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The Insidious Approach Of White Nationalism Proponents - A SANE60 Report


      I originally posted this back in December of 2016. The continuing escalation of violence while not actively supported by the current Administration, is not hampered by Trump. He needs the support of the White Nationalists, Supremacists and Separatists in order to hold on to power.

      GS Jade Barrett Chairman SANE60

      Those of us who are concerned with the aid and comfort that Donald Trump's successful election provided White Nationalists find ourselves in the Majority according to The Pew Research Center survey published on Thursday 8 December 2016 that takes a look at public opinion one month after the election.

      "...more than half of the public (54%) says that Trump has done too little to distance himself from “white nationalist groups” who support him, while 31% say he has done the right amount to distance himself from such groups; 6% say he has done too much in this regard." Pew Research Center 12/8/2016

      In various discussions over the past year with Logic, czook, twilson117, Organizer, as well as with a few other Yabberz luminaries, I referenced a document that set guidelines for public discourse by the promoters of the White Nationalism agenda. In order to effectively combat the evil and seditious nature of those who would divide the citizenry along racial and religious lines, we must know their agenda and methodology. To that end I have elected to share this odious piece with our community.

      In 1994 as part of the effort to become more palatable to the Republican Party, John Gardner, Texas attorney, proud sponsor of Stormfront and sometime editor of the Occidentaldissent.com newsletter, used the pen name Yggdrasil to create a Q and A to be utilized as a guide for White Nationalists to use in order to attract more followers. If recruitment of like-minded souls was unsuccessful, then the secondary goal of mainstream tolerance - if not true acceptance - was to be deemed a fine result. The adoption of these ideas became somewhat formalized at the European American Unity and Rights conference in Memphis, hosted by David Duke in November of 2008 following President Barak Obama's successful reelection.

      Duke counciled against a violent race war, and turned the mic over to Derek Black. While Derek is now an outspoken critic of White First agendas, his words on that day set a behavioral change in motion consistent with the words offered by Yggdrasil/John Gardner.

      “The Republican Party has to be either demolished or taken over,” Derek Black said. “I’m kind of banking on the Republicans staking their claim as the white party.”

      Much to his chagrin now, Derek's belief has been borne out.

      I first came upon this document in 1996 while doing a piece on Waco and Ruby Ridge. The entirety of the original post is below. This is what true Americans are up against in the Deplorable minority of the alt-right White Nationalism groups - a collection that now numbers over 850 different and distinct entities.

      "What is White Nationalism?" (As posted by Yggdrasil on https://www.whitenationalism.com/wn/wn-06.htm 1996)

      "1. Q. What is White Nationalism?

      A. The idea that Whites may need to create a separate nation as a means of defending themselves.

      2. Q. Do White Nationalists feel they are superior to other races?

      A. No. The desire of White Nationalists to form their own nation has nothing to do with superiority or inferiority.

      3. Q. Do White Nationalists seek to dominate other races?

      A. Not at all. In fact, formation of a White Nation removes any possibility of White dominance of other races, as well as the plausibility of the accusation that Whites wish to dominate others.

      4. Q. Do White Nationalists seek to insulate themselves from competition from other races?

      A. No. A separate White Nation would establish a policy of free trade with its new neighbors. Labor markets are global, and the formation of a White Nation would not protect Whites from economic competition.

      5. Q. Well if White Nationalists don't feel superior, don't want to dominate others, and don't seek protection from competition, then why would they want a separate nation?

      A. To avoid exploitation.

      6. Q. Exploitation? This is rich! So how is it that Whites are exploited?

      A. It is a long list. Burdensome racial preference schemes in hiring, race-normed employment tests, racial preference schemes in university admissions, racial preference schemes in government contracting and small business loans. Beyond quotas there is the denial of rights of free speech and of due process to Whites who are critical of these governmental policies. We have special punishments for vandalism and assaults committed by Whites if the perpetrators have a history of anti-egalitarian thought. In addition, Whites pay a proportion of the costs of the welfare state that is disproportionate to what they receive in benefits.

      But the most exploitative aspect of the situation is that neither the racial quotas, the business preferences, the loss of freedom of speech, nor the disproportionate contributions to the welfare state have managed to sate the appetites of non-whites living in the United States.

