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As DespoticDonnie Loses His Grip, #TheResistance Challenges The GOP Senate

      If we are not vigilant, the RightWing Press would have us hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing. (A paraphrasing of Malcolm X).

      Let us be clear:

      Every single person alive today residing within our borders has been intentionally placed in a precarious position by those elected to represent us. The federal workers forced to return to their labors, promised to be made whole by a man who has spent his entire life paying pennies on the dollar to erase his debts, are being subjected to nothing less than indentured servitude.

      Every Republican member of the US Senate is complicit in this act of capricious callousness, in the vain hope that all will be forgotten in the due course of time.

      Keep in mind, Senators in the majority, every single person who comes to harm, succumbs to their illness, loses their home, fails to be able to provide food for their families or educate themselves or their children is as blood on your hands.

      The sin of arrogance from your leaders McConnell and Trump is rending asunder the fabric of the nation as you stand by, intimidated by the fear of losing an election while your constituents suffer.

      You are complicit in threatening the nation.

      #TheResistanceGOP is growing and we will not forget your antipathy towards the nation you are sworn to serve.

      Chairman Geoffrey S. Jade Barrett #SANE60 #Indivisible
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      Hand Writing With A Fountain Pen?


          At my request, for Christmastide I received what I do consider to be a singularly significant gift: a fountain pen. The story behind my request is a bit long, so I will save it for a future post. Anyway, I am a writer. I have been for nearly sixty years now. I received, as the only gift Santa left for me under the tree just prior to my eighth birthday, a Journal. I have been writing ever since.

          From the beginning of the 70's however, I found myself having to spend most of my writing efforts at a keyboard. I laid down my fountain pen and forgot about it. Of late, however a thought has made itself a permanent resident of my brain. The thought has been so prevalent that I have decided to again take up the fountain pen. It is a reality I have found to be a positive one, even as I first must again remember how to write in cursive script. Talk about a chore! In fact, mine is a journey you can follow and share with a rather surprisingly large community here.

          The thought?

          "What happens to our ability to communicate one with another if, for some presently unknown reason, we lose the electricity grid?"

          Should the Internet go down where I live, how will the discourse continue? How will facts be known? This is the final reality of a loss of the electricity grid for mankind. Who will understand what they see on parchment, or papyrus? A few decades ago, it was determined by surely well-meaning folk that cursive writing was antiquated and no longer of any value in the educational systems of our land. This was absolutely NOT a determination in most other countries, to be sure.

          Recently, however the art of cursive writing has been (and is now being) re-introduced to the American education system. For instance, consider the Honor Code statements which must be made, and confirmed by signature, to be written in cursive writing by students in both Secondary and Higher education. It is as personal and identifiable as a finger print--which was one of the more important realities that led to it's attempted demise decades ago.

          But the capabilities of cursive writing to provide communicative reality cannot be denied. Students have been working on making their cursive writing not only legible, but elegant for a very long time, indeed.

          Okay. I'll admit, the possibilities for conspiracy theories could have a field day with this ever-present thought in my brain. However, there are thoughts running around in my brain that many folk would find discomforting out of hand. They would not choose to even look at or consider such outlandish possibilities as being simply too wild to imagine.

          I have never been known for my willingness to be, in any way a conformist. It's much too late for this tiger to change those particular stripes. Friends, family members, and colleagues across the ages of my life have looked ascance at my thought processes, yet have often at least entertained my sometimes elusive considerations. There have even been a few such wild imaginings that have brought about realistic changes in their thinking, and their actions.

          For, you see it is not my intent to have your agreement and/or consent. What you think about what I think is absolutely none of my concern. It is none of my business, in fact. But, I do occasionally entertain such hallucinatory imaginings and bring them to light for but one important reason. I do not wish to change what or how you think.

          I want to change what you do. Your thoughts are yours alone, unless or until you share them with others. At that point, you are on your own to apologize for, or defend them. Or change them. But what you do with those thoughts is the stuff of which change is made, from the Courthouse to the White House, and beyond.

          Should we lose the electricity grid in America, there must be those capable and willing to continue the documentation of world history, as there has been for many thousands of years. The American story must continue to be told, no matter how desperate or uncomfortable it may be. Without a present, there can be no future.

