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Secret GOP Meetings Create Final Solution For Medicare - Kill The Old #2


      With the 2018 Midterms looming large, those citizens troubled by the potential elimination of their healthcare and the lives of those suffering from ill health and threatening life conditions have the opportunity to defend their ground with their vote. If you need to be reminded where the GOP leadership stands, a review of this updated piece from June of 2017 should help - BTJ, 16 Oct 2018

      Ever since Mitch "Eichmann" McConnell required the GOP to channel their inner Khymer Rouge last month (May 2017 - BTJ), the Republican Senate's plans have been left up to the imagination.

      With an effort to reduce American Life expectancy by decades, Senator McConnell has taken Trump's copy of Mein Kampf, added a final solution or two and mixed in the support of the subhuman Deplorables. Extracting the DNA of a snapping turtle to genetically alter his appearance, Mitch may soon be donning a Nazi WWII helmet to complete the new look for the leading haters of Americans - the United States Senate's Republicans.

      Reducing the American population by 20 million or so will impact the healthcare system certainly, bankrupting patients and former caregivers alike. The economic travesty of eliminating Medicare, the Veterans Administration hospitals, Social Security and all other forms of federal subsidies to the Healthcare system - except for those owned by say, Tim Price, who has repeatedly proven in the past that he is a very good friend to the companies he holds shares of - is nearly beyond stupefying. Keep in mind that the Kentucky Senator has already been experimenting on his constituents in his home state for over a decade.

      One of the conclusions that can be drawn is that the systemic elimination of the old, the infirm and the injured is a necessity for GOP success. Though the Party of Ignorance fails to recognize that their razor thin majority is the most likely to succumb first.

      So perhaps that is a good thing.

      In conjunction with eliminating the immigration of tens of thousands of future Healthcare workers, the GOP should be able to passively execute millions of their followers over the next four years.

      No one ever accused the GOP Conservative element of being good long term planners. Proudly failing at predicting the future for decades, they continue to successfully disappoint the nation.

      Now for those of you interested in the 2018 elections, there are more than a few organizations who are also key players beyond the party affiliation. Perhaps familiesusa.org is worth a look, and this question in particular:

      "Part 1: Does your candidate support or
      oppose repeal of the Affordable Care Act?
      Last year, Congress came within just a couple of votes
      of repealing the federal health care law. The 2017
      repeal bill would not have preserved all of the federal
      protections for people with preexisting conditions
      and would have taken health care coverage away
      from millions of people with preexisting conditions.
      Candidates who support protections for people with
      preexisting conditions will oppose repeal of the
      Affordable Care Act.
      If your congressional representative is running for re-
      election this year, see how he or she voted on health
      care repeal in 2017: See how members of the House
      of Representatives voted. See how Senators voted.
      If your candidate was not in Congress last year, or is
      running for state office, ask the candidate directly,
      “Would you support or oppose repeal of the Affordable
      Care Act?”" - from the familiesusa.org website.

      The SANE60 recommends taking the time to evaluate your candidate's stand on Healthcare. Are they out to diminish or destroy your healthcare options? - BTJ


      GS Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

      #resist #indivisible

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      Pundit Post

      Sometimes An Unruly Gathering Is The Answer To A Nation's Troubles


          Frankly I do not care one whit what an individual's political party affiliation is. I do not even care if they are independent. What I do care about it is if they exercise their right to do something about how they feel.

          Now Trump has made every effort to galvanize the Left - which would be anyone who is not part of his personal inner circle - and for that we owe the man a debt of gratitude.

          The Left is not just the Democrat, but anyone who believes that we, as a nation, have a moral and ethical responsibility to support those in need. Trump himself has taken advantage of extreme weather damage to Mar-A-Lago, for as we have discovered before, everyone is a Socialist in a hurricane. I would like to point out that the resort received a fair amount of dollars (17 million, give or take, back in 2005) despite the lack of any evidence of destruction at the property. That would not be much of a surprise, given the sense of entitlement that Trump owns.

          "Two years after a series of storms, the real estate tycoon said he didn’t know how much had been spent on repairs but acknowledged he pocketed some of the money. Trump transferred funds into his personal accounts, saying that under the terms of his policy, “you didn’t have to reinvest it.” - AP, as reported in Fortune Magazine, October 24 2016.

          Reinvest it? Trump did not even have to prove the basis for acquiring "it".

          But I digress.

          Every petty outrage adds to our collective sense of rage with the current administration - from Trump's organized crime connections to the hiring of undocumented workers to the nonsensical and capricious application of tariffs upon our favored trading partners and allies. His relentless assault on the freedoms and legal protections of any one who is not wealthy enough to be classified as a "White"Billionaire is a daily occurrence, for it is the rare day that the "Man Who Would Be A Despot" does not take some action to inflict harm on his fellow - and lesser - man.