      The more Whites sacrifice, the more non-whites demand. Many Whites are beginning to believe that no amount of tribute, other than mass suicide, would satisfy the non-white demands.

      If our presence stirs up that much hatred in the hearts of non- whites, then the only sensible course of action is to separate ourselves from them.

      8. Q. You claim that non-whites are the aggressors and haters in race relations. Aren't you afraid that most Whites will think this is ridiculous?

      A. Not in the slightest. For the past 30 years most Whites have taken part in a mass migration or "white flight" away from neighborhoods inhabited by non-whites. Aggressors don't flee. For example, on a per-capita basis, blacks are 49 times more likely to assault a White than a White is to assault a black. The best measure of racism is the number of non-economically motivated attacks. Whites score low in this regard, non-whites high.

      The fact is that non-whites are clamoring to enter this country in droves. Whites are fleeing en masse to less densely inhabited areas to escape these new arrivals.

      9. Q. But how can Whites be exploited when it is whites who have enacted these racial preferences, the taxation, the welfare payments and the immigration laws?

      A. Excellent question! It is true that Whites are exploited by their fellow whites. In fact, we do not expect any resistance to the formation of a separate nation from non-whites. We expect white integrationist elites to resist. They are the ones who have a great deal to lose.

      10. Q. If life in America is so bad for Whites why don't you just move back to Europe?

      A. We are a majority. We do not have to move back. We can resolve to defend ourselves against this onslaught. We have the option of peacefully ceding lands already inhabited by non-whites to separate non-white nations. We would save money, and could restore our civil liberties and free ourselves from constant threats of violence by so doing.

      11. Q. What would your separate state look like?

      A. The truth is we don't know yet. Our separate state would follow the geographic outlines of White flight. The model for this state would be the modern gerrymander created by the Voting Rights Act to create majority non-white congressional districts. We would simply cede these to a separate nation. The mechanics of this process will be explained more fully later in a post entitled "sweating the details."

      12. Q. Would all Whites be welcome in your separate state?

      A. Absolutely. There would be no restriction by country of origin, and no genetic tests, skin color or hair color tests or any nonsense like that. The only restriction would be that those who wish to recreate the present system by importing non- whites and then encouraging their hostility would not be welcome. They would have to remain in or move to the lands ceded to the non-whites.

      13. Q. Would Asians be welcome in your separate state?

      A. Unresolved. As a general rule, Asian-Americans show very little aggression towards Whites, either personally or politically. Thus, there is no reason to exclude them. There is no desire on the part of White Nationalists to insulate themselves from competition from non-whites who are already here, and who get along well with us.

      14. Q. Would the same hold true for hispanics?

      A. The census bureau classifies half of all hispanics as White. White Nationalists generally feel the same way. That portion of the Hispanic population that blends in and displays no hostility of a personal or political kind may remain. The "Mecha" members who want to see the Southwestern U.S. annexed to Mexico would not be welcome.

      15. Q. You are proposing that inclusion and exclusion be based on ideology and feelings. Won't your act of nation splitting turn into a witch hunt?

      A. For white liberals it is definitely going to feel like a witch hunt! When the time comes, those who are guilty of "integrationism" should do the sensible thing and flee. It will spare us all a lot of pain.

      16. Q. Is this White Nation something that you intend to pursue right away?

      A. No. The White Nation is, by most accounts, about 20 years off. When the rest of the U.S. begins to look like Southern California it will happen more or less automatically, without much of a push from us.

      16. Q. Why do you use the term "European-American"?

      A. All Whites are descended from European immigrants. The term European-American has political significance for two reasons. First, it recognizes that most people in the U.S. of European extraction have intermarried to such an extent that it is no longer possible to identify american Whites as "Irish" or "German" or "Italian". But more important, use of the term "European-American" is intended to recognize that white elites in the United States have exploited differences based on religion and European national origin to divide European-Americans, with the intention of rendering us unable to defend ourselves against non-white demands.

      17. Q. What is White separatism?

      A. A White separatist will agree on most points with a White Nationalist, except that he may not see a need to establish a separate nation within the present territorial boundaries of the U.S.