          So, I have designed for myself a solution to the unquenchable question that takes up some terrifically significant space in my brain.

          I am, as I type these words, heavily involved in following the debates in the UK House of Commons regarding Brexit. Is it even possible that the UK could threaten the loss of its Union with both Northern Ireland and Scotland by leaving the EU, and most especially in the light of that absolute chaos surrounding all that entails? Is this nothing more than a visible clarification of the absolute chaos within the Conservative party which could bring the UK down for generations? Is there any evidence that the discourse of division currently being experienced in front of the British people has anything at all to do with the future welfare of the constituents of the members of the UK Parliament?

          What if it isn't? What if that is a purposeful reality by those who would prefer the UK do, in fact, resolve its union? Now that would be one of those "interesting thoughts" that take up space in my brain? It is a less than mainstream path to take, in light of the debate I am observing. Yet, like the electricity grid conundrum it is there. Looking at what seems to be from the viewpoint of what could possibly be is my way; it is why I write.

          Who would have such nefarious intentions for such chaos, loss of Union, loss of Commonwealth, loss of identity? Why?

          Why is it that there seems to be no reasonable, honorable way out of this particular morass for the people of the United Kingdom with no possibility of a positive outcome for Great Britain, their target-ridden Prime Minister, and a government seemingly at an intractable impasse to do anything at all in the interests of the people they represent--some eighty million souls? I believe the Prime Minister's "deal" is absolutely dead. Some say that would leave only a "no deal" Brexit or no Brexit at all. I do believe there are several other possibilities, but none under the present government. She took the shot. She missed. Next.

          Who would possibly feel encouraged by such a reality? Why? It is truly a bizarre thought...for me. It may well not be such an impossible plan for others.

          Here's another wild imagining for your careful consideration.

          Is it possible that someone would design to become the sitting President of the United States of America in order to provide access, and comfort to an admitted hostile foreign nation-state in order to not merely destablize, but eliminate the democracy this nation has enjoyed for such a time as we have existed as a nation state? Could it even be possible to so create that puppet that the entire world could, in as little as two years become as simple as a bowl of spaghetti to the benefit of said hostile nation state? To not merely disrupt democracy itself, but remove it from the playing field?

          I can assure you I have never in my life EVER examined such a wild imagining.

          Today, I must.

          And, I would submit, so must you. And herein lies the exception which does prove the rule. I really do care what you think, how you think, and how you dare to remove your illusions of what should be, and imagine what could possibly be a reality hiding in plain sight before you. I care very much about what and how you think. And, have absolutely no doubt. I absolutely do care about what you choose to do about it.

          I've never been in this particular place before. I would imagine that you haven't either. Yet, here we are. All I can do is to urge you to look, and think, and demand the proof to either confirm or deny such an absolutely impossible possibility. It is absolutely the case that democracy depends upon it.

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          The Pilots Take To The Pen Instead Of The Skies To Slam The Trump Shutdown


              "While air traffic control will continue to operate during the shutdown, the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where controllers go for training, is closed. The National Air Traffic Controllers Association, the union that represents controllers, said its members are already facing a staffing shortage and the shutdown will only make the situation worse." 3 Jan 2019 Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

              So the Air Traffic Control School in Oklahoma has been shuttered. It also means that along with TSA and many other people who work for the taxpayers - and not for the apparently non-taxpaying Donald Trump - the ATC personnel that keep American skies safe are currently performing their tasks with no guarantees of compensation for the same. Donald Trump wants to call his Christmas Shutdown a "strike". With any luck at all, he will find himself on the receiving end of one, as well as the coordinated outcry of millions of people, starting with the 61000 members mentioned in the letter from Captain Joe Depete reprinted below from the organization he leads.

