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      It's a bizarre world we live in, denial of making an apology. Maybe some people missed it.


      The US has issued an official apology to Britain after the White House repeated a claim that former President Barack Obama used the UK intelligence agency GCHQ to “wiretap” Donald Trump.

      According to the Telegraph, White House press secretary Sean Spicer has personally apologized after repeating the claim in an official briefing, triggering a major diplomatic incident.


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      Obamacare's "Death" And How The GOP Planned It: MUST READ


          We know the meme....

          • Premiums skyrocketing
          • Deductibles Mt. Everest high
          • Long, long, long, long lines
          • Key procedures unavailable
          • Marketplace collapsing
          • Insurance Companies fleeing
          • Going Bankrupt

          We know the image:

          So how true, how real, how factual is this?

          VERY TRUE!

          AND A TOTAL LIE...READ ON....

          Donald Trump has suggested that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was a clever ruse by our first Black president and his Democratic friends to have a successful health-care system in place for his own presidency, but one that was set up to fail in the first year of the next president's term. Thus, he has suggest that the GOP just step back and let it die. (Of course he also said that on Day One ACA would be gone!).

          Trump said (on 3/10/2017) that this year "would be a disaster for Obamacare. That's the year it was meant to explode, because Obama won't be here. That's when it was supposed to be, get even worse. As bad as it is now, it'll get even worse."

          While most people are rolling their eyes - why would Obama do that, particularly when everybody expected the next president to be Hillary? - there's actually a substantial grain of truth to Trump's assertion. He has identified, however, the wrong culprit as the person who poison-pilled Obamacare for 2017.

          That distinction would go to Marco Rubio (and his Republican helpers in the Senate). Let's step back to 2015 for the entire story, which is bizarre and fascinating.

          When the ACA was rolled out, telling insurance companies that they had to insure anybody who signed up, regardless of previous conditions or sickness, everybody realized that the insurance companies would probably lose money in the first decade or so, until previously-uninsured-but-sick people got into the system, got better, and things evened out.

          To get the insurance companies to go along with this danger of losing money, the ACA promised to make them whole for any losses in any of the first decade's years. At the end of each fiscal year, the insurance companies merely had to document their losses, and the government would reimburse them out of ACA funds provided for by the law.

          The possibility of their losing money was referred to as the "risk corridor," and the ACA explicitly filled those risk corridors with a guarantee of making the insurance companies, at the very least, whole.

          And then something happened. As The New York Times noted on December 9, 2015, "A little-noticed health care provision slipped into a giant spending law last year has tangled up the Obama administration, sent tremors through health insurance markets and rattled confidence in the durability of President Obama’s signature health law."

          Rubio and a number of other Republicans had succeeded in gutting the risk corridors by adding several layers of "accountability" that made it much harder for the companies to make a claim. The result was that, just in 2015, end-of-fiscal-year risk corridor payments to insurance companies that were supposed to total around $2.9 billion were only reimbursed, according to Rubio himself quoted in the Times, to the tune of around $400 million. Rubio bragged that he'd "saved taxpayers $2.5 billion."

          And, indeed, he had. But the insurance companies were thrown into a crisis. And, with Republicans in Congress absolutely refusing to re-fund the risk corridors, that crisis would get worse as time went on, at least over a period of a few years.

          In addition, the plan, built into the ACA bill, to reevaluate the "tax" on those who did not have insurance. It was clear that the penalty for not being insured was not high enough to push many, especially, the young, to get insurance (and, after all, emergency rooms still HAD to take them with or without insurance, AND there were several loopholes in the law that allowed them to sign up eve after a condition had developed). The "fix" proposed was to raise the fee to the level of a "bronze" level plan which studies showed would push many more to get insured since the cost of not doing so was exactly that of doing it. No plus side for the uninsured.

          That fix was never even allowed into a GOP controlled House committee hearing.

          So the insurance companies did the only things they could. In (mostly red) states with low incomes and thus poorer health, they simply pulled out of the marketplace altogether. This has left some states with only one single insurer left. In others, they jacked up their prices to make up their losses.

