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More Chickens Coming Home To Roost. Tax Cut That Isn't A Cut At All!!


      Taxes make up probably 70% of government income. Problem: Government is administered primarily by the wealthy, none of whom relishes parting with any of their hard earned millions and billions. "I earned it. It's mine. I'm not giving it away. And that's that!!"

      The federal government could soon pay more in interest on its debt than it spends on the military, Medicaid or children’s programs.

      The run-up in borrowing costs is a one-two punch brought on by the need to finance a fast-growing budget deficit, worsened by tax cuts and steadily rising interest rates that will make the debt more expensive.

      [MN note: Friends, despite Trump's grandstanding and bluster, China economics is the least of America's financial worries. There are nearly 200 countries in the UN, and America does business with most of them at some level. America's beef with China is that China is doing too well for Washington's comfort. China's workers and China's government are united in China's growth and development, while America is a house divided, thanks largely to Trump's mismanagement of America, Inc.]

      I am a Republican voter. I just did our taxes.

      The @GOP tax bill cost my family THOUSANDS of dollars this year on our return due to changes, thereby hitting us with the LARGEST tax increase of our lives.

      We are middle-class homeowners, and you raised our taxes.


      — Dennis Jordan (@DennisMJordan) February 5, 2019

      I have to pay $2000 MORE in taxes this year! What happened?? I voted for you and thought you were fixing this, not making it worse!? I thought I would get money back this year!?

      — Iamnewatthis (@sandynewtothis) February 1, 2019

      Voted for you . Family of
      2 hard working N.Y. cops. Did taxes for years we would pay more and get a refund at the end of the year to help pay debt . First time in 30 years We had to pay more in Federal
      Taxes. I’m disgusted

      — Nycgirl (@nlnp99) February 5, 2019

      @POTUS thank you for screwing the middle class with your tax reform. I have never in my life, I’m 49 years old, had to pay into the IRS until this year. We have a combined income of 150,000. The middle class voted for you. I will not make the same mistake twice.

      — Joel Serbin (@JoelSerbin) February 4, 2019

      @RepDonBacon I just finished my taxes and we’re paying an extra 4k this year since exemptions are gone. With a High D HC plan, this has not been a good year. I voted for you twice now. What’s the plan?

      — Jay Wright (@nochcknstrps12r) February 3, 2019

      @realDonaldTrump I voted for you, and believe in the things you are doing, but you screwed us middle class with taxes. I can’t itemize or anything. How about a flat tax and get rid of earned income credit. Some don’t earn income but get more back in taxes for having baby’s.

      — Thomas DeLucca (@TDeLucca7728) February 3, 2019

      I voted for you the first time but after you screwed me on my get tax break I won’t vote for you again especially after I started on my 2018 return it’s a joke the taxes you are keeping from a working person good luck in 2020

      — Shelby Kuh (@ShelbyKuh) February 2, 2019

      I voted for @realdonaldtrump, but that unfortunately that means I have to pay higher taxes.

      — Joshua Curtis (@dcjchris) January 26, 2019

      Worse tax return I had in a decade! I admit I voted for @realDonaldTrump but he has officially lost my vote for 2020.

      — A9N7G3 (@973angie) January 23, 2019

      Wait til you file your taxes. Middle class just lost half their return. Lowest refund I have ever had and I am 50yrs old. No wall and now this tax reform sucks too!! Starting to doubt Trump. I voted for him and trusted him too.

      — Speziale-Matheny (@Speciale3886) January 27, 2019

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          Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a product of Bush2 , March 2003, Iraq invasion era, that false pretense, an aspect of the surveillance state, rationalized and authorized as a hunt for terrorists.

          Let's pause to mention Edward Snowden, that invisible man, who was he exactly?

          In 1933 or thereabouts, the SS, etc., was rolling, their targets, so called subversives, Jews, any suspect in their eyes. This bureaucratic entity, ICE, reminds some of us of that possibly creeping historic lesson: Locking up asylum seekers and calling them criminals, where does it end?

          The surveillance state is a dangerous game. Who ICE takes away next, who knows?

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          Democrats Come For Susan Collins After Brett Kavanaugh Backs Anti-Abortion Law


              The Democrats have well over a year to come up with a candidate that not only can challenge Collins but can win her seat in the Senate. This is what we need to be thinking about, 2020 races in the House and Senate and start grooming and placing appropriate people in areas we need to win. Thinking about the presidential election at this time is a waste of time but winning seats in the House and the Senate is crucial in taking back our government. Collins likes to act all innocent like and pretend she had no idea that Kavanaugh would do such a thing. Really? Your average non elected official could have told her what Kavanaugh was going to do but she didn't know? Another liar. Either she is a big fat liar or totally incompetent or in all probability, both.

              I hope Collins enjoys her thirty pieces of silver for selling out.