              January 2, 2019
              President Donald J. Trump
              The White House
              1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
              Washington, D.C. 20500
              Dear President Trump:
              On behalf of the 61,000 pilots of the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA), I
              am writing to urge you to take the necessary steps to immediately end the shutdown of government agencies that is adversely affecting the safety, security and efficiency of our national airspace system.
              The nation’s airspace system is a complex transportation network that involves
              government and industry partnerships to function properly, and the disruptions being
              caused by the shutdown are threatening the safe operations of this network. The
              government agency partners in the Department of Transportation (DOT) and
              Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have dual roles. They are both regulators and
              service providers. When any of their responsibilities are placed on pause due to a
              shutdown there are safety, security and efficiency gaps that immediately emerge.
              For example, at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) there are fewer safety
              inspectors than are needed in order to ensure the air traffic control infrastructure is
              performing at its peak levels of performance. There are also airline and aircraft
              manufacturing oversight activities that either stop or are significantly reduced. These
              safety and oversight inspections will potentially allow for the introduction of safety
              issues that put passengers and airline crews at risk. Although the 2018 holiday season is now behind us, the number of recreational drones, or unmanned aircraft systems
              (UAS), has likely grown significantly in the past several weeks. The shutdown is a
              significant stumbling block in the FAA’s efforts to ensure the safety of the airspace from those drone operators who may be operating in an unsafe manner.
              In addition to the safety oversight role, the FAA air traffic control organization is in the
              midst of implementing a new communications capability, called Data Communications
              (Data Comm). The Data Comm program has not yet reached its full implementation
              capability, and due to the shutdown there will be significant delays to the program. If
              the shutdown continues, air traffic controllers and pilots previously trained on the
              system will lose their proficiency due to a lack of use, and re-training will likely be
              required. The need to re-train will add costs and will no doubt delay the progress of
              this important airspace system upgrade.
              Finally, at both the FAA and at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the
              air traffic controllers, airspace system maintenance personnel, and the airline passenger
              security workforce are being asked to work unpaid. They are dutifully providing safety
              of life services while facing increasingly difficult financial pressures to provide for those
              dependent on their paycheck. The pressure these civil servants are facing at home
              should not be ignored. At some point, these dedicated federal employees will
              encounter personal financial damages that will take a long time from which to recover,
              if at all.
              Based on the impacts to the aviation industry including the ALPA membership, we
              urge you to take the necessary steps to immediately end the shutdown of government
              agencies that is affecting the safety, security and efficiency of our national airspace
              Captain Joe DePete
              Air Line Pilots Association, International

              cc: The Honorable Nancy Pelosi
              The Honorable Mitch McConnell
              The Honorable Charles E. Schumer
              The Honorable Kevin McCarthy

              We appreciate the letter, Captain.

              Geoffrey S Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

              Organizer of #TheResistanceGOP

              #TheResistance #Indivisible #Resist

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              A Sudden Rise Of Suspicion Regarding The Evil Trump Owner, Robert Mercer


                  czook and I embarked on the trail of Robert Mercer and his special brand of evil several years ago. As the Mueller investigations warmed up, Mercer and his family distanced themselves from the White House Offal Office that they helped procure by "purchasing" the Trump Campaign during a Long Island party in the summer of 2016. As Flynn was unceremoniously shown the door, Bannon blowing his shot at being Shadow President, and Milo suddenly looking like the moral cretin he is, the Mercers disavowed themselves of the White Nationalist cause they so callously used to destroy American democracy.


                  Add a little oligarch money, a Mercer owned Cambridge Analytica expose - first revealed here, we can proudly state, despite other claims ( Mike Horton can verify how early I spoke to him of the threat on a phonecall in the Spring of 2016) - and his yacht Sea Owl set out to sea immediately after Mercer quit his day job at Renaissance Technologies.

                  Now despite owing the IRS a tax bill larger than what his peon Donald Trump wants for his wall, and ongoing lawsuits in several nations, our villain has found time to invest heavily in private prisons.

                  The very same private prisons that are raking in the American taxpayer dollars by operating immigrant detention centers.

                  It would not be too farfetched to think that the entire December market collapse might have benefited the nuclear device promoting Mercer and his clan of harpies and demons, for what if they shorted the market in advance, knowing what Trump and the rest of their like-minded swampdwellers had in mind regarding the tariff war with China; the removal of American ground forces from Syria and Afghanistan; and the total disrespect of our European Union trading partners.

                  The SEC should ask Mercer some embarrassing questions. That may have to wait, for it seems likely that Trump will not be allowed to restart the government until Robert says so.