          As Robert Pear in the Times noted, Rubio's "plan limiting how much the government can spend to protect insurance companies against financial losses has shown the effectiveness of quiet legislative sabotage." Toss in the Boehner/Ryan commitment to never permit any fix measures to even be discussed and the seeds of destruction are planted.

          To add to the political psychodrama, the first hack by Rubio was maintained by Republicans into the 2016 budget, meaning that things got even worse in October, 2016 – the first month of the federal fiscal year when these cuts hit the worse, and, no coincidence, the month before the presidential election.

          Rubio's October Surprise was extraordinarily effective. October 2016 saw an explosion of stories in the news about how health insurance companies were either pulling out of ACA exchanges, or jacking their prices up wildly.

          Time magazine wrote "8 States Where Obamacare Rates Are Rising by at Least 30%" without mentioning Rubio's role in why. Ditto for NPR's "22 Percent Hike in Obamacare Rates…" and CNN's "Obamacare Premiums Soar By 22%." If you date-limit just to October of 2016 - the month before the election - you can find hundreds of similar articles. It was a huge story, but somehow Little Marco's role in it all - along with his friends in the GOP - never made it into any of the stories.

          And no one even thought to bring up the "no fixes allowed" Boehner/Ryan rule.

          Only the Times, back the previous year, had really given much coverage to the story, noting, "[B]ecause of Mr. Rubio’s efforts, the administration says it will pay only 13 percent of what insurance companies were expecting to receive this year. The payments were supposed to help insurers cope with the risks they assumed when they decided to participate in the law’s new insurance marketplaces."

          Meanwhile, federal judge Thomas Wheeler of the US Court of Federal Claims, ruled recently (as reported last month by Forbes) that the feds actually have to pay back - to the tune of about $8 billion – the moneys lost by health insurance companies operationg in good faith. Again, a largely uncovered story.

          But it's way too late; dozens of nonprofits started to provide health insurance through the exchanges have already gone bankrupt, and the health insurance giants are both subsuming their smaller competitors and merging like there's no tomorrow. Additionally, Wheeler's ruling is certain to be appealed – meaning it's in limbo for the moment.

          So, yes, Donald Trump is right that Obamacare had been sabotaged, in a way that would virtually guarantee at least some level of crisis by 2017. Where he's sadly, paranoiacly wrong is in attributing that sabotage to President Obama.

          Democrats should have been screaming bloody murder for the past 2 years. Maybe they can start now, every time a reporter or Republican says, "Obamacare is failing…"

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          Prepare To KILL !!


              Meet the masses we tried to keep firearms from...

              Oh He BAD!! He one scary right wing racist, Neo Nazi, White Nationalist, donald supporter. He practiced pulling that gun out too...meet DEPLORABLE!!


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                  The American Health Care Act of 2017 (AHCA) was introduced with fanfare as the replacement for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that many have come to love after hating Obamacare, which is essentially the same program. The republicans felt that it was necessary to demonize the program and it’s benefits by labeling it Obamacare and it worked until personal research was conducted. We are now faced with the AHCA that will undoubtedly cause great hardship for the American people.

                  The ACA provided “Ten Essential Health Benefits” that would be the staple of the plan and provide Americans with healthcare that works and saves lives in the process. There is one benefit that is very concerning to many people in this country and that is mental health. As a society, we have witness mental health issues cause people functioning problems, committing suicide, killing others, and destroying the lives of families and friends.

                  The AHCA wants to sever ties with Medicaid, which is an essential program for “low-income people, families and children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people with disabilities.” In most cases people that suffer from mental illness can and will fall in the category of people with disabilities. Cutting funding or preventing these individuals from getting the proper healthcare insurance and services that is vital to their mental health, overall health, and lives creates an enormous problem for our country.

                  Many of these men, women, and children can become productive members of our society with the proper services that Medicaid provides them under the ACA. Some of these individuals are educators, doctors, lawyers, professors, mechanics, or someone’s husband, wife, or child. We don’t know that these people are suffering from these illnesses because of the services that they are receiving under the ACA has allowed them to function in their daily lives.

