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10 Questions I Want To Ask President Donald J Trump - #7 (Scott Pruitt)


      With the full respect of the nation's wealth that a favored prince shows a destitute third world state's populace, EPA Chief Scott Pruitt has spent his way into history.

      With six ongoing investigations - all of them internal, I might add - that have revealed the potentially criminal use of taxpayer money, Trump leaseholder Pruitt has now seem to have set his sights on Jeff Sessions' job.

      Now @realDonaldTrump has already avoided eye contact a number of times with those journalists willing to ask how it is that Pruitt still has a job, much less not be hauled in front of a judge, one must consider that there must be a reason.

      Now there have been so many financial misdealings coming out of the EPA Secretary's office that it is virtually impossible to list them all. One of my personal favorites is the isolated phone booth, an item that seems to have come straight out of a sitcom left over from the 1960's.

      I thank the fine journalists Brady Dennis and Juliet Eilperin from the Washington Post for the following:

      "The agency paid a Virginia firm $7,978 to remove closed-circuit television equipment to make room for the booth, according to a federal database. Officials hired another contractor to pour 55 square feet of concrete more than two feet thick, at a cost of $3,470, according to invoices released under a public records request by the watchdog group American Oversight. Other workers installed a drop ceiling for $3,361, while still others patched and painted the small area for $3,350, records show.

      In total, the EPA appears to have spent more than $18,000 on the prep work, readying the space for a $25,000 soundproof booth that has brought Pruitt a wave of criticism and official scrutiny. The total cost for the project now appears to be closer to $43,000." - Washington Post March 2018

      Given that the free spending Pruitt - apparently a trait that the Offal Office has a great appreciation for - has been able to rent a room for fifty bucks a night from a lobbyist who arranged a meeting or two for a few mutual friends, we can rest assured that the money he is saving himself will not be spent on things like bio-metric locks.

      We taxpayers are responsible for that. And the Kevlar seats. And the idle 10K a year leased Chevy Tahoe that has not been out of the parking garage for nearly a year. At least his request for $70K worth of bullet proof furniture was denied.

      Even Trey Gowdy and his committee, a few Senators and wrote a letter to the White House cited documents they obtained from a whistleblower.

      The documents “may constitute evidence of a violation of law” an “abuse of authority” and a “gross waste of funds,” the lawmakers wrote. Not so surprising, given the unofficial motto of the Trump Olifascist Regime.

      In fact, Pruitt only flies 1st Class when the taxpayers are paying the freight. Otherwise he flies coach. So does his security detail, since they must be joined at the hip at all times because the EPA Secretary has had "threats".

      Even his tickets to fly home have come under scrutiny. It should also be noted that Pruitt exhibits a high degree of frugality - but only when spending his own money.

      In fact, Pruitt only flies 1st Class when the taxpayers are footing the bill. Otherwise he flies coach. So does his security detail, since they must be joined at the hip at all times because the EPA Secretary has had "threats".

      He is so careful with his own money that he purchased a companion ticket from obtained with frequent flyer miles accrued by Ken Wagner, a former law partner Pruitt hired as one of his senior advisers at EPA. For $5.60 and half of the cost of Wagner's ticket.

      "Former Office of Government Ethics director Walter Shaub said Wednesday the companion tickets provided to Pruitt likely violated a federal prohibition that bars officials from accepting gifts from their subordinates exceeding $10. Shaub said the value of the gift is determined not by what Wagner actually paid for the ticket, but what the full market value would have been had the ticket been purchased with cash." - Associated Press, 18 April 2018

      Representative Paul Tonko, NY-D sent a few choice words over to CNBC ahead of this Thursday's highly anticipated Pruitt roasting:

      "Again and again, Administrator Pruitt has abused his position for personal and political gain, including a sweetheart apartment rental from a lobbyist and a litany of wasteful taxpayer-funded indulgences in first-class flights, personal security, office and official vehicle upgrades, and massive raises for his political friends. His subsequent denials and attempts to justify some of these ethics violations seem to have been complete fabrications".

