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PPTS October 22, 2017 "From The Podium" Part 2 Of 2


      PPTS has been presenting a unique perspective on the American political situation that will, we hope, help citizen at least get a handle on what is going on, and what YOU can do about it. Today's show completes that analysis, and invites your participation.

      From 2-4 PM (Central) today, you can call us live at (310) 388-9791 to share your thoughts with our host and our special guests. You can have a lively online conversation in our chat room, or ask questions for our listeners, guests, or hosts to engage in some civil discourse.

      All views are welcome!

      We're on the air! We'll see YOU there!

      For the entire PPTS team,

      The Tennessee Progressive

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      Committee To Protect Journalists Statistics For 2017 Journalists Killed.


          For the last 35 years, the Committee to Protect Journalists has been making every effort available to them to provide safety to report without reprisal. As of 19 October 2017 we have witnessed the violent demise of fifty of these brave souls, at least ten of them for their investigations into political and/or organized crime.

          The assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, one of the greatest revealers of corruption through her intense study of the Panama Papers, by car bomb in her native Malta could not have been more horrifying.

          "Daphne Caruana Galizia investigated wrongdoing in Malta's political, business and criminal worlds," said CPJ Deputy Executive Director Robert Mahoney. "The investigation into her murder therefore must be thorough, credible and timely."

          The American FBI is sending a team to assist in the investigations, especially important given that the Prime Minister of Malta and his wife were the subjects of one of her most damning discoveries. Her reporting forced the head of state into calling for snap elections.

          When we speak of violence among the threats to the freedom of the press, we have more than adequate proof of its existence.


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          Pundit Post

          It Just Is Not Fair. A General, An Empty Dress And An Actor Punked By Putin


              We here at the SANE60 realize that even the wisest people fall for the simplest cons, so we have some compassion for those poor dupes who have less experience dealing with fakery.

              Like former General "Benedict Arnold" Flynn, a man who - if his testimony is to be believed - could not recognize a Russian Diplomat if one were to be sitting right in front of his face, much less on the phone. Imagine this poor man's confusion when faced with a fake Twitter account. The poor sucker never had a chance.

              Likewise with Ann Coulter, though her case is a bit different. The poster child for the misinterpretation of facts, little Ann blissfully retweeted the Russian operated @Ten_GOP with the same glee that she applies to the fiction her staff writers invent. To be fair, Coulter did not respond yet to the request for comments, but that might change if she can figure out how to use the phone. Or email. Perhaps Coulter graduated from the Trump inspired "Twitler" school's evangelical division. It would explain this:

              Now James Woods falling for the fake account is a bit more surprising. Without question, the famous actor is one of the most intelligent people on the planet, so we can only assume that living a life so connected to the film industry, Woods may have mistaken the Russian account for a bad movie script. Lord knows he has seen enough of them. Of course, Woods quit Twitter when those alt-Right accounts started disappearing. Maybe it just became too hard to find fun lies and vicious comments to retweet. "Since @Twitter is now in the #censorship business, I will no longer use its service for my constitutional right to free speech. #GoodbyeAll" . Though when the alt-Right Presidency falls, there is a good chance that the self-serving Woods will be ready to buy the movie options.


              There were many others caught by the simple Russian ruse, and from both sides of the aisle, but for the Far Right who are already known for their "alternative facts" and #fakenews creations and promoting, it was just another day in the Mercer owned and operated Trump campaign.

              GS Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

              #resist #indivisible


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              Pundit Post

              Here Are The Most "Popular" Articles Referencing Mercer From The SANE60

                  Pundit Post

                  As We Have Been Saying Mercer, Bannon, Russia, And Trump - Oh My!


                      For the last 18 months or so we of the SANE60 have been hammering the point home that Mercer is a bad dude. Refuses to pay taxes, favors nuclear war on a limited scale, and basically hates America, its citizens and especially, our government. We have been busy promoting these facts to many different fellow journalists, and Sean Illing at Vox has done an excellent job of putting the story together.

                      Let's hope he does not become yet another target of violence against investigative journalism, we have seen too many murdered all ready this year.


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                      Pundit Post

                      Cambridge Analytica In The Spotlight



                          The Daily Beast reported last week that the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is looking into a data analytics company called Cambridge Analytica as part of its investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election.

                          Cambridge Analytica specializes in what’s called “psychographic” profiling, meaning they use data collected online to create personality profiles for voters. They then take that information and target individuals with specifically tailored content (more on this below).

                          According to the Daily Beast report, congressional investigators believe that Russian hackers might have received help in their efforts to distribute “fake news” and other forms of misinformation during the 2016 campaign. Hence the focus on Cambridge Analytica.