          His behavior is not limited to Democrats, but to all citizens whether they are his fans or foes. He simply acts to gain the adoration of his Deplorables and the fiscal seal of approval from his ownership. Trump truly looks upon his fellow countrymen and women with utter disdain.

          History is rife with examples of a population rising up to protest - and in some cases, remove - the authoritarian throne holder. There are a few parallels that might be drawn that would not surprise the true heroes of the USA as they continue to combat the tyranny of #45. As in King George III's description of "the Deluded Americans", which so aptly defines the few Trump supporters that remain loyal to the extremely flawed President. King George III declared it his duty to stand fast against the Americans in "the battle of the legislature" and "withstand every attempt to weaken or impair" his sovereign authority. After Yorktown, the English King realized the need to abdicate, making him the last European Ruler of America.

          At least George had the good sense to depart, his armies defeated by an unruly mob, mortally weary of the injustices taken against their home, livelihoods and religion.

          And that was a good and righteous thing.

          Keep in mind the MLK and Gandhi utilized a unified and nonviolent mob to change their respective nations.

          GS Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

          #TheResistance #indivisible #resist

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          Pundit Post

          Question: Can You Name The Ambassadors To Trukey And Saudi Arabia?


              Before I get started. Here is a little quiz. Name the US Ambassador to Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Ready go. I’m waiting, okay I will give you a few more seconds. Got it yet? No. You can’t think of their names? Well, friends, you’re not alone, because we don’t have ambassadors to either of those countries.

              Image if we had, perhaps Mr. Kashoggi would have gotten the intelligence intercept that it would be dangerous for him to go to the Saudi embassy. Now for those ardent Trump fans,

              we have on the forum I will concede we do not know that for sure. But, even they (The Trump fans) understand the importance of having ambassadors to countries of two of our allies, at least I hope so.

              This article by David D. Kirkpatrick, in a sense, helps point this out as Trump is stumbling and bumbling his way through this crisis. I am deliberate is phrasing it this way, because it is a crisis. One that didn’t have to happen. And Donald J. Trump owns this.

              Here is another question, how do you think the conversation between the Saudi King and Crown Prince will go? Perhaps something like this:

              “Well Mr. President, based on what you have been telling the press about our commitment to buy 110 billion dollars worth of weapons from you, along with calling your own press the enemy of the people, it seems like we paid your price to look the other way while we, tortured, and dismembered one of our enemies. Did we miss something? Are you saying you don’t want our money, should I put a stop payment on the check?

              I recommend you read Mr. Kirkpatrick article. The link is below.

              Trump Takes Center Stage In Dispute Over Jamal Khashoggi

              By: David D. Kirkpatrick

              ISTANBUL — Turkey and Saudi Arabia are increasingly focused on Washington as the decisive factor in their escalating standoff over the disappearance of a Saudi dissident, according to people representing both sides of the dispute.

              Jamal Khashoggi, a columnist for The Washington Post, entered the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul 10 days ago. But the two countries maintain starkly divergent accounts of what happened next.

              Turkish officials, who have presented security camera footage of Mr. Khashoggi walking into the consulate, accuse the Saudis of killing him inside and dismembering his body with a bone saw.

              Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and other Saudi officials have insisted repeatedly that Mr. Khashoggi left the consulate freely, without showing any video footage of him exiting the building to corroborate their version of events. Now Turkish officials say they are counting on Washington to force Saudi Arabia to provide a more detailed accounting of what actually happened to Mr. Khashoggi.


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                  Well, the Kanye West thing happened. Remember when he said, “George Bush hates black people.” Now he was at the White House, praising someone who actually does hate black people.

                  People seem to think West is some kind of musical genius, which is something I wouldn’t know because I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anything he has recorded. But there is one thing I

                  feel comfortable saying, when it comes to politics he should stick to music. For the moment I will agree he is good at what he does. Also, the fact he is a supporter of Trump is indeed his choice. After all, there is a contingent of African-Americans who are in the Trump camp. One cannot fault them as they are entitled to their political views. I suppose that is where West falls.