      It is not a good choice to take on the ranking member of the Environmental subcommittee, and even worse when you are basing your defense on what appears to be a bald face lie - spoken on #FauxSpews no less:

      Pruitt's claim in the Fox News interview that he did not know who went behind the White House's back to approve pay hikes for two of his long-time aides is also contested. EPA chief of staff Ryan Jackson has since taken responsibility, but Republican whistleblower Kevin Chmielewski told lawmakers the decision was "100% Pruitt himself."

      So after all of this, I have to ask President Donald J Trump:

      What secret does Pruitt own that makes you too frightened to fire him?

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      Pundit Post

      PPTS April 15, 2018 Syria: Yes Or No? Let's Talk


          PPTS April 15, 2018 2-4PM Central (US)

          Two days ago, the US, Great Britain and France launched attacks against Syria's Chemical War Resources. Was it the right thing to do?

          For me, it is a question in search of an answer. I have an opinion, but I am not sure of the most correct answer. What is the justification? Is Article 2 of our Constitution sufficient authorization? Is the current AUMF enough? What is the right thing to do here?

          I am not sure. Join us, and let's talk about it.

          We're on the air! We'll see YOU there!

          For the entire team,

          The Tennessee Progressive

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          Great Thought For The Day From Norman Eisen, Former White House Ethics Counsel


              "The president’s words were more befitting a mob don when the feds are closing in. Given Michael Cohen’s role in Trump’s past, perhaps they are. The American people will not stand for any Trump attempt to match his hostile words with aggressive action against Mueller, Sessions, Rosenstein or other DOJ officials. If he does, it will be the beginning of the end for his presidency.” - Norman Eisen

              From your lips to God's ears, Mr Eisen.

              GS Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

              #resist #indivisible

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              Facebook Fallout Deals Blow To Mercers’ Political Clout


                  An exceptionally well written piece by Nicholas Confessore and David Gelles of the New York Times just hit the wire. For those of us who are waiting for the Mercer family of nation destroyers to reappear, these brilliant writers are keeping us up to date.

                  Thanks to both of them, their support staff and their editors.

                  GS Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

                  #indivisible #resist

                  April 10, 2018


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                  Pundit Post

                  Will The Sounds Of Cohen From Under The Bus Motivate Sater To Sing Loud?


                      Over two years ago Marknotes, czookRay Cunneffguyvsspy and Dr Donna Wood Lombardini started comparing notes on Trump and the mob. Two common connections - the epitomy of evil lawyers, Ray Cohn and the convicted mobster and scam artist Felix Sater.

                      Since the McCarthy attack dog and lawyer to only the most vicious mafia families has long ago left this plane of existence, the committees will have to settle for hearing from Felix soon.

                      This luck you can't buy / Won't touch you this time / One day this dirty stool pigeon will fly. - Lyric by Fantomas, Experiment in Terror

                      Which Donnie and his owners must be feeling right about now, for as history has taught us, once a stool pigeon, always a stool pigeon.

                      Sources told BuzzFeed that while it's unclear whether the Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCen) gave lawmakers documents related to Sater, it has identified 23 instances of suspicious activity connected to his financial transactions.

                      Just the 23. Sounds like an excellent motivation for spilling your guts to inquiring Senators who want to know.

                      It also is a terrific testimonial to the complete incompetency of #DimwitDonald in the art of selecting trustworthy and capable minions. Like Spicer and Bannon; Omarosa and Price. Did I forget to mention Flynn?

                      Good old Felix's story book is so full that the entertainment industry knowing souls are surely shopping the not-very-wise guy's life story around for a major motion picture.

                      Fusion CEO Glenn Simpson helped shed some light on our lead subject during his own speaking engagement with the Senate

                      The raids of Trump attorney Michael Cohen's offices, hotel and apartment come at an opportune time, for this week's installment of the Senatorial Serial features guest star Felix Sater. Sater claims that he knows both nothing and everything depending on who he is talking to, the weather, the time of day and who is footing the bill at that exact moment in time.

                      A shyster from the very start, the Russian born Sater has been taking short-cuts to the bigtime. Attempted murder, assault and battery, malicious threats, stock manipulation, and more are included in his resume, not to mention the singing performance that Justice required to mitigate Sater's pesky RICO charges. It is amazing that some irate mafioso has not taken exception to that specific collection of tunes.

