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      There are no perfect answers, but there a number of terrible ones.

      Like the ones where transgenders have been not just prejudiced against, but murdered.

      Athletics - especially team sports - are about inclusivity and expanding your family, and as is with all social units, there are those members that we do not understand and have some difficulty accepting.

      Yet we find that when the opportunity for knowledge is provided, there is a far greater chance of a positive outcome.

      Geoffrey S. Jade Barrett, #SANE60 and #TheResistanceGOP

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      Pundit Post

      Don't Be So Quick To Judge: Get The Facts First



          There was a big uproar recently on this site about a picture of a boy in a MAGA hat sneering at a Native American elder. Damage control was immediate, and even some who had already posted their opinions on the issue were quick to react and change their minds. "Look at the whole video! Examine the additional facts!" was their mantra.

          So now I ask you, who have been largely silent on the issue of what Ilhan Omar said about AIPAC, to read the article below, written by an American Jew, and tell me what you think now. Here's an excerpt:

          "Omar is right to point all this out. These dynamics are not unique to the Israel-Palestine issue, however, and there is no reason that Americans should be surprised or offended by what she or I are saying. The NRA and the broader gun lobby operate in the same way. Same with ExxonMobil and the fossil-fuel lobby. But since Omar and Tlaib are powerful new spokeswomen for the movement to end the Israeli occupation, delegitimizing them is a central aim of the Israel lobby.

          AIPAC and its partners, which include Christian Zionists and military contractors, are a central pillar of the Israeli occupation. Without congressional support, the Likud/anti-Palestine/pro-occupation project would be radically undermined. The money that AIPAC and the rest of the lobby spend is indispensable to that work. That’s why they spend it. Pointing this out is not anti-Semitic."

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          Devastated By One Shutdown, Dreading The Next


              With four days left in negotiations, thousands of government workers are wondering if they will face another government shutdown. Why? Because he is determined to have something that will not do what he promises, stem the tide of illegal immigration.

              His insistence of once again shutting down the Federal Government is not off the table, perhaps he should consider these words;

              FRESNO, Calif. — The federal government had finally called her back to work after 35 days, but now Vicki Ibarra wondered how she could afford to get there. Her used sedan had been repossessed by the bank a few days earlier. The family minivan had a faulty engine and barely any gas. Her Internet had been cut off a month into the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, so she used a friend’s wireless password to log into her bank account. There was $0.38 left in checking and $7.80 in savings, the sum total of 16 years at the IRS.

              Ms. Ibarra is a dedicated government employee who works for the IRS. Her account in of what the shutdown has and is costing her is heartbreaking.

              Some of this forum – in their attempt to support Trump – will offer some half-ass lame excuses along with attempts at equivalency of other shutdowns. Bottom line, shutting the government does not work, and they have long term effects. Yes, government workers will receive back pay, but, as pointed out in this article, Ms. Ibarra, still has to deal with the increase of debt she occurred during the shutdown.

              “I’m not trying to make up excuses,” she said. “I’m just saying, that number is giving you the wrong idea. This isn’t me. I’m a go-getter. I’m a single mother. I usually take care of everything myself.”

              “Right, but this is your score,” the banker said. He gestured back to the number in bold, and she nodded.

              “No problem,” he said. “We can still do an application and see what comes back.”

              “But I’m not going to qualify, right?” she said.

              “We can’t really say.”

              “But probably not.”

              “No,” he said. “I’m sorry. Probably not.”

              “So what am I supposed to do?” she asked, her voice rising an octave, the frustration building, eye shadow smudging on her cheeks as her sentences collided. “I can’t even. . . . I’ve been working nonstop, and then it’s just. . . . Can’t you see this isn’t my fault? How am I supposed to prepare for something that’s —”

              He reached across the desk and lightly touched her arm. “Look. There are other options,” he said, and he pointed down the street, in the direction of a sprawling shopping center with three payday lenders. She collected her papers off his desk, left the bank and drove a half mile down the road, parking in front of a neon green billboard that read: “Instant Cash Today!”

              I guess this is what Trump meant when he said; “I’m sure that the people that are on the receiving end will make adjustments.”

              I encourage you to read the article.


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              Abortion = Murder According To Bible?


                  I have a question that someone on Yabberz may be able to answer. In a conversation on Yabberz with Tom Lowe about abortion, he assured me that the Bible states that abortion is wrong. I know that the Bible does not approve of abortion but--to my knowledge, at least--nowhere in the Bible is abortion treated as the murder of innocent babies. I know that many American Christians (including, for example, one of my sisters) do think that abortion is murder, and they are all entitled to hold and express that opinion (but not to impose it on others).

                  My question, for any Christian or person knowledgeable about Christians, is just this: Are there any places in the Bible, Old Testament or New, that state that abortion is murder? (I'll happily debate this if anyone wants, but I promise not to debate if you don't want to debate.)


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                      Hate Trump or adore him; hate his SOTU speech or glory in it; whether you're disgusted by him or inspired by him--whatever your take, surely you think the facts matter, yes?




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                          I have a question for the Yabberz community (and maybe for Tom Lowe -- though my question is broader than just what anyone might say about him or than he might say)--

                          Different folks define Internet trolls in different ways. For me, it's very important that a troll is not merely someone who disagrees with me or dislikes what I say or believe. I actually enjoy exchanges with people who want to debate me, provided it's reasonably thoughtful & respectful all around.

                          I define "troll" as someone who comments on my post or my comment but who never replies to any counter-argument or fact brought forward--but who then returns to my posts later and disagrees with those.

                          Tom Lowe may wind up fitting that definition--though he may well just not have yet come back to Yabberz lately and may yet respond to my questions or points (and if so, he would then not be a troll IMNHO).

                          S0, for all of you--

                          1. What constitutes, in your opinion, a troll?

                          2. What is your advice on dealing with trolls, however defined?

                          3. (least important) Have you had experience with Tom Lowe being troll-ish?

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