                          So far there’s been a lot of speculation about the potential links between the Trump campaign and Russia, and most of the stories have orbited around the financial dealings of the Trump family and people like Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager. But this story is specifically about how team Trump might have facilitated Russia’s meddling in the US presidential election.

                          The stakes, in other words, are high.

                          Billionaire founder of Cambridge Analytica Robert Mercer speaks on the phone during the 12th International Conference on Climate Change hosted by The Heartland Institute on March 23, 2017, in Washington, DC. Mercer is also a key patron of Breitbart News and Steve Bannon, who until recently was a vice president of Cambridge Analytica.

                          Getty Images
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                          Trump: Ground Zero Architect


                              Trump: Ground Zero Architect

                              By ~ Dajuan Candle ~

                              Ground zero, the epicenter from which death and destruction radiates. A place of evident calamity. A place of great action to which prompt attention is demanded and given. Ground zero, a spawning ground of hope and renewed faith.

                              Given these defining choices one might wonder what does any, if not all of these possible descriptions of ground zero, have in common. Well, if the words and actions of President Donald J. Trump are considered along with them the answer would be he. And so it is.

                              With Trump as President such places and causes of action, on his call, have been multiplied and magnified. Old concerns have been ratcheted up and clarion calls made. North Korea, a nation of great concern spanning the administrations of many American Presidents, is now beyond the reach of Diplomatic efforts because President Trump has said so.

                              North Korea, according to the Trump, must be dealt with --with the mightiest of blows. Iran, another concern, a nation just recently brought to the table of redress, hopefully leading to peace and relaxed coexistence, concerning the freeing of their monies, by way of an olive branch. Has now been told that the agreement struck between they, the prior American President and other nations, isn't worth the paper it is written on because, as seen through his eyes, they too are an evil incarnation. Therefore he will not honor the agreement and will work to have it rescinded --torn to shreds, by any means necessary.

                              Aside from those unwisely trumped up international crisis so too does exist the trumped up crisis at home. Crisis that need not be the crisis they are becoming. The President, for reasons not yet explained, seems determined to make making mountains out of mole hills, both near and far, the legacy of his Presidency. What can explain his efforts to turn those protesters who hold high the banner "Black lives Matter" into enemies of the State? They do not wish to harm the country, they wish to make it better for them and by default for all. But Trump doesn't see it that way. All he sees is the destruction of good and earnest American pride; flag desecration; national dishonor and the trampling of the graves of our war dead, our heroes. How can a protest for equality be an affront to the nation? As determined by Trump it is. Why strike such a hornet's nest if it were? Such kindling of bad relations should not be the way of the office of the President. Sadly, it doesn't stop there.

                              What reason could there be for a sitting President to stop short of repudiating domestic terrorist groups such as American Nazis, the KKK, and those who protest alongside them other than for it to be seen by them as his way of offering them an Olive Branch of inclusion? The irony is, of long course, is that they don't want to be included, they want others excluded. Black Lives Matter, on the other hand, are the ones seeking inclusion --we matter too--, but they have been offered nary an Olive Branch. Oh what mountains from molehills he doth build.

                              If those ultimatums and daring challenges are not enough, he too, seemingly out of jealousy, in furtherance of the divide between Islamic extremist, made the call that America will slam it's doors shut in the face of those of the Muslim faith whom would like to make America home, visit, work or study. Actions, sarcastically assured, will result in whatever it is he wants them to think about his rule and this great nation being so. To top off this cake of rancor, he has also decided to throw people of Hispanic descent under the bus of forced mass exodus, children included.

                              With his continuous claims that his actions are bigly, huge, grand, superbly exceptional, even when proven false, we the people should not be surprised that we find out that he has bitten off much more than we can chew. Such is true and obvious to discerning minds, or any fourth grade child.

                              So many fires has he started and stoked.

                              So many flames has he fanned.

                              So many people has he left in awe, of his good-sense defying acts of reason, they only see one thing that rings true about his Presidency. Option one; he is a madman pretending to be President or, option two; he is an impersonator doing a damn good job of a madman pretending to be President. Regardless of the option chosen, the evidence is in and a conclusion reached. He is the greatest fanner of flames to ever be President of the United State of America and thusly is his own crown architect of prefabricated ground zeros.

                              Creating so many "be all end all" battles on so many different fronts all at the same time does lend credence to the questions more and more are asking about his sanity and does, so to, sew seeds that may give rise to his downfall. And if not his, the nations.