                      Former Trump adviser and business partner Felix Sater has been served with subpoenas in the Southern District of New York (SDNY) relating to a high-profile money laundering case. The two subpoenas were issued on October 27, 2017, and required Sater to produce documents and sit for a deposition.
                      The two plaintiffs in the Manhattan case are Kazakh government entities — BTA Bank and the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan. The defendants include three fugitive Kazakh officials who allegedly laundered hundreds of millions stolen from BTA through U.S. real estate deals. One of those deals included the 2013 purchase of three condos in the Trump Soho Hotel.

                      Just like Trump shaming Cohen, Felix Sater has also been disrespected by the possibly Diminished Capacity Donald who has publicly stated that:

                      "I mean, I’ve seen him a couple of times; I have met him,” Trump said, in a deposition in a court case involving Sater in 2013. And The New York Times reported him as saying, “If he were sitting in the room right now, I really wouldn’t know what he looked like.” As late as 2015, when asked about Sater, Trump hemmed and hawed. “Boy, I have to even think about it.”

                      As for our subject, Felix had a different take on his role in the Trump Syndicate:

                      “Our boy can become president of the USA and we can engineer it,” wrote Sater. “I will get all of [Vladimir] Putins [sic] team to buy in on this, I will manage this process.… I will get Putin on this program and we will get Donald elected.” Echoing a line that would later become Trump’s own description of why he and Putin might get along, Sater wrote that the Russian leader “only wants to deal with a pragmatic leader, and a successful business man is a good candidate for someone who knows how to deal.”

                      Dealing dirt, perhaps. Sater is certainly one of the people vital to the investigation. And we know he already knows how to carry a tune - in Russian and English.

                      GS Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

                      #indivisible #resist


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                      How To Apply For A 2020 Trump Campaign And White House Press Pass


                          Originally posted in early 2016, with the current Trump Media Circus, I have slightly updated this article to reflect the current madness in the White House Press Room - GSJB 9 April 2018

                          "Well, Hank, I guess you get to make the call" said the lucky old man.

                          Hank knew he had been had the moment he drew the Ace, and also because for 20 years running he ended up spending one week every four years covering one candidate for the Presidential Election. Each of those four years, he would call the GOP candidate, since South Dakota as a rule had not voted for the Donkey since Lyndon Baines Johnson had been mistaken for a Republican back in 1964. But to be fair, that happened all over the country that year.

                          Hank sighed, and looking down saw the no cell signal message that was a given for the town. He picked up the old rotary phone they kept on the desk to make the dreaded call.

                          The automated answering service began: "This is Trump Headquarters. push 1 to donate money, push 2 to donate a lot of money, push 3 to donate a "Yuge" amount of money. push 4 to speak to an operator or stay on the line with you checkbook ready."

                          Hank wondered if they took credit cards, but decided that it was unlikely given that Trump had declared that his campaign was broke a few short weeks ago. After a few minutes of listening to Hail to the Chief , a real voice answered the phone.

                          "Trump Campaign Headquarters. How much can we take you for?"

                          "Hi, I'm a journalist working the election for our paper here in South Dakota and ..."

                          "South Dakota" the gruff male voice interrupted "that's a Republican state! What do we need you for? Sorry, hold on...look the head man said...Wait a sec..."

                          Hank listened to what appeared to be a heated conversation when suddenly a woman's voice that could be mistaken for Helen of Troy suddenly came on the line.

                          "We LOVE journalists from small town America! How are things in Bismarck?" Hank winced, the same way he always did when someone misnamed the state capitol. "Well never mind that" the meadowlark continued, "Lets see about getting you one of our special little credentials. First lets run down the questionnaire just to make sure you qualify. Ready? Good".

                          Hank sat silently throughout the dialog and had to wonder if she actually knew he was on the other side.

                          "No need to say no, just call out yes if that is your answer. Here we go:"

                          "Have you ever been a Democrat?" Great, thought Hank, this should be quick.

                          "Have you ever had Democratic thoughts?"

                          "Have you ever taken a course from Trump University - wait we were supposed to change that to Institute, no that's no good either...never mind, we'll skip that one".