      18. Q. What is a White supremacist?

      A. That is a White who wishes to subjugate other races by force, ordinarily by military conquest. White supremacists are very rare in 1994, and there is no visible trend or base of support which would allow them to carry such a political program into effect. White supremacists are generally an embarrassment to White Nationalists.

      19. Q. Do White Nationalists think of Adolph Hitler or National Socialism as a model to emulate?

      A. White Nationalists do not seek to recreate the German experience of 1936-1945. Hitler's Reich is not a model for White Nationalism. White Nationalism is defensive. It is not externally aggressive. It would most likely be a government of very limited powers, with a federal structure that assures localities considerable latitude to experiment with moral and social laws, with the idea of fostering traditional communities and traditional religions in places where the overwhelming majority of people want such things - and secularism where the majority wish to have that as well.

      However, within the ranks of White Nationalists, there are some significant differences of opinion about the _historical_ significance of Hitler, and whether he was a help or a hindrance to the cause of White survival. Also, there are those who argue that Hitler's military exploits were a defensive reaction to the ethnically motivated slaughters by (predominantly jewish) Marxists in Russia. This debate among White Nationalists can get emotional at times, but has little to do with the practicality of White survival or the probable characteristics of any new White Nation today.

      20. Q. Are White Nationalists anti-semitic?

      A. That depends on what you mean by "anti-semitic". Most White Nationalists believe that Jews are not monolithic in their views and should not be viewed as a racial or ethnic enemy. However, the activities of Jewish organizations are another matter entirely. From Jewish organized and financed bolshevism, to the Frankfurt School and the AJC, various Jewish financed and managed "civil rights" organizations such as the the NAACP, various Jewish pro-immigration groups, the ADL with its vicious anti-white "hate crime" laws, to AIPAC and the various Jewish Neo-Con think tanks advocating pre-emptive wars, collective guilt and the slaughter of civilians - the activities of organized Jewish political groups are the primary cause of all the political and policy ills of which White Nationalists complain. Because of this, most White Nationalists feel that there is no way out of the ugliness and injustice of multi-culturalism except through vigorous opposition to organized Jewish political groups and their agendas. Indeed, White survival depends on successfully countering the power and influence of organized Jewish groups.

      21. Q. What is the difference between political conservatism and White Nationalism?

      A. Surprisingly little. White Nationalists generally diagnose the problems of the United States in exactly the same way as do most paleo-conservatives. Indeed Thomas Sowell's treatise on the universality of racial strife worldwide and the tendency of governments worldwide to aggravate that strife are the factual raw material for the White Nationalist argument.

      Conservatives generally believe that different races can live peacefully in a single country as long as the government has limited powers and serves as a "loose confederation" guaranteeing individual rights. White Nationalists are very sympathetic to this conservative viewpoint.

      However, White Nationalists will point out that there is no existing example of such a loose confederation in which racial autonomy and peace has been achieved, nor is there any reason to believe that a government (such as the United States Government) which starts out as a loose confederation with limited powers will remain so for long if subjected to the competing demands of different races.

      White Nationalists believe that the urge to use governmental power to gain racial advantage is so great that the safest and most humane choice is to break up multi-racial empires and place each race under a separate government. In broad outline, Russia is headed in the right direction in preventing ethnic conflict by allowing different races their own separate governments.

      Conservatives assume liberals are motivated by good intentions, and that the destructiveness of their policies should be forgiven. White nationalists believe that liberals are motivated by a lust for power and carefully cloaked ethnic and cultural hatreds and that their destructive social policies achieve their real (as opposed to their stated) aims. Because our federal and most state governments are dominated by liberals, those governments are illegitimate and the people have the right of immediate rebellion.

      White Nationalists, believe that liberal elites will never tolerate the loss of power that comes from stripping down the U.S. Government to its original conception of a loose confederation, and that liberals would resort to any and all means including electoral fraud, suspension of freedom of speech and of the press, warrantless arrests, suspension of habeas corpus, inciting racial violence, and inciting mass migrations into the United States to avoid any such loss of power.

      Most White Nationalists view our liberal elites as extremely dangerous, - as vicious and manipulative in the use of police power as they are cowardly in their personal lives. Most White Nationalists also view the "Waco" incident not as an aberration, but as the preferred response of liberals to dissident religious or anti-egalitarian Whites, and are convinced that the result of this incident represents the preferred outcome from the liberal perspective. It is clear that liberal elites think of dissident religious or anti-egalitarian Whites as, at best, a form of undesirable "property" and would view any unilateral secession attempt as a convenient excuse to order the military to undertake a general slaughter.