                  “A 2008 study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health ― before Obamacare took effect ― found that people with mental illness who weren’t able to work cost the U.S. economy nearly $200 billion each year. Incarcerations, homelessness and physical health problems connected to poor mental health only add to that cost.”

                  In comes the AHCA, which proposes to cut $880 million to Medicaid that could devastate the mental health services in this country. Medicaid covers the largest segment of mental health patients in this country, which says that their budget is essential to the growth and development of our country because our citizens are the individuals that drive the economy as business owners and consumers.

                  “House Republicans released the American Health Care Act earlier this month. It proposes slashing $880 million to Medicaid, which is the largest payer of mental health services in the country, as well as removing the requirement that Medicaid plans cover mental health and phasing out the program’s expansion under the Affordable Care Act. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price has previously advocated for reducing federal funding of the program, too.”

                  Congress also lifted a ban for the mentally ill to purchase weapons, while stating that they support the men and women of law enforcement. This directly contradicts that and makes the job of these individuals that already have a stressful job as they are called upon to do more than protect and serve the communities. They too face mental illnesses that results in depression resulting in lost time and even suicide in some cases.

                  We also have seen a growing trend of our men and women returning home from the military suffering from various mental health issues from PTSD, stress, and depression resulting in a high suicide rates where 20 veterans a day are dying. As a veteran, this is disturbing to me as well as being a citizen of a wealthy country that prides itself on leaving its citizens to basically die alone. “House Speaker Paul Ryan, the architect of AHCA, gushed this week about potentially cutting Medicaid funding.

                  ‘We’ve been dreaming of this since you and I were drinking out of a keg,’ he said to National Review editor Rich Lowry at a conferenced hosted by the publication. This doesn’t sound like a man or a country that has its citizens best interest at heart.

                  I understand that there are differences in this country as they related to political parties and affiliation. I must caution many of you that the founders never set up political parties. However, there was and will always be a “Caste System” in this country and this is what the AHCA is based upon. It ensures the people that can afford to pay for healthcare services will have it, while the poor, disabled, and elderly just have access.

                  This is the time where the American people must set aside their political differences and focus on how to save people especially those that are mentally ill. If you have not had the opportunity to work with adults are children that have some level of mental deficiencies, then you have not experienced how well they perform if properly treated. I’ve experienced this for eight years and now I can help identify kids that may be on a spectrum or simply may have some mental deficiencies.

                  “If I don’t have my mental health, I’m not able to go to work – and then what do I do?” – Kat H.

                  I asked my conservative brothers and sisters. Didn’t Donald J. Trump say he will be the “greatest jobs president?” How could this happen, if he allows Paul Ryan and his fellow republicans to take millions of people out of the workforce and prevent others from getting into it.?




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                  Pundit Post

                  New Republican Legislation Will Classify Protestors As “Economic Terrorists”


                      Apparently the Republicans feel that we Americans shouldn't have the right to protest. Really? Does not our very own Constitution protect us from such illegal laws and allows the people their right to free speech under the first amendment? When our own people utilize their rights provided under our Constitution the Republicans want to arrest us and classify us as terrorists?

                      There are perfectly good reasons for people to protest. First and foremost, it is their right to do so as part of being their right of free speech guaranteed under the First Amendment. Also, Federal Constitution in Article 10(1)(b), states that all citizens have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms. (For those who don't understand the last two words, it doesn't mean armless people, it means without weapons).

                      We as Americans vote for people because those elected officials are supposed to be our voice in government and they are supposed to represent us. When that doesn't happen then how are we to let our Legislators know they are not doing their job? Sure we can send emails or make phone calls which never reach the eyes or ears of those Legislators but rather are seen or heard by some lowly underpaid staff member which really doesn't have the impact needed for our Legislators to know of our concerns. When you get millions of people out in the streets protesting while being covered by the media/press and shown to millions upon millions of other people via TV coverage it then becomes hard for a Legislator to feign ignorance or deny what is happening.

                      Without our protests our concerns are not being heard in Congress therefore neither are our voices. Protests are also a means to unite people people around issues, issues which need to be addressed but are either being ignored or changed and not for the betterment of all.