                          "Are you one of the only people in the United States that has not visited a Trump Casino to lose money anywhere in the world - just kidding - have you, any member of your family or anyone you know ever lived in New Jersey?"

                          "Are you any other type of American other than a WASP? Are all your family members the right kind of Americans? Is everybody you know the right kind of American?"

                          "Do you believe that the Supreme Court is a collection of silly old men and stupid biddies?"

                          "Are you a: just to warn you, this is a long list, but we need to protect the Man who would be crowned - I mean elected - President...Are you or have you ever been a Muslim, African American, Jew, Mexican or a Latino of any type other than a Western European one (we already made that mistake a few weeks ago when we mistook some guy from Madrid for a potential Venezuelan, but these things happen). Are you a woman? If you are a woman, are you as hot as Ivanka? If you are not a woman, do you know any who are as hot as Ivanka? If they are, please be prepared to submit pictures. While photos are not necessary, they can help speed your application through".

                          "Are you now, or have you ever been an immigrant. Have you ever worn a towel on your head except when you get out of the shower or at a costume party?" Hank could only think of how his friends must have felt when their son disappeared one night.

                          "Does Donald Trump owe you money? Have you ever named Donald Trump in a lawsuit? Have you ever heard of a Donald Trump lawsuit? By the way, Handsome, if you have heard of a lawsuit against Donald Trump, it is all about politics and he is completely innocent - you have my word on that!"

                          "This next question is hard for most journalists, so let me phrase it carefully: Have you ever had a MEANINGFUL education? Remember that Mr Trump LOVES those who drop out of school...or went to one in a red state!"

                          "Do you read any newspapers or websites that cite the Washington Post, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Univision, Politico, The Des Moines Register or the Daily Beast? We are also concerned that you might read the New York Post or the New York Times, or any other paper that encourages women and people of color to read and think. Never trust a newspaper without a lot of pictures, I always say."

                          "Are you able to write only for our target audience? Remember no more than one five syllable word a column, or your invitation will be yanked..."

                          Hank resignedly hung up the phone and looked at the old man hunched over the desk from him.

                          "No answer" Hank said "they must all be out to lunch."

                          "At least I still have my dignity".

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                          AP Sources: EPA Chief Spent Millions On Security And Travel


                              By now all here have either read or heard about Scott Pruitt outlandish spending spree on our tax dollars. In full disclosure, I’ve never been one to get overly upset with government spending. I always felt once I paid my taxes, what happened after that was out of my hands. Having said that, the recent reports of what Pruitt is doing, in my opinion, is out and out abuse of his authority. Not to mention political graft on the highest level.

                              Pruitt is corrupt plain and simple. The man does not need a 20 person security force. He is not running the country. If it were within my ability, I would switch out his multicar motorcade with a good ole fashion hoopdee that he would have to drive himself, complete with holes in the floorboards, and hand-crank windows, along with factor reject tires with little or no thread.

                              Consider this from AP:

                              Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt’s concern with his safety came at a steep cost to taxpayers as his swollen security detail blew through overtime budgets and at times diverted officers away from investigating environmental crimes.

                              Altogether, the agency spent millions of dollars for a 20-member full-time detail that is more than three times the size of his predecessor’s part-time security contingent.

                              New details in Pruitt’s expansive spending for security and travel emerged from agency sources and documents reviewed by The Associated Press. They come as the embattled EPA leader fends off allegations of profligate spending and ethical missteps that have imperiled his job.

                              Because someone shouted a profanity at him, he felt it necessitated the need to fly first class on the taxpayer's dime. Or to make sure he got to dinner on time at a fancy French restaurant in DC he had to have the sirens whaling, and lights blinking, just so he could run red lights, and cause traffic problems because he did not want his French Onion soup to be cold.

                              As bad as that is, his trip to Morocco takes the cake. He and his entourage went to Morocco with a stay in Paris on taxpayer money. Get this, they missed their 10:30am flight, which required them to spend an extra day. Are you telling me he doesn’t know how to call the front desk and ask for a wake-up call? When he finally made it to Morocco, he had a meeting to promote Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) with the Moroccan Secretary of State of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mounia Boucetta. His department has nothing to do with the promotion of LNG. If anyone should be in the LNG promotion business, it should be the Department of Energy, Mr. Oops himself, Rick Perry.