      Since it is clear that many Americans approve of our current politicians and judges, most White Nationalists would prefer to minimize conflict with the liberal elites and their racial allies by ceding to them the 10% to 15% of the U.S. in which they and their racial allies are concentrated and then declaring the independence of the remaining American land mass from liberalism.

      This may sound far-fetched now, but if present trends continue, conditions will get worse and the attitudes of the average voter will change."

      This is what we of the SANE60 are fighting against.

      GS Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

      12 December 2016

      #resist #indivisible

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      Sometimes A Little Song And Dance Says It Best - The Bald Piano Guy Strikes


          Now that we are wondering about who among the Trump Elite was getting paid what at which time and in which country and just how many Russian Rubles a million bucks represents - and that's just the pocket change - I offer this quick little diddy from the Bald Piano Guy, a public school music teacher who takes out his frustrations by writing and performing at home in his spare time.

          A recent offering reminds us of one of the Duplicitous Donald's serious issues. I mean if you are getting paid to be a figurehead for Putin by accepting the office of #Pretendisent, Leader of the Swamp World, you could at least pay a few bucks on the earnings.

          GS Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

          #resist # indivisible

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          About Those Democrats....


              It's a tough slog. First you have to define them. Then you have to find them. Then you have to ask them. Then you have to promise them. Then you have to get them to the polls. Then you have to get them to govern, as advertised. Repeat, PRN.

              Democrats have traditionally been defined as the "party of the people". Traditionally, that has most generally referred to the American working middle class. Thanks to the likes of GWB and others, the middle class is virtually eliminated from the American landscape. Why? Are they gone? If so, where did they go? Is there another "class" a re-constructed Democratic Party could/should/would go to and prove their intent to represent in 2018? 2020? Ever?

              The base must be defined anew. It must be defined for the second decade of the 21st Century. That definition must be, above all, accurate. Imagine a Millenial Democrat for a moment. What would that look like to you? What are their issues? How can you support, engage, encourage, and endorse them as a Democratic candidate of great value?

              Issues. Now, there's a hornet's nest for you. We used to talk about abortion. The Republicans have removed that from the narrative by removing Planned Parenthood, justifying the slaughter of doctors who provide abortions (and the 97% of OTHER services provided to women in America). Women's rights, equality, and the right to choose your own outcomes in re healthcare.

              Healthcare. Now, there's a good one. Obamacare vs. ?? Why shouldn't we just repeal it and be done with it? It is so terrible that virtually nobody (well, other than the 20+ million citizens depending on it, and the millions joining this year of course) endorses ObamaCare. That, for you unwashed in either party politics or national reality is, in fact, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). Is it worth fighting big Pharma, the Health Insurance Industry, and all the other major (and extremely vocal, accessible, and well-funded) lobbyists who currently write the rules, and the laws of our nation for their benefit, not ours?

              Is Universal Healthcare feasible? After all, anyone against it, or even unsure as to what that means refers to it as "Socialized Medicine" proposed by "leftists"/"communist"/"those with snot hanging off their noses" (Okay, that last one was one I made up, but it will serve the purpose as well as the other examples I have offered here.) How can a candidate face the possibility of being labelled in such a manner, and have any possible prospect of victory? Who would support such a candidate? It makes no difference whether or not UHC is a potential and very possible solution to the American Healthcare Crisis which views the elimination of healthcare for more than 30 million Americans (not including, by the way, MedicAid) as "acceptable collateral damage'?

              Education. Public vs. Private. State-sponsored versus private, for profit Charter schools. Where does a conscientious candidate, full of vim, vigor and vitality stand on this one? (Beware the tenacious tentacles of the Religious right on this one, candidate. You may think they have legitimate religious concerns--right up until you discover that their lobbyists are funded by far right organizations determined to eradicate public education, in all it's forms, from the American landscape.) Any viable candidate will know, and understand this connection, and must be willing to stand up, step out, show up and show off bigly to get past this manufactured hurdle.

