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What Havoc A Few Hacked Emails Create - GOP Fundraiser Broidy Under Fire


      A few months ago a few emails came to light during the moment when it was discovered that the lead GOP money man shelled out a cool 1.6 million to pay off a Playboy model. One thing we immediately learned about the investment banker was that he is terrible at negotiating settlements with "experienced" women and that he was equally incompetent at selecting legal representation when he engaged Michael Cohen as his bagman.

      We also learned of a possible source of his income when it came out that

      "The Journal reported in March that, according to a draft contract, Broidy and his wife, Robin Rosenzweig, were seeking $75 million from Malaysian businessman Jho Low if federal prosecutors dropped their investigation into a Malaysian state investment fund." - Washington Post 17 August 2018

      Now you cannot help but wonder if he would have asked for less if he had gotten off as cheap as, say, the President. Though, to be fair, it is very likely that Broidy could afford it while Trump is almost certainly broke.

      The beleaguered Broidy has made the usual claims...my enemies stole the documents (the ones that incriminate him, just for the record), everybody is out to get me, I never asked anybody for a dime...except for the suckers who threw there hard-earned cash into the garbage burn that is the Trump Presidency...

      Influence peddling? Please say it is not true...then again, tell us everything you know. I am sure that Jared used to take your calls.

      GeoffreyS Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

      #TheResistance #indivisible #resist


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      Take The Advice From A Guy Who Has Seen It All Before - Dean Says Get Out!

          Memo To Trump’s White House Staff: FYI. Very few people who worked at Nixon’s White House later included that fact on their resumes. It doesn’t do much for a career to be on the wrong side of history, nor to have worked for the worst president in American history. 10.7K people are talking about this

          So a man who both did the dirty work and paid the price tells you to get out of the way as Despot Donnie unravels. Who knows what November brings? Maybe early Christmas presents as some of the Offal Office staffmembers find themselves cooling their heels (maybe even at State expense) while waiting for the latest best-seller they have written to be reprinted. So what if Omarosa got there first, there are plenty of dollars to be acquired from the rational Americans. Heck, even the WN set of Trump Deplorables might buy a bunch as kindling for their next cross burning.

          Geoffrey S Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

          #TheResistance #indivisible #resist

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          #Trumphatesveterans 2 - The Veterans Administration Fails To Pay Their Bill


              It would appear to be a given that any social program is a disgrace to the Trump Offal Office, and taking care of our ailing former military service people is just another handout to a collection of social leeches.

              It comes as no surprise that the agency - the second largest in the federal government - is being clandestinely run by three Trump owners who like their Florida golf club so much that they never seem to leave it.

              The three? Palm Beach doctor Bruce Moskowitz, MD, Marc Sherman, a lawyer, and Marvel Entertainment Chairman Ike Perlmutter. They have one major item in common with the veteran despising Trump - none of them have served in the military. They also have never been vetted by the Senate. Just a collection of "Good Old Boys" deciding policy - unofficially, of course. They do have hopes and dreams, though, and to gut the Veterans Administration is high on their Christmas list.

              ProPublica reported on the 8th of August 2018 that the "shadow leaders" have directed "healthcare policy shifts, program developments and leadership changes..."

              The ultimate goal of the Mar-A-Lago Cronies run Veterans Administration is to privatize the whole agency, a dream of the Ultra Right for decades - especially by those who stand to collect the payoffs from doing the business.

              Which is why people who are not part of the TrumpGOP Olifascist circle who are trying to provide outsourced VA medical service are being screwed. Just like nearly every other subcontractor that has ever had the misfortune of working with the Baron of Bankruptcy.

              So, my fellow veterans, these people are making every effort to deny us our proper benefits - and they are succeeding.

              Privatize the process, then refuse to pay the contract. How Trumpian. Keep in mind that in June of 2018 that Draft-Dodger Donnie signed a law that reorganized veterans’ health care, shifting funding for the private program into the discretionary column. In other words, it is up to the discretion of someone not to fund things like replacing the VA's in-house electronic health record system. In this case, this someone appears to be Ike Perlmutter, who has interjected himself - a man with no governmental or military experience - into the discussion regarding the 16 Billion dollar IT contract to overhaul the system. To the point where he has singlehandedly derailed the project, denying a much needed upgrade to the medical services provided to the veterans the agency is charged to help.

