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Democrats Introduce Bill To Shield Unpaid Federal Workers From Lenders And Landlords

What they really need is a law that doesn't allow either party to use federal employees as pawns, but this is a start...

The Federal Employee Civil Relief Act, introduced by Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) and Rep. Derek Kilmer (D-Wash.), aims to give those workers a helping hand while the government remains shuttered.

The bill would prohibit landlords and creditors from taking action against federal workers or contractors who are hurt by the shutdown and cannot pay rent or repay loans. It would also allow federal workers to sue creditors or landlords that violate those protections, which would remain in effect during and for 30 days after a shutdown.

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      Instead of joining Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic in sliding toward authoritarianism, hundreds of thousands of Slovaks have rallied around their fragile democracy. Protesters in Bratislava and fifty cities across this country of five million staged the largest demonstrations since the Velvet Revolution of 1989. The government resigned. Reforms ....
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          Not in my back yard.

          That's the basic attitude of most Trumpsters, who fear the hordes of illegal immigrants are almost at their doorsteps, ready to rape and dismember and... whatever else it is that scary, malnourished women and children do after walking 2000 miles.

          So they want a wall. NOW.

          Just... they'd like us to please build the wall somewhere else. In somebody else's back yard. Please get land for a wall by using eminent domain to seize somebody's ranchland. Somebody else's ranchland.

          Meanwhile, the folks who really do have back yards on the border want... well, mostly it sounds like they want Donnie his MAGA knuckle-dragger yahoos from West Virginia and Georgia to quit telling them what ought to be done with their own land.



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          Nancy Pelosi: Trump Meeting Was A Setup


              Nancy Pelosi suspects Trump meeting was a setup — and asks if Republicans take oath to America or Trump

              Nancy Pelosi speaking with attendees at a Trump Tax Town Hall hosted by Tax March at Events on Jackson in Phoenix, Arizona. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)


              A meeting that lasted only minutes before Trump stomped out is being exposed for what it likely was - a trick to make it look like Trump was a sane person standing up for a delusion: a wall that would forever keep everyone in the USA super safe, while Democrats were just being stubborn. There were no negotiations, no talk, just a do what I want or I’m outta here from Trump.


              House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said in a press conference Thursday that she suspects the meeting with President Donald Trump was probably a set-up.

              Democratic leaders met with the White House Wednesday. The president walked in and asked if Democrats would give him his wall. Pelosi said “no” and Trump admitted he walked out, saying “bye-bye.”

              “I think the meeting was a setup so he could walk out,” Pelosi said.

              The meeting could have been another typical Trump negotiation, according to Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio.

              In a Wednesday panel discussion, D’Antonio noted that Trump came up with his “walk away” negotiation tactic, but it hasn’t actually worked in the past.

              Pelosi refused to answer what she would do if Trump declared a national emergency. The president seems to want to head in that direction, according to reports prior to his televised address Tuesday. She said that she thinks Trump likes the distraction from having to deal with other issues and prefers to zero in on his campaign issues.

              She closed by saying that Trump is ultimately hurting his own voters by saying that he’ll pull emergency management money from California. The majority of the fires that tore through the state were in rural areas, she said.

              “Do you take an oath to the Constitution or an oath to Donald Trump?” Pelosi asked Republicans.

              “When Democrats took the majority, we promised to listen to good ideas, wherever & whomever they came from. That’s why we voted to pass the GOP language to re-open government that the Senate already passed. But they still they refuse to take ‘yes’ for an answer,” she tweeted after the press conference, hashtagging it #EndTheShutdown.

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              Pundit Post

              Trump Is Now Saying He Probably Will Declare A National Emergency


                  If Trump does indeed do something as incredibly stupid as to declare a national emergency then we seriously need to start thinking impeachment. Trump is abusing his powers, misusing them and using them for a political reason and not because there is some national emergency. If Trump does declare a national emergency then it is not only Trump we need to hold responsible but the entire Republican party. Even these last minute Republicans who are starting to reject Trump. They waited two long years and now the only reason they are abandoning their party is because they know their job is now being threatened. Screw them, screw them all because they have done nothing but to destroy our institutions, our government and our way of life. Enough already. Impeach the village idiot, strip him of his powers and move on. We can deal with Pence when the time comes.


