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      I really haven't been able to get an answer and maybe those here can help .....

      We had immigrants from South America seek asylum in the U.S . .....

      They came to the border , and as far as I can see , requested asylum ....

      Seems that they were either going to get it or not .....

      Suddenly I hear that they are in detention camps and their kids are taken away !

      Don't understand how this was the outcome .....

      Anyone ?

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      People Who Are Denying White Nationalists Had No Effect Are Still Wrong


          Richard Caslon is right (his fine piece of writing is linked below)

          Many of the current GOP candidates continue to reveal deep seated prejudices. Every Deplorable condition from sexual deviance (one guy supports free love with minors and wants American to be separated into race based communities), to Anti-Semitism to throwing out everyone who was not born here, to removing women's right to vote, to segregation of schools to you name it, has been represented by some GOP candidate in some campaign in some district. These people may not be making a coordinated effort, but they feel that this is their time to take the chance to turn America back to the pre 1860's.

          On Richard's article I replied:

          The push-back that the linked discussion starter generated suggested to me how deeply entrenched the self-deluded part of the TrumpGOP truly is.

          The level of disgust I have for those willing to sell out virtually every human decency in return for a "W" in the election column of the President is ever increasing. Derek Black was right, the GOP was ready for takeover, the rank and file so cowardly, so fearful of losing something they already did not have (from fiscal to job to physical to emotional security) that the loud and pervasive rhetoric of the worst of the Deplorables lead the headlines.

          But not just there, for these hateful words and wink, wink, nudge, nudge gestures were made in the upper back rooms of the party leadership. I witnessed it here, as well, among those like "Rick" (who was cleaned out after the election as one of the worst examples of this mindset) who stated that they did not care if Russia and the WN or the radical Christians swung the vote, and if they did, they would be marginalized during the Administration's reign.

          They were wrong, and horribly so.

          Let me expound on that for a moment. Trump may not be prejudiced personally, but he certainly can fake it.

          Their impact runs unabated. Bannon confidant and acolyte Miller remains in power in the White House, still helping to manipulate Trump into following a Nationalist agenda. Mercer's Cambridge Analytica has morphed into a new entity already under contract with the RNC for 2020. There are more openly hostile racist acts, more violent attacks against women, transgenders, religions, houses of worship, schools and different races than two years ago. We are a nation under attack from the Deplorable Right.

          And if we Moderate members of the GOP are not actively confronting these truly horribly misguided - if not outright evil - people, then we are Deplorable, too.

          So all in favor of HATE, stay silent.

          GS Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

          #resist #indivisible



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          Pundit Post

          Rounding Up The Suspects - Trump's Campaign Team Goes To Jail. #2


              So another bad day for the Trump Campaign Syndicate as Paulie "The Manager" Manafort finds himself cooling his heels while getting the hot lamp treatment in the interrogation room. The 25 to life question here is how long will prison garbed Manafort hold out, and how much will he be willing to trade? Even Bannon may have to spill his guts if Paulie folds like a bad suit.

              Donnie "The Distancer" Trump spent no time claiming that Manafort only worked for everyone far longer than he worked for him. 45 days for IQ45, and it will be only a matter of time before the Bigly Despot will say that he would not recognize his former henchman if he wandered into the Offal Office.

              Trump bemoaned the fact the treansous-minded Gen Michael "Benedict Arnold" Flynn has lost his house and that other poor souls have been under the relentless attack of his enemies - which, unsurprisingly, seems to be roughly 99% of the entire USA Justice system that the Family has not either put into power or paid off in some manner (remember Biondi?) - stating that some of the crimes took place twelve years ago.

              It is my pleasure you inform you, Mr Pretendisent, that certain high crimes have no statute of limitations. Like treason. I think you should keep that in mind when Eric might have to do some very fast talking. About, oh, say you.

              Meanwhile, Donnie, you asked what we would have thought if Obama's lawyer's offices had been raided. We did not know that his attorney was suspected of a crime against the state. Yours is. We are also watching out for Cohen to come in from the cold, and given that the rest of your mob is following your example, little Mikey must be freezing.

              The fact that Trump Enterprises has not funded the lawyers is not lost on us. It has given us grounds to believe that you, Donnie, are personally broke and that your kids are just paying your allowance while they trade off American assets as fast as they can.