                  Or Putin does.

                  Geoffrey S Jade Barrett, Chairman of the SANE60 and organizer of the #TheResistanceGOP

                  #indivisible #resist

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                  The Time To Challenge The TrumpGOP Senate's Patriotism Is Now


                      #TrumpResign is the only solution that the GOP members of #TheResistance can see. Right now #TrumphatesFederalWorkers is taking precedence, as #DonnieDimwit intends to keep 800,000 of them unpayed for months or years. Our GOP Senators take note: the Democrats will win the Senate. And they should. If the Senate will not work for the people, then they are actively working against them. Time to prove you are worthy of a Senatorial seat and end the Trump Kleptocracy.

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                      Why Is It Some Prolific, Argumentative Posters Hide Their Bios? (Reprint)


                          It never ceases to amaze me how many Ridiculous Right find the need to hide behind a moniker. A few of them have challenged mine, and then are stunned to find out that my name is indeed Jade and my company includes the words "Bridge" and "Tour".

                          I started out on Yabberz as a participant, and a very active one, and accepted the role of Pundit the second time Melissa and Mike asked. I immediately discovered that we Pundits attract a particular variety of Troll, trying to prove their worth by espousing particularly ludicrous talking points aimed to enflame. They are also remarkable cowards. Before I was a Pundit, I asked the question that is the headline of this article. I have chosen to reprint the below in order to remind myself that the people who troll us are in fact people who are at best misguided and at worst active enemies of the Union. BTJ 24 Dec 2018

                          The incomplete profiles of some of the more vicious posters makes me curious. Why are they hiding? Is it because that they are afraid that they might be held accountable for their words? Or are they concerned that some unknown governmental agency will take note of what they are expressing? Perhaps they have been banned and are sneaking back in.

                          They speak strongly and recklessly, but their bravado is false, for their failure to reveal the simplest detail about themselves speaks to their true cowardice.

                          In an open forum, to know something of a fellow member's history or current life provides for the opportunity to find common ground. This foundation allows for the better chance to understand the basis for their belief set and to encourage positive and mutually beneficial dialog.

                          For the unknown, there is little threat past exclusion, and while they might claim that they may speak freer if they are veiled, such discourse is often boorish and mean spirited.

                          If you wish to denigrate, fine. Just do not be a coward and reveal yourself.

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                          Time Outs Recommended For Surly Adolescent Posters Of Any Age. Reprint


                              Since I have witnessed a few juvenile trolls malingering about, I thought I would offer this piece that twilson117 said was one of his favorites. I hope you take a look again. Thanks BTJ 20 Dec 2018

                              I have come to the conclusion that there are times when some of the childish among us just need a time out. I have yet to block anyone, but perhaps I am spoiling the little kiddies by sparing the rod. Infantile remarks, grade school insults, and nonsensical assertions are popping up in adult discussions from these adolescents, most of whom hide behind an avatar so their parents will not be so quick to identify their errant offspring. Either that or they are just too ashamed of their inability to add any point of merit. No matter, I have willingly acted as in loco parenti, giving my all to help those who cannot get past their 2nd grade religious training, have never learned proper etiquette, or how to act respectfully in groups. Now I have a friend who is willing to help the little ones who keep getting in over their head.

                              Now I will let them back into the adult company they inject themselves into from time to time if they can show some proper manners.

                              There are a few that just will never be permanent residents of the grown-up world, but I am willing to allow for the outside chance of the miracle of maturity to occur.

                              I will even hold my breath for a minute or two. The moment one of our adolescents starts to act up, however, it is back into the "blocked" box again. It behooves our community for the adults to police the little ones.

                              Some of the actions that are not acceptable to me in mixed company on my articles or in my earshot on other thread include:

                              Hate speech or memes towards any individual member;

                              Any intentional efforts to foment violence;


                              Threatening a member; or

                              Efforts to make a member feel bad or stupid by insulting them in a mean-spirited manner.

                              Sometimes we just have to send the ill-behaved to the penalty box.

                              GS Jade Barrett, Chairman SANE60

                              #TheResistance #indivisible #Resist

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