                  My issue with West and others of his ilk, they provide Trump with cover to say, “I’m not a racist, because, Kayne West supports me.” While I’m at it the same goes for Maurice Woodside who shows up Trump’s rallies with his Blacks For Trump for sign behind Trump in full view of the cameras giving a false impression, there is a large contingent of black Trump supporters. There has been some interesting reporting on Mr. Woodside which the following links point out. [https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2017/08/23/the-strange-story-of-that-blacks-for-trump-guy-standing-behind-potus-at-his-phoenix-rally/?utm_term=.27dfd41b5dde

                  http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2016/10/the-blacks-for-trump-guy-is-a-former-cult-member.html?gtm=top ]

                  However, Kayne West is indicative of a bigger problem. The laziness of the people when it comes to paying attention to issues that impact them. Instead of taking time to read, research and inquire, far too many people are willing to accept someone like Trump because their favorite talk show host, TV personality, movie star, or flavor of the moment pop/rap music star supports a particular candidate. Too many people want to be told who to vote for, instead of doing the necessary work of educating themselves on the issues and where candidates stand on them.

                  Kayne West may believe Trump is the greatest thing since sliced bread, those of us who are indeed paying attention, know Trump is nothing but a Con Artist. And he sure as hell doesn’t have the interest of the American people at heart.

                  I found West’s appearance in the Oval Office clownish, disrespectful of the office, and sycophantic on his part. I don’t care how many MAGA hats he wears or that he thinks it gives him superpowers. What I do care about is a nonsensical ten-minute rant, will be mistaken, as something all African-Americans agree with, and as I said earlier, provided cover for Trump to keep saying he’s not a racist because Kayne West thinks he’s great.

                  Kayne West is being used by Trump, he either doesn’t know it or doesn’t care. His oleaginous behavior is turning him into a Trump lickspittle.


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                  Georgia SoS Suppresses 53,000+ New Voter Registrations


                      The area involved is demographically 32% Black.

                      Of the 53,000+ new and pending voters attempting to register,

                      70+ % are black.

                      Yes, it is happening right this very minute. The Secretary of State is running for Governor...and Republican.
                      Yet, he is overseeing his own election. He did this.
                      Today, he got sued for doing this. Again. The last time, he lost.

                      Tick. Tock, Buckwheat.

                      What are YOU going to do about it?

                      Do you think it's limited to this part of Georgia? Think again.

                      Look at the students of Prarie View A&M in Houston, Texas. Today.

                      I told you to make certain you are both registered, and qualified to vote.

                      I hope you did.

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                      GOP Leadership Keeps Its Hold By Trading On The Fears Of The Rank And File


                          "Do as I say, not as I do" - the unsaid mantra of the TrumpGOP. morally bankrupt since 1968

                          It is not about money, it is about morality and money, and that is the message the Republican leadership has to trade on. The GOP has only two actual positions to campaign on, and every position that the candidates running for office under their wings can be reduced to 1) Anti-abortion and 2) anti-tax.

                          For decades the party has traded on the idea that we are soaking the citizens for social programs - many of which the GOP itself created and\or supported for generations. It was not until a few Libertarian minded Billionaires started tossing greenbacks to the starving office seekers that these lifelines to our fellow Americans were attacked. As the bankrupting budgets that the GOP promotes, selects and foists upon all Americans requires the "theft" of dollars from Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, the Snap program and the Veterans Administration, they have told their members who are most in need that it is the immigrant, the abortion seeker and the woman who are forcing the tightening of the belt.

                          They are lying. As a GOP member who has sat on strategy sessions, it became apparent that the last thing any Republican in power should do is ask their supporters what they need in their lives, and in fact, must strive to tell them not just how to vote, but how to live. Those of us who hate the idea of "Daddy" government have now witnessed the ascension of just that.

                          The party leadership herds its lower income sheep by trading on their fears - the lack of well paying jobs, the loss of their standing, the decay of their religion's influence on daily life, the changing of the social, political and physical landscapes that they grew up in.

                          The party leadership pays lip service to "Christian" values, but for the most part does not follow them themselves. They wring their hands over the poverty in the nation's poor, but do nothing to mitigate it, refuses to unburden those who strive to overcome their circumstances through education, insists on using the excuse of abortion as a reason for denying public health to at risk women, object to women in leadership roles unless they can pay for the pleasure of serving and otherwise caters to the terror du jour in order to act as if they "share our pain". While this is true for many people seeking public office in any era, this particular point in time has become a juxtaposition for trading on the souls of the citizenry, with a President who much like the young child who does not understand the meanness of their actions when they shake up a bottle of ants just to watch them fight - leading the charge to immediate, personal financial gain.

                          This is the point in time where we decide as a nation whether the party serves us or we serve the party. The leadership appears to believe that we are but mere worker bees, incapable of comprehending the changes in weather, our bank accounts, the horrors of war or the nature of our own crushing spiritual debt. When Churchill came to power, his King told him that the people needed to know how dire their circumstances were to become, and how threatened they already were. This collection of TrumpGOP Chieftains have succeeded only by the lie that there is something wrong with the freedom of the press, the freedom of speech and the most basic of human rights. They are concerned about losing the power they so inadequately wield save for nefarious conduct.