              China? Russia? North Korea? Social Justice? Criminal Justice? Equality? Human Rights? Assisted Suicide? The color Maroon? Days ending in "y"?


              It is not merely the running of candidates.

              Those must be the correct candidates, with the correct issues to appeal to the re-defined base, delivered from filing the paperwork to the swearing in and beyond on behalf of The AMERICAN People. Democrats have an extremely rare opportunity to expand the definition of the base right now. It won't last long. Whomever is determined to be a Democratic Candidate better be absolutely convicted of the necessity to make this mid-term, and the next General election NOT about party, or politics, or ideology, or position, other than what is in the best interests of the AMERICAN CITIZEN.

              This is a nation in conflict not only with the world, but with itself. Political siloes must come down: now. Every candidate hoping like a snowball headed South that they are the very one to make this a reality. If not, stay home. Stay safe. Stay liquid. Help where you can. Do all you can. Vote. Write, and call, and stand on a corner alone if you must. America needs to hear from her citizens right freaking now. Not only is this a rare opportunity, but it is a limited one as well.

              Democrats must define what they stand for. They must run on those definitions. They must align themselves with the American people, not party or ideology or platform. Many important issues which must be dealt with begin with the necessary understanding that they are decisive within the American citizen voter base. That same issue is one which has led to the division of the American people. The answer, the ONLY acceptable answer is that one which gives the most to the American people right now. Compromise is NOT a vulgar term--even when you are the one doing the compromising. I think we've seen enough of those who simply ignore, shut down, or otherwise eliminate opposing views on virtually any issue you care to mention.

              These elections must NOT be about choosing who we hate, or what we hate, or even how we hate.

              It will take a seismic shift in thinking, political activity, campaigning, and delivery into office. Refuting fake with fact, determining by example not that which is a worse position, or idea, policy or person but that upon which agreement can be achieved. It is not now, and has not been for decades a truth that we do tend to agree 90% of the time. We don't. We must have candidates which make that agreement their first priority while maintaining the definition of the Democratic party by which they ARE candidates. Mavericks can have great moments, but those most often come at a severe, long-term cost to citizen.

              A new "establishment" must be created, not for Democrats or Republicans, but for the American citizen. We must understand and agree that democracy, liberty and freedom are absolutely at stake right now. They are not idle words or fanciful ideas. They are, in fact, the principles upon which our nation was created, the principles upon which this nation has gone to war, maintained peace, and offered assistance to the world. They should not be shameful bludgeons, but the swords of a lady in the harbor.

              Only then will Democrats garner a majority of powerful, engaged, and committed citizens who vote, and continue their citizenship every single day; who understand that voting is not where citizenship ends, but rather where citizenship begins.

              Don't fight history, nor allow history to be the one and defining issue in 2018 or in 2020. Refuse to stand in a circular firing squad! And, for goodness' sake, don't create them! Define the terms. Create the narrative. Let others attempt to respond to them for once. Stick to them! They are no reason for shame!

              And support those potential candidates who understand this writing, and will sign their souls in support of it.

              Or enjoy untold decades of the realities of the past 100 or so days in America, and in the world.

              Always forward!

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              Sinclair Broadcast Group And FOX Headed To Divorce Court? I'm All For It.


                  The Sinclair Broadcast Network could be best described as applying for the opportunity to utilize the motto: Trump State TV - All Trump, All The Time.

                  Now while the network's name is mostly unknown among the general populace, they enjoy far more name recognition in the legal world, having placed prominently in the unethical business practices arena of competitions. Now the 9.5 million they paid to the FCC in August of 2016 did prevent a longer, nastier confrontation that would have made great TV from taking place, so we also know that the owners of the broadcaster are firmly against improved programming. But not to fret, for Jared Kushner was right there to negotiate for more positive coverage of the Trump Campaign and its ownership right after the largest possessor of television stations in the USA had to shell out its pocket change to the Feds.

                  Donald Trump's campaign struck a deal with Sinclair Broadcast Group during the campaign to try and secure better media coverage, his son-in-law Jared Kushner told business executives back in December of 2016. Kushner said the agreement with Sinclair, (who denied such a deal existed - on paper) which owns television stations across the country in many swing states and often packages news for their affiliates to run, gave them more access to Trump and the campaign, according to six people who heard his remarks.