                      These bogus anti-protest laws aren't being created to benefit the people, they are being created to shut people out of the governing process and are meant solely to take away their power and their voices and allow Legislators to continue to ignore our concerns and needs. What in the hell has the Republican Party become today? Do not let these corrupt politicians take away our rights. If anything needs to be removed it would be these very same politicians who wish erode our Constitutional rights, remove one of the most important vehicles by which the people can be heard and are the same people who are hell bent upon destroying our Democratic Republic from within. Do not allow this to happen.


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                      When And Where Does It End?


                          Watching as Donald Trump stood with, what should be our friendliest ally, in a very tense news conference I'm spitting mad.
                          I just can't believe that he disrespected Angela Merkel like that and stood before America and lied again. He told a lie to back up his "wiretapping" lie. He then has the nerve to compare his made up "wiretapping" with the very real international incident that occurred when it was discovered that her phones were being monitored by the NSA. He did this in an attempt to commiserate. Merkel was not even a little amused. She looked disgusted. This man, and his press sec. are supposed to be the people that above all else we are supposed to be able to rely on and they are the most dishonest people I've ever seen in politics, ever! I don't trust one word that comes out of their mouths even when it's something I want to believe. And what scares me now? He's in charge of our military and it's not going so well.....

                          Yesterday Tillerson threatened one of the most unstable political leader in the world who thinks killing people is the go to resolution, even if it's' family. AND Trump is antagonizing and tweeting about it! Are they trying to start a war with North Korea? Two psychopaths doing battle? Scares the sh@t out of me. And last night, even though it's getting little attention, a US bomb was dropped on a Syrian mosque during prayer time. Something like 70 people died and many many more were injured. This is a war crime. Several stories coming from the US... first it wasn't their bomb ( until fragments were produced), then they said they hit their spot and someone else blew up that mosque. Then they said they were aiming for the old mosque where terrorist gather, and that they hit that spot. They released a photo as proof, but all it proved is that they hit a mosque during prayer time and not the one they said they were aiming for. Targeting a place of worship during prayer time is a war crime.
                          This is my question.... when and where will this end? How much does Trump have to do before it stops? How many people is he going to get killed? How much international damage will he do and how much more can he divide this nation with his lies? There is so much proof of conflict of interest and acts that would appear to be treason. When will they move forward to investigate this man? When will be held accountable? He should not be above it being held responsible for his words and actions. He should be more responsible than anyone in this country, but he appears to be so very irresponsible! When will there be hearings for Trump atrocities, conflicts, lies, and that of his staff/ aide, etc? Aren't some of these things he's doing actionable? We all know if Clinton or Obama was doing all of this the GOP would be screaming from the mountain tops! Also why isn't anyone covering this story about the story in Syria? Should be top of the news hour. Especially with it's ever changing story about what happened. Of course they''re now admitting it ( there was a documentary maker that got it on tape) and saying they got "tremendous" results and lots of "bad hombres". UGH!


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                              Is a government shutdown coming? Trump's budget spurs concerns as lawmakers draw lines

                              Republicans insist that the Democrats must "play ball" and accept all the hateful poison pills that are in the new budget proposal. Cuts to the old, the children, the poor, the environment, education, our health, our food and our water, are to be ignored, and Democrats are to just accept it and let the dictatorship of the new regime take over the country and decimate it.

                              Mitch McConnell actually said ""I'm amused by the Democrats apparently warming up to the idea that threatening to shut down the government is a good idea. It seems to me everybody's got kind of memory loss on the other side"

                              He is amused by our willingness to fight back against the unconscionable cuts that only help the rich. AMUSED.

                              We must show him that WE are not at all amused by their cavalier devastation of our country.

                              AOL.COM EDITORS

                              Mar 17th 2017 10:55AM

                              President Donald Trump released the blueprint for his proposed budget this week and it has already increased the likelihood of a government shutdown as parties argue over details.

                              Lawmakers in Congress have until April 28 to either pass a spending bill to fund the government, or run the risk of shutting down the government.

                              Democrats have begun talking about "deal breakers" and "poison pills" within the legislation that would make it impossible for them to support.