              Like 666, or the hotels that you over spent on again and again - despite using undocumented aliens to complete the projects.

              Come to think of it, that's a federal crime, too.

              So who do you think is next in the hit parade, Yuge Guy? Not Sater, he has been singing for over a year. He is going to walk away, again. Some stoolies have all the luck. Carter Page keeps popping up in the chorus line, too, so you know that he is strolling down the freedom highway. Yohai? Already sung. Gates? A canary. I would be patting down Jared every time you see him. Maybe Kushner received his clearance in return for a little quid pro quo. Maybe Melania is sending out secret messages through her spokesperson. That's the problem with large families you have cheated on and with, Duplicitous Donnie, their loyalty is not a given once you have screwed them too many times.



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              Trump’s Negotiating Style Is Pure Art Of The Moron


                  I read the following article from Rick Wilson and thought about writing a post but, he says it best and figured it would be better if I just posted his own words.

                  Trump’s Negotiating Style Is Pure Art of the Moron

                  Even by this blowhard’s YUGE standards, it’s been an exceptionally bad and destructive week of terrifying our allies and legitimizing our enemies.

                  RICK WILSON

                  06.13.18 4:44 AM ET

                  I’m often on the receiving end of the Trumpentariat’s criticisms of Never Trump conservatives.

                  Don’t I get it? Don’t I love how Trump is achieving the impossible, and soaring to heights to which no other president could aspire? Haven’t I gotten over the election yet? When, oh when, will I finally MAGA? I received an email Tuesday from a Trump fan asking why for once I couldn’t congratulate Donald Trump for his work with North Korea.

                  Leaving aside my usual critiques of Trump, which are, as you may have noticed, colorful, varied, and pointed, let’s give the president a fair assessment of his week’s activities, and thanks and credit where thanks and credit are due.

                  Of course, we start when Trump fled the humid confines of Washington, D.C., jetting to Quebec to blow up the G7 summit and take a massive political and rhetorical dump on some of our longest-standing and closest allies. But I’m playing nice, so thank you, Mr. President, for adopting 19th-century trade policies that combine both raging economic illiteracy and inevitably adverse outcomes for America. Well done.

                  Thank you, because nothing says Presidential Stature like your juvenile dick-waving and insults attacking the heads of state of the G7 nations. Thanks are also in order for deploying your clown-car motorcade of loudmouth, shock-jock aides to make the damage worse.

                  Great work taking direction from the Home Office in Moscow; you spent more time at the G7 summit doing Vladimir Putin’s bidding than you did strengthening the ties between the United States and our closest allies.

                  Even so, I’m supposed to thank the president, right? Well, thank you, Donald. You sent a message to our allies in Asia and beyond that you’re willing to compromise their security and ours for an inconsequential photo-op with a hopped-up fatboy dictator who looks like Pyongyang already has a Krispy Kreme and a Popeyes, and he’s the only one allowed to eat in them.

                  Russia, Iran, Syria, and other bad actors want to thank you, Mr. President. You sent the clearest of signals that sanctions regimes, inspections, and verified denuclearization are no longer relevant in our brave new era of nationalist populist strongmen and Michael Bay knockoff videos.

                  Evidently, all the bad guys have to do is kiss your ample ass long enough and shower you with enough superficial praise and they can play you like the trifling intellectual lightweight you most certainly are. So, thank you for that reminder.

                  Nobel Prizes may have been dancing in your head on your way to Singapore, and perhaps the Nobel Committee will fire up the forge and cast you an extra super-glitzy giant prize, out of gratitude. Perhaps the medal will make up for the fact Kim Jong Un took away every single thing he wanted from this meeting, including the propaganda coup of all propaganda coups.

                  Ever wonder what the consequences of legitimizing a nuclear-armed madman who has used chemical weapons on his own family, starved his people, and engaged in systematic mass murder to retain power might be? Congratulations! You’re about to find out. Us too.

                  Evidently, the purpose of the trip was to produce a communiqué so shallow, meaningless, and ephemeral that its contents were a combination of already-broken DPRK agreements and back-of-the-envelope wishcasting. Our South Korean allies may seem freaked out, but it’s just their way of appreciating you.