                  Now the mega-market broadcaster is fighting with Fox Spews for the Conservative content that the majority of Americans are tired of. On the one hand Sinclair does draw from some bizarre and duplicitous right wing nut jobs for their commentary, while Fox has continuous sex scandals to add to their entertainment value, so it does make it hard to choose. Best to keep a wide variety of options for the intellectually challenged viewer. As long as only Sinclair provides the menu.

                  What makes this interesting is that Sinclair distribrutes Fox programming, and intends to keep on doing it - that is until it can replace it with their own fake broadcasts.. Now the dollars are flying, complete with the required puffing of chests as these two ethically deficient entities take turns helping Trump's #PresidentBannon perform unusual acts upon himself in the name of Oligarchies everywhere. The current occupiers of the Offal Office are doing their level best to keep the schedules fresh by changing the cast members nearly as often as most people change their underwear.

                  It can be interesting watching two media whoring giants fight for the right to control what the Trump Sheeple are fed, but it does leave the bulk of sensible Americans feeling a bit deprived of rational journalists delivering actual news. One can only stomach so much Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson, for Heaven's sake. Even if you feel compelled to torture yourself, the healthy human soul shuts down the ears and eyes before more permanent brain damage can be done.

                  So while Trump's version of the FCC is turning a blind eye to the vagaries of the ill minded humans in charge of these two Olifascist would be lovers, perhaps some good will come of it.

                  Like the rediscovery of the mute button when any of the Ridiculous Right starts defending Dimwitted Donnie.

                  GS Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

                  #resist #indivisible

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                  The Trump Trolls In Bernie Bot Clothes Are At It Again


                      Since the more vicious - and vacuous, in some cases - Trump Trolls were tossed from this platform some months ago we have seen an uptick in the number of posters claiming to be anti-Trump but are acting as agents of fakery. Challenging all news sources, citing dubious, if not outright discredited sources, these impostors seek to undermine our work to reveal, respond and resist the authoritarian rule of the Oligarchs who have sublet the Oval Office. Some of these minions of deception are traitors to America, while a few are simply ignorant dupes still bemoaning the big bad DNC that "prevented" Sen Sanders from winning.

                      Right here, right now we are embroiled in a new ideological war against an enemy represented by the Deplorable Donald, a man bought and sold by Mercer, the Alt-right, the Russians and the #Olifascists of America. Let us not forget our mission.

                      Rescuing the USA from those who would turn the nation into a White Fundamentalist Christian nation where women are subservient, immigrants are without standing and the GLBTA are abhorrent. Where the only good dollar is the one owed to the Trump family of businesses. We are fighting against a return to serfdom. We tossed out the Patroons from Eastern NY in the late 1800s, and the way that things are going, we might have to toss them out of most areas of the nation again sometime soon.

                      If I wanted to live in an Oligarchal State, I would be living in Russia.

                      So waste little time with our deceitful posters, for they are against the nation. They offer nothing of value - except target practice.

                      GS Jade Barrett

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                      A Trump Lawyer Lying? How Could That Be True? Sekulow Just Ignorant?


                          The most bizarre Presidency in American History continues along its merry way, with twists and turns that most Soap Opera screenwriters would ashcan due to the immense absurdity of the entire premise.

                          With over 18 resignations from the current Administration in the last seven months, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find replacements for those attempting to act like government officials. Perhaps the new Chief of Staff should have the holder of the Oval Office install a new front door.

                          Trump winning the Presidency? Rumors of everything from Golden Showers to hacked voting machines? A sub-story about a Right Wing talk show host screaming about the military turning frogs gay and then hawking his own dietary products in order to support the Presidency? Not to mention the Russians, the Arabs, the unwashed masses of refugees harboring diseases that the spreading of will bring America to its knees.

                          Oh, and North Korea, whose leader is only discernible from the current US President in that he just executes the competition instead of firing them, claiming that virtually all of America is now vulnerable to its long range missiles. Nothing sells a story to a intellectually challenged audience like the threat of total nuclear war.

                          Now we find out that Trump's personal law team may have denied the truth of the President's involvement in the potentially illegal attempt to cover his son's meeting with the Russian lawyer. It makes one wonder how many authors from the "Dallas" era of television are currently consulting with the Trump family road show.