                              "If they put those poison pill amendments in and try to shove them down the American people's throats, of course they might be responsible for shutting the government down," Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said at a press conferences this week.

                              Democrats complain they cannot support measures like defunding Planned Parenthood and starting a deportation force, and that Republicans must be willing to break with Trump on some of those issues if they want to keep the lights on.

                              Republicans have pushed back, saying the Democrats must be willing to play ball and accept the new leadership in Washington.


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                              Death From Within


                                  One of the most telling pieces of evidence to show the truly gutless nature of this abomination of an Administration is the simple fact that blame is always pointed away from the source of where the blame resides. Oh the amount of times you have heard that old saying...''The Buck Stops Here'' the idea that the elected leader ultimately takes responsibility for the direction of the nation.

                                  What a load of total and utter bollocks! Seriously......I mean I have seen some statement traversing that defies logic and the physics of the English language, but holy f*ckarooballs. Just throw a massive steaming lie out there courtesy of some of the most demented minds whose platforms allow them to obliterate reasoned conversation.

                                  From sunrise to sunset the truth is very much like the dying Great Barrier Reef, bleached to near death. It is too easy to be distracted by the fireworks of Sean Spicer's pressers that are fast becoming ridiculous to the point of disgusting.

                                  The ease with which word soup Spicer wheels out his open sources of Judge Andrew Napolitano and one of the biggest morons on earth Sean Hannity you know that this Presidency is as damaging to the reputation of the US, its political standing in the world and as of yesterday a place where the most vulnerable are to put it kindly.....Truly f***ed if the Malevolent Mulvaney's budget kicks in.


                                  There are no doubts that the rise of Trump has been based upon his 'Great Successes' or as has been his life in total his 'Great Escapes' from his own poor judgements and lack of consequence. Only this time, the consequence will have a voice and a story and a family and house.....it will be the man and woman much the same as those others who were destroyed by Trump and similarly told lies.

                                  When the backlash begins against this new Presidency it will come in the form of those most hurt by the lies they were told, the promises that were made being revealed as nothing more than one more of many lies. Those who felt most desperation will be those who will feel the greatest betrayal.

                                  .....and during the month of March 2017, the true nature of the Populist Promises became clear with a budget that will hurt the majority of those who voted for Trump.


                                  From meals on wheels to programmes for the poorest children in poverty the Budget was a massive up yours to those who were duped by populist promises and the bedazzlement of seeing the man on TV claiming his success in life can be America's success too. What a steaming lie. But again, the buck isn't stopping at the Oval Office because all the issues and problems and the already mountain of questions about this Presidency has seen the man at the top resort to being a more open liar.

                                  The norms are out the window. They are gone with the wind from the fluttering wings of Tweets with every tweet a distraction from the true intent of the lying sack of fast food waste in Chief....(Oops, did I say that out loud). With the release of the Trump Care plan (a plan I doubt he has read) and of course his budget with the only question from Trump being will he have to play less.

                                  We all saw this coming...the entire world saw what was and still is going on. This budget that will starve Americans with brutal cuts will only be more hard to witness when you see Trump make his biggest mistake of his presidency that is yet to come when those budget cuts are sent to the Military Complex for the profit of the few.

                                  Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

                                  Of course couple this with Rex Tillerson's soundings in South Korea just today sending clear threats to the already unhinged leader of the North whose campaign to kill the South China Sea by continuously firing Missiles at it (Godzilla Complex you ask?) is ongoing. As I have written previously there has to be a payoff for those Military buildup types.....It's only right to get to use those Trillions to kill the poorest in other countries.....

                                  Because that way when those people who cannot find medical help because of the GOP not seeing them as human enough or seeing health as a key to keeping life precious start to die or those who cannot find help with food as their meals on wheels are left as nothing more than food vans on bricks....

                                  At least you can watch Johnnie from Wyoming drive his American Tank down some bombed out town in a foreign land and think.......They're little Johnnie is in his new killbot......over there protecting me and my pile of dirt that I am too hungry to protect or too ill to tend to''...But at least the money that would have fed you, clothed, educated and truly protected the sanctity of this so called Precious life....is there taking another life.