                  Well done, Mr. President. You got your on-camera handshake with a man who orders the deaths of children. You got your lunch with one of the few remaining dictators on this earth and put the Leader of the Free World on the same level as a hereditary thug who killed his half-brother with chemical weapons.

                  Good job, Mr. President. You’ve terrified our allies with your cavalier and sloppy art-of-the-moron negotiating style. You’ve told American troops who will remain on the Korean Peninsula they’re no longer going to practice with their Korean counterparts as a deterrent to the North’s long, long history of aggression. I’m sure if the balloon goes up, they’ll thank you for stopping their exercises.

                  Mission accomplished, Mr. President. You’ve set your fans up for a spectacular comedown when North Korea does what it always does. Right now, they’re cheering themselves hoarse, dancing in the streets, and believing to the bottom of their deplorable little hearts that you’ve denuclearized North Korea, brought Kim to heel, undone the evils done in the Hermit Kingdom for generations, and started building Trump Tower Pyongyang.

                  Hats off to you, Mr. President. You’ve cut the sinews of a strategic alliance with Japan and South Korea that has contained North Korea, and kept a brake on Chinese power in the Western Pacific.

                  Thank you, Mr. President, for reminding us that Kim Jong Un is talented. I couldn’t agree more. He’s talented at killing his uncles, half-brothers, cousins, and countrymen with poison, anti-aircraft guns, chemical weapons, and flamethrowers. He’s talented at starving his people, systematically reducing their life expectancy, health, and even height because of the chronic malnutrition his evil policies entail. He’s talented like his father and grandfather before him at rooking Western leaders. They’re talented at proposing deals they never had the slightest intention of keeping.

                  Heckuva job, Mr. President. No matter what a weapons-grade dumpster fire this week created, you’re safe from congressional oversight, but you know that by now. Nothing you do matters to this Congress. No matter what damage you inflict on our economy, our alliances, trade, our stature in the world, our role as an exemplar of democratic values, our ability to serve as an honest broker in the international community, and our security, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell will lay supine before you. (Supine is that position you usually have to pay for, hoss.)

                  Their evident, constant terror at running afoul of your volcanic temper, lunatic followers, and media cheer squad mutes their tongues and stays their hands even when they should know better. They should fear a world where America is isolated, mistrusted, and weaker economically, morally, and politically. They should worry the acid drip of your rhetorical and moral poison reduces American power and influence.

                  Instead, they fear their own president, hiding behind furrowed brows and elliptical, mealymouthed expressions of grave concern.

                  So congratulations, Mr. President. You spent the week deliberately wrecking American alliances and leadership, allied yourself with one of the most egregious enemies of freedom in the world, and abandoned the shared values of our friends like Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Germany.

                  You must be so proud.

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                  Another Meeting/Game, Another Trump America Loss.


                      So FauxSpews states in no uncertain terms that Trump was outmanuevered by his newest best bud Kim, making a deal that now sends the bankrupt casino/airline/University/insert businesses here klutz to Twitter to claim success. Heck of a Freudian Slip, Abby Huntsman, talking about the meeting of the two dictators. Shep Smith got it right, though, when the Fox News Host stated that the president gave Kim Jong Un everything he wanted, without getting anything in return.

                      “He wanted the photos, the seat at the table, he wanted the legitimacy that came with te event, the handshake with America’s president,” he said. “Kim Jong Un got it all, for actually doing nothing.” - Shep Smith

                      Well, he had to do something to impress Melania, especially after she said "Not so fast" to the witless Giuliani's assertions that she believes the President. Maybe she was hoping that a wife swap would be part of the North Korean bargain. That way if things went bad with the Dictator "who loves his country" at least she would never have to see Donnie the Porn Dog again.

                      Thursday afternoon, the first lady's communications director fired back at Giuliani.

                      "I don't believe Mrs. Trump has ever discussed her thoughts on anything with Mr. Giuliani," East Wing communications director Stephanie Grisham told CNN in a statement.

                      It has not been the best of weeks here at home in the USA, with Paul "the rat in training" Manafort looking at serious hoosegow time and Giuliani's dalliance with his assistant's mother taking some valuable broadcast time away from President Pussy-grabber.