              Then again, retired and disabled vets are just another example of the losers Trump doesn't like.

              Geoffrey S Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60 and a proud United States Army Veteran

              #TheResistance #indivisible #resist


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              Omarosa Claims There Are Tapes Of Trump Using ‘N Word,' Other Racist Slurs


                  Omorasa new book is already causing a stir as she talks about the fact that Trump used the N-word. Already people are trying to determine what the impact that will be on the Trump term behind the Resolute Desk. I would hazard that folks are trying to find or talk about situations where he may have used it about Obama. Yes, there is a great deal of interest her new book.

                  Let me clue you to something that I feel is as plain as the nose on one’s face. Undoubtedly Trump has used that word. I believe he has used on numerous occasions. All racists make ample use of the epithet. I will go so far and say so has every one of his cabinet members.

                  Every last one of them has at one time, or another have uttered the vile phrase.

                  Every last damn one of them.

                  So, why all the fuss, the headlines around what Omorasa is saying about possible tapes of him saying it on the now cancel Apprentice series? Better yet, if tapes revel with Trump spewing forth his vulgarity, what will it accomplish? Will it result if him being removed from office? Will it cause those who support him, to now have pause and look at him askew, and suddenly stop supporting him? NO, it will not! Why? Because those who support him have also used the word. In fact, the would gleefully shout the word from rooftops, and chant it willingly as they march through the streets in a show of support for the beloved racist leader.

                  It’s at this juncture I’m predisposed to provide some quotes that would highlight the vileness of that word, but my friends, there is no need for that, you know and understand the ugliness of the word. What I will share with you is this, Trump is no different from the other white male occupants of the Oval Office in their overt or subvert racism.

                  So reading a headline there are tapes of Trump using the N-word and other racial slurs, is not news. It’s nothing more than a statement of fact we already know. What benefit is gained by hearing him in his own words utter, evil vileness? Fully knowing he will deny any such recording, and his sycophant companions will support him.

                  I am sure Omorasa’s book will provide for some cursory enjoyable reading, along with selected portions shared on the cable news, along with providing her a platform to extend her 15 minutes of fame further. She might even offer penance for her ridiculous statement, where she claimed, all those who opposed Trump would bow down to him. She might. If she does, will it matter?

                  For me, it will not.

                  Why? Because Omorasa knew Trump was a snake and thus knew his nature.


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                  How Norman Vincent Peale Taught Donald Trump To Worship Himself


                      Understand President Donald Trump?
                      Psychology may use a term like narcissism.
                      But is there more to this man and his story, than an incurable mental disorder?
                      Let me help you with that.
                      Allow me to introduce you to the Trump Family Church Preacher.
                      It may be out of vogue but Personally, I prefer old school, Biblical Sunday-school terms like
                      "Faith and Believing"?
                      My question to you,
                      Is Trump a Narcissist or a Modern Theological Religious Nut.
                      Practicing another Gospel, like the made for TV Prosperity Gospel.

                      Disgraced Deacon Daly.

                      How Norman Vincent Peale Taught Donald Trump to Worship Himself https://politi.co/2HiMQss via @politicomag

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                      Can Members Of The Press Protest While On The Job?


                          By Dajuan Candle

                          CNN's Jim Acosta has been taking a beating, especially in conservative media circles. That is the norm. But now he is being hung out to dry. It seems his relentless questioning of White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders about her refusal to give a direct answer to his questions about whether or not she or the oval office occupant really believe the Press is an enemy of the People has riled conservative commentators. Even her father has arisen to the moment and come to her defense.

                          It is being said that Acosta's questions weren't those of a journalist, but were the personal words of an activist attempting to further liberal causes and that there is no place in the White House press room for unprofessional and bias behavior as he displayed.

                          To that I have an opinion.

                          My opinion is that Jim Acosta wasn't acting as a journalist, no. He wasn't putting together a report for the people, no. He indeed was speaking in defense of himself and all reporters and journalist. He, as a fed up journalist, was protesting the ways of those in charge of White House communications and the Press Secretary for their refusal, through her, to deny that they believe the press is an enemy of the people, of the State.

                          Journalist are people too.

                          If journalist feel that they, as individuals or members of their profession, are being unduly and unfairly slandered by the occupant of the White House they have a right, if not a duty, to question those who represent the person or persons whom are attacking them for doing their jobs.