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                  Trump Family Take-Down "Proof Of Collusion"


                      Why Donald Trump and his children

                      will be charged with crimes

                      Watch "Proof of Collusion" author Seth Abramson

                      analyze Trump's Russia connections

                      from every angle on SalonTV

                      AFP Photo/TIMOTHY A. CLARY

                      Ivanka Trump was made an unpaid adviser to the US President despite having no experience in elected office or public policy

                      By DEAN OBEIDALLAH


                      JANUARY 9, 2019

                      Much of the media does us a disservice in its coverage of Donald Trump’s ties to Russia and his possible conspiracy with the Russians to help win the 2016 presidential election. What they leave out is the history of Trump’s Russia relations, which is necessary to properly assess the facts and allegations.

                      For example, if you were told that Vladimir Putin’s government and those associated with him offered to help Trump win the 2016 election, you might find it challenging to believe that happened or that Trump would knowingly accept their help. But what if all Americans knew that Trump had been cultivating connections with the Russians since the late 1980's, and that they had been cultivating him as an ally, and possibly even as an asset, for decades? The allegations suddenly go far from far-fetched to very believable.

                      That’s why Seth Abramson’s New York times bestseller “Proof of Collusion: How Donald Trump Betrayed America” is vital to fully understanding the deep relationship between Trump and Russia. I spoke to Abramson recently on “Salon Talks,” a video interview you can watch below.

                      “Proof of Collusion,” which includes 1,600-plus citations and synthesizes hundreds of major media investigative reports on Trump and Russia, outlines how Trump has been traveling to Russia since the late 1980's and how Kremlin-backed talking points became the basis of his first political aspirations.

                      The book also connects the dots on how Trump sought and apparently received funding from Russian banks tied to the Kremlin in the late 1990's and 2000's, when American banks would no longer lend him money. Ivanka Trump famously got a special private tour of Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin office in 2006, conducted by Trump’s Russian-born ally Felix Sater. She even sat in Putin’s chair.

                      That’s why when Donald Trump Jr. received an email in June 2016, telling him that Russia’s well-connected Agalarov family wanted to help Trump’s campaign by offering “dirt” on Hillary Clinton as part of the Russian government’s support for his father, his reaction was not one of bewilderment or outrage. He simply wrote, “I love it.”

                      Abramson’s book is a road map that leads to one clear conclusion: Donald Trump and others in his family should be charged with crimes. Without the history that Abramson lays out in great detail, many may not see that or understand why.

                      As far as what happens next in Mueller’s investigation, Abramson shared this. “We should expect that impeachment proceedings will begin against Donald Trump at some point during 2019. We expect impeachment would pass once we have all the evidence that Robert Mueller has, which is much more than even what’s in ‘Proof of Collusion,’” he told me on “Salon Talks.”

                      Abramson continued, “The question would be whether 67 senators would vote to convict. If it’s looking like that’s going to happen, there’s a lot of speculation that Donald Trump would attempt to negotiate his resignation, in exchange for some sort of immunity from prosecution for him and his children. That would be an unprecedented maneuver by federal prosecutors, so I don’t even know if that’s possible.”


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                      GOOD NEWS OF THAT MORAL ARC

                          You may feel like sh**, but things are getting better. Childhood mortality is down, people are wealthier, terrorism is low outside of Iraq and Afghanistan, life expectancy is up by20% in Africa...
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                          Politics On The Wall


                              Democrats and progressives like me know the facts on the politics of support for "The Wall," but--apparently--the Trumpettes haven't grasped them. Here's a timely recounting of the facts ("Just the facts, ma'am," as Joe Friday famously said)--


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