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                              My Tweet For Today


                                  You have to appreciate Trump for realizing that he must keep Tillerson because the Secretary calls it as he sees it.

                                  "Thank you, Rex Tillerson, for not denying that you called @realdonaldtrump a moron. Silence is consent we appreciate that you know the truth".


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                                  Pundit Post

                                  Trump Disgusts You? Bannon Scares You? Meet The True Threat To The World #1


                                      Roughly a year ago with the significant research help of czook , twilson117 , Sunshine , opie and a few others, I was able to pen this piece about the man I believe to be the greatest threat to the free world, and perhaps the entire Earth. As the eventual undoing of all conspiracies, enough people are talking that eventually the SANE60 motto will be proven true: The Right Word To The Right Person At The Right Time Changes Everything.

                                      Since we have over 2500 new readers in the last six months or so, I am reprinting this piece - for all we know, anyone of us could be the person who brings Mueller's investigations to fruition. It will never be from the lack of effort by our fine collection of Yabberz members.

                                      GS Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60 30 September 2017

                                      #resist #indivisible.

                                      In 1993 Oliver Stone took a magnificent and terrifying graphic novel penned by Bruce Wagner and created Wild Palms. I recommend you watch the whole trailer.

                                      In 2016 the effect of the internet and the modification of reality - at least with regards to fake news, Macedonian Internet Trolls, secret meetings with our historical Russian adversaries, and the manipulation of millions of people who were programmed in a sense, the result of being targeted by a very specific series of advertisements that were indicated by their profiles generated by a massive data mining operation - may have affected the outcome of two of the most important votes of this era. Sounds like a Made-For-TV Science Fiction film? It does, and it was unquestionably attempted. The results from both Brexit and the US Presidential Election may have been affected by the efforts of a group that has very little conscience and an amazing amount of arrogance.

                                      Just like Robert Loggia's fictional Senator Tony Kreutzer, former sci-fi author, founder of the Wild Palms group, and of the Synthiotics cult.

                                      In the early 1970's, a Doctoral Studies student took a job with the Air Force Weapons Lab, working as a programmer. He left feeling that his work had been under appreciated, for years later he stated “I took this as an indication that one of the most important goals of government-financed research is not so much to get answers as it is to consume the computer budget, which has left me ever since with a jaundiced view of government-financed research,” while accepting the Association for Computational Linguistics lifetime achievement award.

                                      After a 20 year career with IBM Research, Robert Mercer joined Renaissance Technologies and became wealthy beyond imagination, and with that wealth began to experiment on the citizens of the world.

                                      Sounds outrageous? Take a look at Cambridge Analytica.

                                      5,000 data points per person

                                      We collect up to 5,000 data points on over 220 million Americans, and use more than 100 data variables to model target audience groups and predict the behavior of like-minded people.

                                      OCEAN and the Big Five

                                      We use the established scientific OCEAN scale of personality traits to understand what people care about, why they behave the way they do, and what really drives their decision making.

                                      Do they enjoy
                                      new experiences?
                                      Do they prefer
                                      plans and order?
                                      Do they like spending
                                      time with others?
                                      Do they put people’s
                                      needs before theirs?
                                      Do they tend
                                      to worry a lot?

                                      Spot the differences

                                      Understanding the complex web of OCEAN personality traits behind behavior lets us see why people who look similar on the surface often want and respond to completely different things.

                                      The company was established to assist companies advertise to much more highly qualified contacts. In effect, what the organization does is manipulate consumers into a belief set - and they do it exceptionally well. So well that Mercer decided to test it after his money alone had failed to swing elections in Oregon in 2010. Within two years, the billionaire decided to back Breitbart to the tune of 10 million bucks, more millions into the Heritage Foundation, and laid out even more into Media Research Center, Reclaim New York -

                                      and Cambridge Analytica:

                                      Combine our full suite of data-driven audience insight and engagement techniques with our unique and powerful Behavioral Microtargeting service that constantly learns, improves and delivers.

                                      With Behavioral Microtargeting you’ll be able to anticipate the needs of your customers and predict how their behavior will change over time, so you can build services, products and campaigns they really love.

                                      Including European Exit Votes and Presidential Elections.

                                      When I saw him at the World Poker Tour, the thought crossed my mind that he was using the game to train to takeover the entire world.

                                      Monday: The Buying Of A Presidential Campaign.

                                      Credit to czook, Ive Hadenuff, Firecracker and Dr Donna Wood for their assistance on this series.

                                      Carole Cadwalladr and Paul-Olivier Dehaye have written a brilliant piece for The Guardian


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                                      Pundit Post

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