                          Thomas Mac Cormac asked a question of a person who supports the Administration if they believed that previous USA governments were incompetent or truly out to screw them. In the current political state, it is hard to say.

                          Geoffrey S Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

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                          Pundit Post

                          Are You Registered AND Qualified To Vote This November 6th?


                              You have until the close of business tomorrow, October 6th, 2018 to verify both registration and qualification to vote in the November mid-term elections in the United States.

                              If you do not confirm both by then, you will necessarily, and legally be ineligible to vote in November. Does it matter? Do you care?

                              What are YOU going to do about it?

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                              Yet Another Installment In The #Trumphatesveterans Series


                                  In what has become a never-ending saga of disrespect and neglect, Donald J Trump has yet again failed to fulfill the nation's responsibility to its servicemen and women. During the last year software issues have "prevented" the VA from funding student veterans attempting to take advantage of the GI Bill.

                                  Now diversion of money to house the undocumented children jailed by the Administration might not be connected, but certainly paying a few more IT people could not hurt. Except for that hiring slowdown. Regardless of the excuse du jour offered by an organization bereft of human decency, it is not hard to recognize the complete lack of compassion exhibited by the ruling party.

                                  The TrumpGOP is simply morally bankrupt.

                                  GS Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

                                  #resist #TheResistance


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                                  Pundit Post

                                  Please Proceed, Senator Graham!


                                      I would like to let it be known that, in both my personal and professional opinion Brett Kavanaugh is a belligerent, arrogant, self-aggrandizing liar and thief who is a dedicated enemy of truth, justice, the"American Way", and most especially democracy. He is a confirmed enemy of the people of these United States

                                      In both my personal and professional opinion, Brett Kavanaugh is a confirmed sexual predator.

                                      As of this moment, Brett Kavanaugh is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

                                      As citizen of these United States, I do hereby commit my future endeavors to do all I can to have him removed from all courts of the United States, be they federal, state or local.

                                      He is not alone.

                                      This is something the American citizen should not allow to be removed from their knowledge, and most especially their actions as citizens from this moment forward. If democracy is to be saved in America, it must be saved now. There is no tomorrow for democracy in America.

                                      Yes. It actually IS a bit of a strong statement of my opinion. It is my opinion. Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV).

                                      This is not an opinion based on political ideology or party affiliation. It IS an opinion which I do fully intend to prove to be an undeniable fact. I will do so believing, unless and until I have incontrovertible proof by action, that I am alone in both this opinion, and belief.

                                      I do not care in the least what you say. I care only in what you do, as citizen, for the sake of democracy in America in 2018, from this day forward. I stand as witness to the Holocaust. I am unwilling to sit idly by while another one is carried out on, in, and against the citizens of the United States of America in my lifetime. Doing nothing guarantees that outcome. In my lifetime. Mine is a lifetime projected to end within eight (8) months as of October 28th, 2006.

                                      Since that day, I have been given the gift of every day, and every moment since without having a clear sense of the purpose those days were given to me. I do now have a clear sense of my purpose for these days. Yes, it is personal, and I write these words with the absolute conviction that I stand alone in that purpose. Time will tell.

                                      My actions will be legal, moral and ethical. They will be the actions of citizen. Not of a Democrat, or a Republican, or Progressive, or any other political ideology other than that of citizen. They will be non-stop, and unrelenting.

                                      You are cordially invited to join me in this purpose: To awaken the sacred and inalienable duties, obligations, and responsibilities of citizen. To do less is to abrogate the right of citizen to enjoy the rights and privileges of citizen in this land. Period.

                                      From your house, your courthouse, your statehouse, your White House and beyond, the world is watching you, and me. I will not succeed alone, but I will fight alone if necessary. I swear I will.

                                      While you may well consider these words to be nothing more than an insane diatribe, you might well spend your moment to more positive result by considering whether or not I am correct in my personal and/or professional belief. Where does it come from? What is its purpose? What is the need for such action? What is the benefit of such action? What is the cost of such action? What is the vision of such a belief? The mission? The purpose? And, most importantly, consider this:

                                      What are YOU going to do about it?

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                                      Pilot In Russian Helicopter Crash Had Two Bullets In Him.



                                          Karapetyan, who was Putin's top prosecutor, had been looking into the poisonings of Sergei Skripal and his daughter. He also had led investigations into the deaths of Putin's opponent Boris Berezovsky and dissident Alexander Litvinenko.

                                          Karapetyan was believed to have been doing so, in order to show Putin's guilt in those deaths. He was also suspected of leaking information to the UK, US, and Switzerland.

                                          I don't know if any of this is true, but it is an intriguing story. I hope you all will read this and look at the "crash" photos.


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