                          One big dumb New York City cowboy at that.

                          Now there exists a remarkably remote possibility that Attorney Jay Sekulow had no idea that Donnie Sr had directed the family and friends to not speak of the true reasons for meeting with Natalya Veselnitskaya:

                          "According to Donald Trump Jr., who posted his emails about the July meeting, Veselnitskaya “wanted to talk about adoption policy and the Magnitsky Act.” While he said nothing of value came from the meeting, Veselnitskaya is best known for her effort to repeal the the legislation, and her representation of the companies that Bill Browder has accused of stealing from him. The case against her client, Prevezon Holdings, was settled by President Donald Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, just days before the trial was scheduled to begin" Foreign Policy Magazine 27 July 2017

                          And it certainly would not be the first time that Duplicitous Donald had not bothered to tell his legal team the truth of a situation. In fact it would also not be the first time that he could not buy the best lawyers since he has a long record of not paying his bills in the first place. Another possibility is that Sekulow is just a bad lawyer. Or maybe a deaf one. After all Sekulow was heard the world over stating that Deflecting Donald "didn't sign off on anything" and that the #Pretendisent "was not involved" in scripting the latest installment of the "Incompetent Presidents and the People Who Love Them" reality show.

                          We all watch just because we cannot wait to see how they jump the shark next.

                          GS Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

                          #resist #indivisible


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                          Pundit Post

                          Is The GOP Waking Up?


                              I have here a piece, written by Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona. His words reveal a person who has been drifting along with the flow and woke to find himself in a riptide. Senator Flake accepts responsibility for the fix we are in and asks his colleagues to to the same.


                              Under our Constitution, there simply are not that many people who are in a position to do something about an executive branch in chaos. As the first branch of government (Article I), the Congress was designed expressly to assert itself at just such moments. It is what we talk about when we talk about “checks and balances.” Too often, we observe the unfolding drama along with the rest of the country, passively, all but saying, “Someone should do something!” without seeming to realize that that someone is us. And so, that unnerving silence in the face of an erratic executive branch is an abdication, and those in positions of leadership bear particular responsibility.

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                              What Putin Really Wants From Trump


                                  When Putin had Sergei Magnitsky killed, the United States imposed sanctions on Russia as punishment. The person who has suffered the most under this Magnitsky Act, is the richest man in the world who kept much of the wealth he stole from others in overseas banks and now can't access that money - Vladimir Putin. Another problem for Putin is that the Magnitsky Act prevents him from continuing the thefts as he knows now what the consequences will be.

                                  Here is William Browder, Magnitsky's former boss to tell us all about it, and in the process making it plain that Trump Jr. did indeed discuss not the adoption of Russian children, but the overthrow of the Magnitsky Act that will hand billions of $ back to Putin.


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                                  Thousands Flock To Free Medical Clinic, As Washington Dithers On Health Care


                                      I ask you read the following article, and when you are done, ask yourself the following question,

                                      Why is this still happening here in the United States, when there are other countries less wealthy than we are capable of providing health care for their citizens well below what we have to pay?

                                      For that matter, please contemplate how it is that many of these individuals who are attending this free Health Clinic fair, are Trump supporters. Who still believe he will deliver on his “fake promise” to give them health care that will be better than the ACA, at a cost the is lower and affordable.

                                      I recognize people who cast their ballot for Trump did so because they believed his words. They believe because he is a business man, he has a better handle on how the government should run. While I may find their logic faulty, they did what they thought was correct for them. However, what I question, after seeing what is taking place in Congress. Along with the numerous examples, of him demonstrating he total lack of knowledge of what is in the current Repeal and Replace Bill. Not to mention he has done nothing to help get it passed other than demand that Republican Senators get something on his desk so he can sign. Many still believe he will deliver on that campaign promise.

                                      Instead of taking Airforce One to New Jersey so he can play golf and his course in Bedminster, he should head the following advice:

                                      Stan Brock, the English philanthropist who founded the RAM clinic program more than 30 years ago, said there was one more visitor he’d like to see at the clinic.

                                      “It’s absolutely imperative that the president of the United States come and visit one of these events,” he said. “I believe if he did, he would take some immediate action.”

                                      I think so too, but, I’m not holding my breath on it happening neither should Mr. Brock.


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