                              But here is the skinny on this LNG thing. He was fronting for Cheniere which is heavily involved in the LNG business and also has one of the few LNG facilities in the country along with owning major pipelines. It also has as its majority shareholder one Carl Icahn. Remember Carl? Trump’s friend, who was a special advisor to Trump on regulation.

                              It seems that once some legislation around regulations got passed in Mr. Icahn’s favor, good ole Carl decided he had enough of the good life in DC and resigned a position he claimed he never had. But it seems not before he got a particular regulation change around credits and LNG. One final point, after Pruitt visited Ichan and got his blessing he was put forth for the job he now tentatively holds.

                              Pruitt is as corrupt as one can get. What makes it so sad he his flaunting as if Trump will not fire him even though he is doing his bidding.

                              I know Trump has said he feels Pruitt is doing a good job. But, he said that about Rex Tillerson, Sean Spicer, H.R MacMaster, Renice Prebius, and Tom Price.

                              Perhaps Mr. Pruitt should keep his head on a swivel.





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                              Another Repugnant Republican Representative Removed - Farenthold Resigns


                                  As a product of the 60's, my connection with music allows me to assign songs of the 70's to the happenings of today. Farenthold's abrupt, yet well past overdue departure from the US House of Representatives had me singing this to myself:

                                  The poor excuse of a responsible law maker had made every effort to weather the storm that the exposure of his use of US taxpayer money to pay a sexual harassment suit settlement to his former communications director. When the news first broke, the Texas Republican stated that he would repay the good taxpayers, and like another high ranking elected official - the one living in the White House - we citizens are still waiting for the check.

                                  Not that we should be taken by surprise, really.

                                  According to a Farenthold spokesman back in January, the disgraced Congressman was holding off paying us back on advice of an unnamed legal counsel. The mouthpiece blamed pending changes to the Congressional Accountability Act, but in some secret, unknown to the little people way.

                                  Blake Farenthold is just another scoundrel in the Republican Party's TrumpGOP cesspool. The sooner we elephants are rid of these detestable party members swimming beneath the pond scum, the better off the entire nation will be.

                                  On a personal note, I am sickened by the constant flow of facts concerning the parasites that comprise the TrumpGOP's best and brightest. Over a year ago the SANE60 and our supporters called for investigations into Flynn, Mercer, Cambridge Analytica, Tillerson, Manafort, Page, Gorka, Conway, Cohen, Papadopolous, Mallach, Prinze, Epshteyn, Donnie Jr, Jared and, yes, even Ivanka. There are just so many more like these:

                                  In fact, the number of potential villains connected to the Trump Campaign - not to mention Trump's Cabinet - is nearly too large to contemplate.

                                  And I have not even touched on the subject of the US Senate and Congress. How can any rational human not look at some of our Republican office holders and turn a blind eye?

                                  The acceptance of Roy Moore in Alabama and Rick Saccone - who mercifully lost in the Pennsylvania District 18 special election to replace the duplicitous Tim Murphy (you know, the Right-to-Life family values guy who pressured his mistress to abort the product of their union) as "good candidates" is unconscionable.

                                  To my fellow Republicans I state this in no uncertain terms:

                                  The seemingly never ending parade of poorly behaved GOP office holders is not just a embarrassment not to be discussed. It is the revelation that in order for our party to be allowed to hold any position of honor and respect, we must aggressively root out all those who are evildoers hiding in large grey suits, holding both elected and appointed roles of responsibility at any level of government from the Oval Office to the smallest precinct.

                                  If we are unprepared to act in the best interests of our nation and its inhabitants, then the Republican Party needs to succumb in a manner that will be the well-studied example that creates better oversight by Justice and the citizens of this fine land in perpetuity.

                                  If the Grand Old Party is indeed to survive, this cleansing of our house needs to happen now, and it needs to start here:

                                  The TrumpGOP needs to be eradicated from the ranks of the elephants, even if it leads to the demise of what used to be - now decades ago - one of the true American political parties.

                                  GS Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

                                  #indivisible #resist

                                  An afterthought:

                                  One can only hope that this cartoonist it has it right:


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