad networks, and/or is illegal in countries that we or our ad networks service may be removed with or without notice by automated means, and associated members may be banned.
  5. Reveal personal/private details of another member.
  6. Harass Yabberz staff, purposefully/repeatedly violate rules, attempt unauthorized access or computerized/automated usage of Yabberz.

9. More Info:

  1. How to Yabberz
  2. Terms of Service
  3. Account deletion. Request by e-mail: support@yabberz.com. All content will be removed from site but may exist in back up data.

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