                      The news that the lawyers for the Trump Syndicate were closing ranks and signing the documents that allow for co-counsels is something most mob families attempt to do in an effort to get all the stories straight, but like Trump's assertion that only the guilty plead the Fifth, only the guilty make these kind of legal entanglements.

                      CHRISTIE: Listen, there’s no way that’ll happen, and the reason it won’t is because then it becomes a political problem, George. If the president were to pardon himself, he’ll get impeached.

                      Christy has come out against the Administration's suggestion that Donnie has one of those get out of jail free cards that remains his only Atlantic City connected possession - and he had to get that from a Monopoly set - and how popular do you think ripping babies from mother's arms is with the minorities who are living in an ever-increasingly unfriendly United States of America?

                      The fact is that those of you who voted for Trump to represent you and are still supporting him are not supporting your fellow citizens. When the Donnie The Temper Tantrum left the G - 7 in a huff and tried to kick sand in the face of Trudeau, he stated that is for the benefit of Americans.

                      He was lying. It was solely for his own self interest. It is one thing for a Prsident to lie, we should expect that there are times where it might even be vital to our national security for a timely untruth to be told, but the selfish lie is never one that improves the quality of life for our citizens. Part of Trump's indignation might stem from the fact that he wanted to invite Putin into the clubhouse and was soundly rebuffed. Makes one wonder if Donnie wants to create a Trump-Russia alliance and carve up Europe.

                      And with any luck at all, wannabe Despot Donnie will be able to cut his new bro Kim in the action.

                      Though it appears that the great orange dimwit made every effort to give away the farm in return for essentially nothing more than a handshake and a few photo-ops.

                      Geoffrey S Jade Barrett, Chairman, SANE60

                      #resist #Indivisible

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                      Pundit Post

                      Rounding Up The Suspects - Trump's Campaign Team Goes To Jail? UPDATE


                          Over the last three weeks we have learned that even Ivanka may have reached out to the Russians, that Felix Sater - the epitome of equal opportunity stool pigeons - promised that Trump was "Our boy" to the Oligarchs, that Cohen was attempting to peddle influence to the entire world and that Manafort's former cohorts plead out.

                          Now we can see the screws tighten on those tiny tweeting thumbs. We can feel the tsunami of justice building as the #TrumpGOP rallies what is left of their forces while the possibly criminal White House Head Occupant rests his hopes on a washed-up mouthpiece who seeks the camera more than Donald J. himself does.

                          To be fair, Giuliani does not nearly as good a job of acting clueless as his boss does, but who could?

                          Now Manafort faces obstruction charges that include witness tampering - something that might have gleaned from years of talking with Trump and the #Olifascists and a fair amount of researching Ray Cohn's tactics against his political enemies. Carter Page may have been a clueless errand boy, but his likely cooperation may have provided the vital insight to the Special Prosecutor, and the former campaign manager will either start singing loud and proud or find himself wearing federal prison jumpers instead of his five thousand dollar suits for the rest of his natural life. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-secu....

                          It is near impossible to believe that no single person in the upper cadre of the Trump Campaign had no idea how poorly behaved Manafort was and is. Heck, they probably even asked him where to bank overseas, and how to end run the IRS, to boot.

                          GS Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

                          #indivisible #resist

                          Well, Ray Cunneff , czook and twilson117, and all the others who have helped reveal that in the spring and summer of 2016, the Russians and their bedfellows were seeking to help poor Donnie and the Family out.


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                          Situation For Those Seeking Life And Hope In A New Country 150 Years Ago


                              It is not so different now, fleeing starvation and desperate circumstances. We read stories of migrants being murdered at sea in the Mediterranean, those rescued during flooding in Hawaii being extorted for money threatened by being thrown into the sea. Pirates in the Asian Seas enslaving and torturing fishermen they come across, yet the story of the boys on the ice stirs the heart while these other atrocities are noted, but quickly forgotten.

                              The sea is a harsh mistress enough without the evils, both petty and huge, of those who prey on the weak, the poor and the desperate.