                          It has been he, Trump, who has made members of the media the news they are. And they, Jim Acosta included, have a right to defend their name and the work they do. To not speak up for yourself is un-American. No place is off limit. Even the WH press room.

                          I as a citizen support them in their defensive actions.What say you?

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                          Trump Likes To Tee Off On The Military. Will He Play Through Arlington?


                              Every day it appears that a hot war is building. Throughout world history wars have been fought over petty slights, greed, avarice and jealousy. They have also been fought over trade.

                              Eisenhower - a true American and a responsible President refused to have military parades, for that was what North Korea, China and Russia did in order to act as if they deserved the respect and fear of the world. Americans had no need of such displays, they were better left to uncaring and vicious despotic regimes, whose desparation for a glimmer of acceptance as a powerful and threatening entity forced them to reveal the color of their steel.

                              It is therefor not an irrational fear that Trump's absolute need to improve his virtually perfect losing record as President will generate an armed conflict.

                              Our G.I.s are but toy soldiers to Trump, who pays scant attention to the horrible casualties that our fellow citizens and protectors have suffered. Donald "Draft Dodger" Trump has made no effort to improve the conditions of these honorable and loyal Americans, for to do so would to be to support a collection of losers living off the dole and negatively impact his bottom line.

                              To assist the veterans would also return many of them to full health, adding to the potentially lethal force that will rise up in righteous fury if and when the Anti-American holder of the Offal Office attempts to complete the transfer of America's future to her foes.

                              The lack of a leader who can mobilize the many voices of the veterans across America remains a sore one, for without one who can draw the disaffected and insulted into a united and powerful political element that must work in conjuntion with the other marginalized citizens to oust the Russian supported American puppet, a vital part of the American society will remain silent.

                              GS Jade Barrett Chairman SANE60

                              #Resist #TheResistance #Indivisible

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                              Political Mind Games Using Overton's Window


                                  Every now and then when I learn of something new, or a new take on something old, my thoughts of it, as typical, will last as long as needed for me to absorb and appreciate the essence of it, then I move on. Rarely am I struck by something new, or a new take on something old, so much so that it consumes my thoughts. Well, again, National Pubic Radio happened to run a program which did just that. It thoroughly enthralled my mind. The host and a guest were talking about Joseph P. Overton and his "window of discourse" (now known as Overton's Window). I'd never heard of this guy before, but as they described his observations about how the human mind can be, and is, effected in such a way that the owner of the brain almost automatically adjust, or changes, their views or beliefs about a thing in accordance to how it has been impacted by offerings of extreme ideas put forward and controlled by an outside force.

                                  Overton's Window is a rather simple truth, yet it is complex. There are old truths which indeed show that peoples political views, religious views, cultural views, or whatever, can, and, are shaped by exposure to extreme conditions or even the fear of extreme conditions given as an idea.

                                  The more I listened to the program the more the window of discourse they spoke of reminded me of other effects on the human mind; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as experience by those who suffered through prolonged exposures to war and death and their on insecurities, the purposeful breaking of the will of slaves by their masters, and the lasting after effects those happenings and practices had on the soldiers and the subjects of slavery.

                                  Overton's Window holds that if extreme politics are practiced long enough, we will eventually come to accept as right things we once wouldn't. Not because we had changed our views, but because the view of life itself had been changed for us and we, almost hypnotically, changed with that new "window" view.

                                  Given as examples were politics positioning. If, say, you were a person who wanted to convince a group of people that another group of people, of whom you had many friends, were your enemy all you would need to do is find a difference between the two. Something as simple as dialect or language. If you were suffering due to your own shortcomings the person controlling the view could then convince you that your suffering is due to the other peoples dialect and language, even though you count many of them as your friends and highly respect. If done right, over and over again, you would turn against your friends and see them, against all evidence, as the cause of your despair.

                                  This they gave as the reason Trump got enough votes to be the Republican nominee for President and his ultimate victory. And why many Democrats, to unconsciously balance this extreme, are turning to people like Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez. They too have shifted the window view.

                                  There is much more to be said about Overton's Window and how we can easily have our minds played by those who know how to orchestrate and play a tune like the infamous Pied Piper, but I'll save that for another day. Now that I've absorbed it, this new take on something old, I can move on to the next thing.