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              From Wounded Knee To Oradour-sur-Glane, Genocide Is Genocide


                  Imagine a nation that at its very core is a slaughter of innocents in the pursuit of a dream, a place that once had a balance of life that complimented and protected all. You don't really have to imagine very hard. Just go find an American flag and for every star and every stripe is representative of that story. The story itself doesn't mention the above genocide nor will it openly admit to the utter brutality of each stripe and each star.

                  Of course tell that to anyone brought up on Westerns or John Wayne's multiple roles in multiple movies were the enemy were the savage native and the only thing to stand against such 'savagery' was the white pioneer. Those brought up on such movies would hear none of the above or deny the genocide of the native tribes.

                  What is sad is those same people who would deny the charges of this genocide would have no issue in denying the genocide of the Jews during the late 1930's and during the second world war. the genocide within is something that for them is more nuanced, not as simple and straight forward as an evil ideology trying to wipe out an entire people.

                  The denial of one is a denial of both. There are no differences nor are there any areas that can be argued or indeed defended. Sure there will be those who want to try and argue a difference and those arguments would never ever be able to get around the simple fact that both one in the same.

                  The difference if any is one was more efficient than the other, one remained and most of those who were deemed as lesser and savage were almost destroyed.

                  In the modern era any conversation of native issues and the wrongs still visited upon the first people is one that is comes from those who today benefit from the blood shed on their behalf.

                  As Elizabeth Warren finally launched her candidacy it has come through the storied pages of an erroneous claim of her own connection to the first people of the continent. Something that has been seized upon by those who too have benefited from the genocide in their name. She was wrong to do so and that may well be the rock upon which her presidential hopes perish.

                  Being the complete lug nut he is, the least of all presidents has not been backward in, well being backward as he wheeled out the usual silly name calling to such an extent that the mere fact the only name of the first people he could come up with was one that was brought to life by a cuddly Disney cartoon of the same name.

                  It wouldn't surprise me or many others if that is how the least of all presidents has learned the entirety of American history by watching cartoons and westerns and would only explain the ease of which silly slurs and ignorance become the norm.

                  Sadly that only mirrors the true nature of America's atonement or serious lack of for their very own genocide and ethnic cleansing. Sure there will be those who would walk over broken glass to take to task any denials of the Holocaust, many of those same people would turn their back on an admission the very same act carried out in the name of American progress.

                  Then again you have the least of all presidents making light of 4,000 American natives being starved to death as they were moved in the name of greed. Betrayed by the indomitable forces of the European America who's own greed knew no bounds and those bounds included the butchery of the first people.

                  Or the ease of which the massacre of some 300 hundred human beings at Wounded Knee can be wheeled out as a slant against another is only evidence of subjectivity of who gets massacred, who benefits and who gets written into history as the once was......

                  Would it be fine for someone to use the one of the all too many acts of sheer barbarity carried out in the name of the Reich, the story of what happened to the people of Oradour-sur-Glane when those most driven by the madness of one rolled into the French village in 1942?

                  A small French village that was wiped out by Nazi SS troops. By the time those most fervent Nazi ideologues left the village of Oradour-sur-Glane all inhabitants had been systematically wiped out. 642 men women and children were herded into the church, gassed and mowed down where they gasped their last.

                  To this very day the ruins of that village stand as a testament to the brutality of ideology and those who are not important to that ideology.

                  There is no difference between what occurred at Wounded Knee or the Trail Of Tears than those same atrocities that took place on the streets of Oradour-sur-Glane or the ghettos and slums in Poland, Germany, the former Czechoslovakia.

                  But for some reason for those attached to the least of all presidents have no issue in using the genocide in their name being invoked as some kind of sick joke born of greed, racism and a subjective mind on what constitutes ethnic cleansing.

                  From Wounded Knee to Oradour-sur-Glane.....

                  Genocide is just that, Genocide. Making light of mass murder in the name of ideology is the domain of the worst of humanity.

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                  Congress Probes Influence Of Trump Cronies At VA


                      Ray -

                      As you know, VoteVets filed a lawsuit to shut down Trump’s “Mar-a-Lago Council” of golf buddies who are shaping decisions within the Department of Veterans Affairs – decisions that affect millions of America’s veterans.

                      Now there is talk about hearings in the House to investigate this “Mar-a-Lago Council,” and we think that’s a great idea.

                      But it’d really help if you added your name to the chorus:

                      Before the hearings begin, sign VoteVets' petition and tell House Veterans' Affairs Committee Chair, Mark Takano that you stand with him in calls for an investigation into Trump's golf buddies' role in running the Department of Veterans Affairs.

                      The health and safety of America’s veterans isn’t a game for President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago members to play with between rounds of golf or over shrimp cocktails. It’s not just insulting that veterans were forced to sue the Trump administration to have a voice in its veterans’ policies, it’s dangerous.