                              GS Jade Barrett Chairman SANE60

                              #indivisible #resist


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                              Pundit Post

                              TrumpGOP Children Still Visible On Our Yabberz Resistance Site


                                  Those unpatriotic souls and their foreign supporters remain here, doing their best - which is actually pretty pathetic, when you get right down to it - to wear down the spirit of those of us fully committed to revealing the sordid, sickening and duplicitous efforts that resulted in the possibly illegitimately gained Oval Office.

                                  The number of implicated members of the Trump Campaign and Transition Staff continues to grow daily, as does the number of subpoenas.

                                  The cowardice displayed by @realDonaldTrump grows daily. It is very likely that the bots that have been added to his account came as a result of his whining that his audience has not grown. He refuses to face any true journalist, cannot accept any challenge and selects only the most feeblest of pawns to speak for him. So far there is scant evidence that Daddy's favorite, Jared, is even competent, given that Kushner himself has only proven himself through a terrible business decision when he bought 666 - well, numbered, certainly - Fifth Avenue in New York.

                                  Boris, Kellyanne, Sean, Carter, Michael, Jeff, J.D., Rex, Paul, Felix, Mark, David, Sarah, Steven M, - the list of the people doing their best to be part of a horrible administration just goes on and on and on. Yet we still have those members here that claim to support our mission here, but always have some excuse ready when some new piece of misdoings comes to light.

                                  Give it up, Trump Children, you are way out of your league here. It really is not such a shame to fold up your pup-tents and move along. Keep in mind that far more experience trolls than you have fled Yabberz with their tails between their legs when we have taken a few minutes to identify them. After a few interactions which reveal the ignorance of the lesser posters, they typically fall silent, though a few will continue to whine and howl about how unfair everyone Left of them are.

                                  Perhaps we are. We prefer those who actually want to understand the issues of the world.

                                  This is a useful chart for the Rightist Troll who can read for comprehension - though there is no guarantee that they actually will.

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                                  Pundit Post

                                  Trump Betrays Followers Case #14: America First, Americans Last


                                      Here’s how the possible job losses break down, according to the US Chamber of Commerce:

                                      • 134,000 from tariffs on imports from China
                                      • 470,000 from tariffs on steel and aluminum
                                      • 157,000 from tariffs on autos and auto parts.

                                      And 1.8 million from a withdrawal from NAFTA.

                                      The Economic Policy Institute claim ony 5000 jobs will be lost directly connected to the steel and aluminum tariffs, but failed to evaluate the effects of Canadian, Mexican, European and Chinese retaliatory taxes on American goods delivered to those areas.

                                      The baseline is this. If Trump attacks our allies, it is the fly-over states that will be hit the hardest. Starting with Kentucky, specifically targeted by the Canadians and Europeans. The constant among all the tariffs is that they are targeting Trump's base, as well they should. If you cannot reason with the American President - and there is certainly no evidence that rational behavior from the Oval Office is to be expected - then you must render the man impudent. First his supporting Senators and Representatives, then the Chief Executive himself.

                                      And Mexico is still not going to pay for the wall.

                                      Geoffrey S Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

                                      #resist #indivisible

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                                      Pundit Post

                                      So Big Surprise, Greitens Resigned In Return For Prosecution To Be Dropped


                                          So the tear-jerking resignation speech of the embattled Missouri Governor failed to mention that over the previous weekend his lawyers went to make a deal with St Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner. So one charge of computer tampering has evaporated, but the scandal ridden Greitens is far from walking away. NPR reported that even the FBI is looking into the fund raising and charity work materials held by the A New Missouri PAC that somehow connected itself to the soon to be former Governor's campaign in 2016. That, coupled with a few more outstanding charges that are being handled in Kansas City and a few other choice locales - did I forget to mention the ethics investigation that is ongoing in the Missouri Legislature? - the former Navy Seal will be very busy. Of course, it is all just some fellow Missouri GOP types having jealous fits, or fakenews, or some kind of male envy...

                                          Now the source of much of the Governor's campaign funding is of great interest to the investigators working the former GOP rising star, with supeonas and witnesses galore. Rough times that they are, Greitens promises he will fight to the end - though his decision to abruptly leave his office suggests that he will might just make some more noise until a plea bargain is arranged.

                                          Whichever comes first, yet another Trump Goon is Gone.

                                          GS Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

                                          #resist #indivisible


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