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Saints Lose In Overtime.


      The Saints had their eyes set on making the Super Bowl, jumping out to an impressive lead on the Rams. Only to see the Rams claw their way back into the game and tie up the score 20 - 20 with less than 2 minutes to play in regulation with the Saints in field goal range. On third down the Saints attempted a pass, the receiver was knocked down by the defender and no penalty flag was thrown. The TV commentators, the coach, and everybody watching couldn't believe there was no penalty called on the play. Had there been a penalty it would have been first down and the Saints could have run down the clock and attempted a game winning field goal from inside of twenty yards. But no, without the call, it became 4th down and the Saints had to kick the go ahead field goal with a minute and a half remaining on the clock giving the Rams time to win the game with a Touchdown or retie the score with a field goal. Wouldn't you know it. The Rams tied the game and won in overtime. Being an Atlanta Falcons fan, the number one rival of the Saints, I didn't want them to win and then play for league championship in our building. But I didn't want them to lose this way. That was bad officiating.

      The Rams didn't win, the refs gave them a shot and they won by default.

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      Trump Mocked By Burger King, Strahan Invites Clemson For Lobster


          Donald Trump Mocked By Burger King

          Michael Strahan Invites Clemson For Lobster

          A mountain of "hamberders" with nothing in sight to drink?

          George Conway, the husband of White House media adviser Kellyanne Conway, tweeted Wednesday that Donald Trump has become a “laughingstock” who no one can take seriously after the president was mocked even by Burger King for his Clemson fast food debacle, even mis-spelling "hamburgers".

          Think of how much of a laughingstock a president has to become
          to have *Burger King* make fun of him. Sad.
          due to a large order placed yesterday, we're all out of
          hamburders. just serving hamburgers today.

          See point 1–a historian’s apt observation. A president can’t function
          if he isn’t taken seriously. And this one isn’t, and shouldn’t be.

          One bewildered Clemson player, upon seeing the president proudly display "your favorite" foods, was caught on a hot mic saying, "I thought this was a joke".


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          Pundit Post

          A Tip Of The Cap To Clemson, And A Hometown Sports Legend In The Making.


              [Sport Spotlight]

              Growing up I had the pleasure of being peers with some of the greatest high school athletes of a generation. Robert Lavette who went on to be the all time leading rusher (football) for Georgia Tech --record still standing. The Henderson brothers: one (Skip) who went on to be the all time leading scorer (Basketball) for Marshall University --record still standing-- and the other (Keith) a ground gainer (football) for UGA who went on to win a Superbowl with the San Francisco 49'ers. And of course there was my classmate Eddie Lee Wilkens who set records at Garner Webb College and played professionally for the 76'ers and the Knicks. These are just a few of the kids I went to school with, or who attended the other local school, our rival. And I didn't even mention the female athletic standouts, like big Lisa O'Connor who dominated women's basketball at UGA, nor did I mention track and field stars like Dexter, my neighbor, who at 17 was mentioned in Sports Illustrated as one of the best HS decathletes in the nation his Olympic pursuits ended when he suffered a leg injury while attending Southern Illinois University.

              It's been a long time since those names drew praise and won many trophies and scholarships. Since then many other athletes, young men and women, have worn either the purple and gold (Hurricanse) or the Blue and Gold (Colonels --my Alma Mata). Some have won at state others of them have gone on to national recognition and pro careers, like Andre Fluellen (Detroit Lions) and Ronnie Brown (Miami Dolphins, he the Wild Cat originator). But, an even bigger talent has come along and may make the accomplishment of my generational peers seem small, he may be the greatest hometown athlete ever. Some say he may become the best ever at his position. Trevor Lawrence, former Hurricane, now Clemson Tiger freshman starting QB, MVP and National Champion. The local folks, this day, are basking in your glow young man. As I said two years ago to members of an online sports group I'm a member of, this young kid just maybe the next Joe Montana ...he is that good. And like all of the local athletes that came before him he has one thing in common with them, the first thing his college coach said about him when he got to campus is "he is very mature for his age". The same was said of all the other kids from our community too, "very mature for their age", when it was their time. There is something in the water here, it hydrates talent.

              Congrats Trevor. The older generation is keeping an eye on you!

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              Nike Jailhouse Garb? Just Do It!

              [Sporting Criminals?]

              According to the County Sheriff in Union County Arkansas he started dressing detainees in Nike apparel for mugshots before it was known that Nike was releasing a commercial featuring Colin Kaepernick as part of it's national fall campaign. He said he did so because some of the clothing the arrested wore was not suitable for a mugshot and the Nike shirts were readily available.

              What am I talking about? Look at the picture below. Upon first look one would surely be forgiven for thinking this must be a protest aimed at Nike and it's support of athletes who support BLM. I know I did.

              DC ~ [Facebook Quote] "Nike Jailhouse Garb? I wonder what happens when a lawyer representing one of the arrested says to the jailer/sheriff 'my client refuses to wear brand apparel without compensation'"?

              Full story here----> Nike Mugshots

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              Film Room: The Story Behind North Texas’s Trick Play


                  Something to brighten your day! Regardless if you love football or not you will love this. Video is not long either.

                  You will probably watch this a few times. Go ahead I don't blame you. It's a trick play just keep your eyes on the one with the ball.

                  Read about this play below and yes they have video too.

                  Sports Illustrated


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                  Kickoff Week! Time 4 Some Sports Apparel Advertisements! Time For Colin?


                      [Sports News]

                      The just released Nike sports apparel ad campaign, (a Just Do It tribute) which includes Colin Kaepernick, is just in time for the Football season! And boy does it have some people steamed. Mostly the fake patriots who love to claim the flag as an idol.

                      With the pump being primed and the protesters of the protester, whom themselves should probably be protested, up in arms, I think it fitting for folks to be reminded just how we got here.

                      Colin Kaepernick made a person decision, in a show of support for the BLM movement he decided to no longer participate in the ritualistic pregame national anthem ceremony. So while others stood with hands over their hearts and filled with song, he sat idly by the hydration station (Sports Drink cooler) in silence. A military Veteran took noticed of this and he didn't like it, and he let it be known. Colin and he had a talk, one thing lead to another. Ending with him telling Colin that if he wanted to protest in silence it would be better for him to at least kneel, out of respect to falling service men, during the singing of the anthem. So he did ...and word started to spread, and other players followed his lead, and all hell broke loose. The act of kneeling brought a lot more attention. Turns out the Veteran was wrong, people were more offended by the kneeling than his previous non-participation. If only he would have remained sitting by the hydration station, would we be here?

                      If you didn't know. Now you know. This is how the kneeling got started.

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                      Hawaii Wins Little League World Series.


                          [International Sports]

                          After outing the team from Peachtree City, Georgia, to win the national crown. The kids representing Honolulu, Hawaii, took on South Korea for the rights to be called Little League World Champions, they succeeded.

                          Story here.

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