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America is under attack, an attack we are going to lose if we don’t wake up. But we are unable to defend ourselves because our stupidity and vileness distract us from the fact that we are under attack.

I will start with the woo that is most egregious and insidious of those that prevent our defense. It is called Heritage and is mainly a Southern thing and refers to the Antebellum South. It is used as an excuse to keep monuments to long dead traitors catching pigeon crap maintain the stars and bars over Southern State houses and on state flags, and in people’s vehicles and even more than I will go into now. But, what is the Heritage they speak of? The cruelty and evils of slavery, holding people in bondage, rape, murder, the treachery of treason and criminal acts under the guise of protecting their Heritage (the Klan). Southerners so feared losing their slaves which was the only economic advantage they had.

South Carolina, in its fear, seceded from the Union on 20 December 1860. Lincoln did not become President until 4 March 1861. They really didn’t know what he would do but that is what fear is all about. The rest of the Southern slave owning states followed suit in short order. In the ensuing war over six hundred thousand Americans died. Many more were crippled over an economic fallacy that the South would die without slaves. The act of secession and the taking up arms against the United States was an act of treason that no Southerner should be proud of and yet…

Make no mistake about it: the South could have never won the war alone. The industrial base was in the North. So you murder 600,000+ people. After you do everything you can to keep Black's in bondage including terrorism. Most people don’t know who Jack Johnson was. He was the first Black heavy weight champ. Jack Johnson knocked out Jim Jeffries, and black people were murdered for it. Ugly riots and/or murders of black people happened in some cities.


These are things forgotten because they show the ugliness of many White People.

(to be continued)

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Michael And Stormy Fighting Against All Odds


      This is surreal —A government that consists of terrorists, with a president as the big boss.

      An ambulance chaser/ pornstar team are the Dynamic Duo trying to bring this evil regime down and seeking to restore justice in a corrupt nation, one immigrant family at a time.

      Is this a movie plot or what?


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      The Immigration Laws Trump Is Violating



          In 1951 after dealing with the horrors of WWII in Europe and the thousands of displaced persons, the free world in cooperation with the United Nations sought to protect refugees through a multi-lateral international treaty. It was called The Refugee Convention and spelled out the protections of all refugees and asylum seekers regardless of place of origin or their story.

          The United States was not a signatory of the 1951 agreement. The document continued to evolve, giving a more comprehensive understanding of what a refugee is and expanding those protections first offered only to Europeans to all citizens of the world. The completed document was called the 1967 Protocol. In 1968 the expanded Refugee Convention was ratified and signed by the United States along with 144 other nations. The Convention is not a self executing treaty which means each signatory was required to pass appropriate laws for compliance. The United States codified the 1967 Protocol Articles 1-34 into our domestic laws by updating existing statutes or passing new ones.

          For 50 years the Protocol has governed the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers by every President until Donald Trump.

          Article 1 defines refugee in a basic way
          A person who owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality and is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country; or who, not having a nationality and being outside the country of his former habitual residence as a result of such events, is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to return to it.

          Article 31 is quite long and I encourage you to read it. While it says refugee the rules also cover asylum seekers and covers who qualifies and their basic treatment. The only real dis-qualifier is being guilty of a serious crime or being engaged in nefarious acts.

          Article 33 covers asylum seekers and again is quite detailed not only concerning the rights of the refugee/asylum seekers and how they are to be handled.

          The main dos and don’ts outlining the responsibility fo the signatories regarding asylum seekers referred to as Aliens.
          • Aliens only have to be on US soil, they are not required to come thru a port of entry.
          • Aliens cannot be charged with the crime of illegal entry.
          • Aliens have one year to apply for asylum
          • Aliens must provide proof of substantial danger requiring asylum
          • Family units must be kept together and adjudicated as a single application
          • Aliens must be granted access to legal counsel and the courts
          • Aliens may be finger printed and photographed for identification
          • Aliens have the right to appeal court decisions within 30 days
          • If asylum denied the alien can not be returned to country they fled a neutral safe third country must be found.
          • The asylum process should take no more than 180 days after alien is positively identified and the filing for asylum
          • There can be no bias in determining asylum Any laws passed regarding refugees and asylum seekers must be in compliance with this agreement.
          • Aliens religious beliefs must be honored items like rosaries can not be confiscated.

          Violations constitute human rights violations at a minimum. Separating parents and children is considered terrorism, add to it kidnapping, discrimination based on ethnicity and illegal imprisonment constitute a crime against humanity.

          We don’t need a new law to fix this particular problem we need to enforce this long standing treaty. We need to share this information with everyone we know, write LTE, contact our Congress people. While everyone is busy wringing their hands and running around in circles not a single person has mentioned even in passing everything Trump is doing and has done is against long standing international law. Not a single person has mentioned the Protocol or the Refugee Convention. We are a nation of laws which does it no good if we are ignorant of those laws and our leaders ignore them.

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              I keep being sure that I don't need to read any more or say any more about the separated families at the border.

              And I keep being wrong. Below is is why English majors like me keep our passion, compassion, and righteous indignation strong; and, incidentally, why many of us are atheists rather than Christians:


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              Third Circuit Upholds Transgender Right To Bathroom Of Identity


                  This just in -- kids in public schools have a legal right to use the bathrooms of the gender they identify with in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

                  It only impacts a small number of kids, but it represents significant progress towards acceptance of transgender identity.


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                  A Democrat Compromise Immigration Bill


                      I'm seeing compromise bills proposed from both the House and from Cruz. THe House bill would compromise by ending all child separations, and by restoring and increasing DACA - but would require giving in on funding for the Wall.

                      Cruz- who makes my skin crawl generally - this time has a reasonable compromise that doesn't require giving in on anything. His bill would create detentions centers for the entire family so there would be no separations, triple the size of the border judiciary and require hearings within 14 days. This doesn't help us with DACA but also doesn't hurt us with the Wall. (The 14 day rule eliminates the triggering of Flores, which is the legal requirement to release the kids after 20 days and results in the separations.) The drawback is that some asylum seekers with legitimate cases may need more time - though I understand there are provisions in the bill to get extensions.

                      Neither of these two approaches is perfect, but they so seem to be reasonable AND PASSABLE ways to eliminate the child suffering we are seeing now.

                      Why not a compromise bill from our side??? Here's my idea:

                      A bill that would require us to go back to "catch and release" but with the following modifications:

                      funding for --

                      (1) ankle bracelets and monitoring devices for every single person caught coming in illegally;

                      (2) manpower to pick up each detainee and his family on the day of their trial; and

                      (3) vastly increase the judiciary for deportation/asylum hearings and greatly decrease the time period in which such hearings would occur.

                      My guess is that the money we save by not detaining people is more than what this proposal would cost, but I'm not doing it to save money.

                      Instead, I'm doing it because it would address the Republican concerns for both people not showing up and disappearing, as well as for sending a strong deterrent message to potential illegal immigrants.

                      Do you think the Party leadership could/would support something like this?

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                      Opinion | ‘If It Could Happen To Them, Why Can’t It Happen To Us?’


                          For those of you among my friends who lean right, maybe this will help you understand why raising hell about the border separation outrage is not just a cynical political ploy, but based on real angst:


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