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                                  Opinion | Blame The 400-Pound Guy


                                      Like many of you here on the forum, I shook my head at the events of this week. It never occurred to me that I would witness any leader of the United States stand next to the leader of Russia and proclaim he believe Putin over his own intelligent organization.

                                      Watching him this past Monday grovel in front of Putin, and then attempt to take it back, with his feeble attempt, “I meant to say wouldn’t” defense, is beyond laughable. I’m sure everyone here remembers Clinton’s laughable ‘it depends on your definition of is’ argument.

                                      Then to see Sarah Huckabee say that Trump and his team would engage in discussion on the suggestion that Putin made about wanting to question a United States Ambassador, Robert McFaul, who was a thorn in Putin side, not to mention an Obama appointee. The fact Trump would even consider it was clearly outstanding not mention, disgusting.

                                      Which brings me to this comment from Tim Egan’s New York Times article: Blame the 400 Pound Guy:

                                      Wishing for supporters of Donald Trump to find their hearts, their brains or their patriotism is a fool’s errand. We are, as the president has said many times, “a stupid country,” and every day of this presidency proves his point.

                                      I confess there have been times I thought Trump supporters would wake up and realize they are supporting one of the most incompetent individuals to ever sit behind the Resolute Desk. Surely, they would find his putrescent behavior abhorrent and move away from him with his recent fawning over Putin at their news conference in Helsinki.

                                      Aristotelian logic would dictate, that with the evidence presented by Mueller in his latest set of indictments which clearly laid out Russian interference in the 2016 election. Along with naming eleven Russian FSB officers would be sufficient for Trump to accept that his intelligent organizations were right about Russia culpability and their interference in our election process.

                                      But, not only do his supporters not demand Trump repudiate Putin, they are willing to accept his hostage delivered statement that he “misspoke.” They, also hide behind the curtain of not vital because it doesn’t pertain to, issues of importance to them. Such as depressed wages, health care, or gas prices. You know, hearth and home issues.

                                      Somehow, when it’s a Republican president, international matters suddenly become beyond the scope and capability of the citizenry in flyover country. All they care about is those day-to-day issues that directly impact them. What happens on the international stage are for some reason, overwhelming, too distracting, and beyond their current scope and concern. As long as their ‘guy’ has an ‘R’ after his name, all is right the world.

                                      So, the fact that Trump is fawning all over Putin, is fine with them, after all, Trump has a point, we should try to get along with those who desire to destroy every aspect of democracy, they claim to believe in and hold dear.

                                      Mr. Egan is indeed correct, it is indeed a fool's errand hoping Trump supporters will see the light.


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                                      Trump Betrays Followers, Americans And Just About Every Free World Citizen


                                          My family has not fought in four wars, buried one from terrorism, built our lives as immigrants to citizens, taken oaths to protect and serve as police, politicians, judges, clergy and Americans to be sood down the river to assauge one man's ego.

                                          The death of our friends, family and neighbors in defense of our nation and each other gives us the right to challenge any and all who would deny us of our birthright. For Trump to utter the insult alone would result in his incarceration in many countries, if not worse, and there is no earthly reason that any true lover of our nation can or should defend the man who has shown every intention of turning the USA into an English speaking Russian colony.

                                          You @rearealdonaldtrump in fact, may not be a traitor - but you certainly seem to be playing one on TV.

                                          Perhaps it is just that you are as weak as you have always appeared - a poor excuse for a businessman, with a rich father who bailed you out until you lost more than he could afford. Now you are dependent on your children to cover your incompetence.

                                          And even they are not enough.

                                          You perform for Putin like a cheap pole dancer, hoping for nickles and dimes and a fast stroke to make you feel glamourous and vital. You may get a cheap trinket from your sugar daddy once in a while, but the fact remains that you are a momentary plaything, for your true slug-like appearance always turns up. It will always be thus.

                                          Your ego driven performances are despicable, your apathetic behavior towards those who seek the American promise of hope and life is simply cruel.

                                          To everyone incapable or unwilling to accept that you are growing exponentially worse as a leader nearly hourly, if you do not speak out against the enemy at home Trump Administration, you are no longer Trump supporters - you are collaborators.

                                          May the god of your choice have mercy on your soul.

                                          Geoffrey S Jade Barrett Chairman SANE60

                                          #TheResistance #resist #indivisible

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