                                  Whilst you are told to be terrified of those who want to kill you....far away....it turns out your deadliest enemy is the manufactured death from within.

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                                  Pundit Post

                                  Sad (but Cherished) Memories On St. Patrick's Day.....


                                      I never rain on anyone's "St. Patrick Day Parade" or denigrate the "wearing of the green" on anyone's part. I do not take part in the first or do the second.

                                      I am "Irish".....sort of.
                                      My grandfather on my father's side was an immigrant from Ireland. His wife, my grandmother was from Scotland. Both came to the U.S. shortly before WWI.
                                      My grandfather and grandmother on my mother's side were descended from immigrants from Scotland and England respectively who came to the U.S. before the Civil War.
                                      The Scot and English part of the family had no affection for St. Patrick's Day for obvious reasons but the Irish part of the family did not either. Why?

                                      Here's Why.

                                      Image result for 19th century poverty Ireland

                                      My grandfather was born in Ireland in 1890. He tried to get into the U.S. in 1907 having boarded a ship in Queenstown, Cork in the hopes of gaining entry to America at New York. He was rejected. The ship had another port of call, St. John's Newfoundland. He was allowed to enter Canada.
                                      Many hard years followed. He was a laborer who learned construction on the job. He worked his way to Toronto and from there to Buffalo NY. Eventually he ended up in Tampa, Florida where he started a construction company. He met my grandmother in Savannah along the way where they married,and began to raise a family including three sons who fought in WWII. One lost his life. One became career navy. One inherited his company.
                                      As a relatively well-to-do "Irishman" he was regularly approached by Irish benevolent and fraternal organizations with invitations to join up. He steadfastly refused. He also would not permit his family to celebrate St. Patrick's in the Irish-American Way. Instead, his family went to 6:30 AM Mass, went about their daily routines and then at dinner "Pop" would tell the story of the Ireland he left.....
                                      • where his own father drank himself to death by his mid-40's because he could not support his family
                                      • where his mother died of consumption shortly afterwards as there were no hospital beds available
                                      • where he lost a sister and a nephew in childbirth as his brother-in-law wept angry tears
                                      • where brutality by authorities was commonplace and no one in his class had rights of any kind
                                      • where he could not find work and had begun to drink heavily in frustration...at 17.
                                      • where a civil war was waging with both sides committing atrocities using the little people as pawns
                                      • where education was denied and opportunity largely unknown
                                      • where poverty in town and country seemed to be the future for most as it had been the past for nearly all
                                      • and where people prayed for deliverance with hope and where much of that hope lay "across the water."
                                      My dad told me that his Pop, a remarkably unemotional man, would recite this litany of sorrow with tears in his eyes. At the end, he would ask everyone to help clean up the supper reminding them that the house in which they lived, the food they ate, the clothes they wore, the schools they went to were all the blessing of America and that while he loved his first homeland he had no illusions about it. He rejected those who celebrated a mythic Ireland in their clubs and gatherings where romanticism replaced reality
                                      After cleaning up, they said a family rosary for their Dad's birthplace and for his country, the United States of America.

                                      A particularly fine reply/postscript from misterzay last year was added to my post and I gladly add it again to my own story:
                                      A story well told, bravo. It is also a story that tens of millions of Americans , myself included without a drop of Irish blood can tell. It is that constant reminder of why most of our ancestors left the land of their birth and journeyed far and wide to the land of the free. It is the story of what built this great country , immigrants looking for a better way of life and a better future for their families.

                                      Of greatest importance it stands as a reminder of why we need to speak out against all of this anti-immigration rhetoric and once again take hold of why so many want to come here and pursue the American Dream. We need to make sure no one turns the American Dream into the American Nightmare.

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                                      Pundit Post

                                      US States Considering Laws To Allow Religion In Science Classes


                                          Politicians in Texas are considering a bill that would give legal protection to teachers who present Creationism as a scientific theory.

                                          It is one of eight US states where similar laws have been proposed since the start of the year. Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Oklahoma and South Dakota are the others.

                                          The Texan bill would allow science teachers to present ideas “that may cause controversy” on issues such as evolution and global warming.


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