                      Thanks for making your voice heard,

                      The team at VoteVets

                      Congress Probes Influence

                      Of Trump Cronies At VA

                      The American Independent

                      February 9, 2019

                      Congress has launched an official investigation into how Trump allowed three wealthy members of his Mar-a-Lago club to exert sweeping influence over the Department of Veterans Affairs.

                      None of the three men — Ike Perlmutter (chairman and CEO of Marvel Entertainment), Bruce Moskowitz (a doctor), and Marc Sherman (an attorney) — had experience with veterans’ healthcare, or even any experience serving in the government or the military. Yet they were able to influence government decisions that affected the lives of American veterans, and may have made unethical profits for themselves in the process.

                      The chair of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Rep. Mark Takano (D-CA), sent a letter to Robert Wilkie, the current Secretary for Veterans Affairs, informing him that the investigation of what Takano called the “Mar-a-Lago Three” is now underway.

                      Takano noted that the Mar-a-Lago Three were “not accountable to veterans and the American people” when they “ostensibly used their wealth and connections to President Trump and his family to make decisions for the Department.”

                      Citing public documents and related email traffic, Takano wrote that the department “apparently treated these Mar-a-Lago members as having decision-making authority.”

                      That allowed these inexperienced Trump cronies, who had no official role at the VA, to weigh in on official business like picking candidates to lead the department or organizing meetings between the VA and outside businesses.

                      Of particular concern for Takano is that the three men have “no experience delivering healthcare to veterans” — but they still tried to influence government decisions on healthcare delivery, and rejected advice from experts at the department, in order to benefit themselves.

                      Takano noted that the VA entered into an agreement with Apple that “could personally enrich Dr. Moskowitz and his family,” and that then-VA Secretary David Shulkin participated in a Veterans Day event at the New York Stock Exchange that promoted Marvel, Perlmutter’s company.

                      The scandal is an example both of Trump’s corruption — which the previous Republican-led Congress allowed to thrive unchecked — and his seemingly never-ending disdain for veterans and the military.

                      Voters clearly got sick of this behavior from Trump and Republicans, which is one reason the House, and its substantial investigative power, is now in Democratic hands. And now Congress can finally do its job and start defending veterans against Trump’s greed and disinterest.

                      Published with permission of The American Independent.

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                      Pundit Post

                          Trump Feeds the Delusion that the Economy is working -and working well, and he is Abetted by Corporate Media

                          His Sleight of Hand Disappears the Growing Wealth Pyramid

                          An angry Donald Trump screams during one of his speeches (Photo: Screen capture)


                          As too many Americans struggle to make ends meet, Donald Trump and his compromised agents are feeding Americans a bill of goods that tells us the economy in our country is working well. The strongest of those agents may well be the Corporate Media.

                          ". . . despite our life expectancy declining for the last three years, one of the highest childhood poverty rates among the 36 member nations in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, and the most expensive and least effective health care system among western developed nations, Trump would have us believe we are the envy of the world.”

                          During Trump’s State of the Union Speech, we saw Trump glowingly tell all who were willing to hear that he is the King of Economic Growth. He took credit for a booming economy, and made no mention of the continuing quick sand of debt, and growth that is more unequal than any in modern times. As most of us are aware, wealth is concentrated at the very top percentage of the population.

                          To make this trickery even worse, Trump is selling unwary Americans a bill of goods that is based on the fear that if we don’t stop them with a big wall, the Illegals will take it all away from us.

                          Passing on the con that things are really great and constantly improving is the corporate news media that keeps telling us that Trump has a right to claim he has Made America Great when it comes to the economy.

                          Maybe it is time to call them on that!


                          In President Trump’s State of the Union address we saw a brilliant display of rhetorical sleight of hand on the economy. The successful misdirection was enabled by the corporate news media, which consistently maintains that the one thing Trump should be claiming credit for is his stellar performance growing the economy.

                          What was ignored was how it has also grown increasingly more unequal and tilted to the rich since he took office, as the country sinks deeper and deeper into a miasma of long term multi-trillion dollar debt.

                          Image result for pictures of trump's SOTU 2019

                          In the critical commentary that followed the SOTU, the only quibbling on Trump’s assessment of the nation’s economy was that he had failed to credit his predecessor, President Obama, for getting things headed in the right direction.

                          For those assembled in the House chamber, and those watching at home, Trump waved the shiny object of “an economic miracle . . . taking place in the United States . . . an unprecedented economic boom — a boom that has rarely been seen before.”

                          And, with the TV cut away shots of the assembled men and women of Congress and the decorated generals all nodding their heads, and occasionally applauding, there was legitimacy conferred on one man’s delusion that the United States is the fastest growing economy in the world and that he is the key accelerant.

                          As Richard Wolff, professor of economics at the New School, pointed out, Trump’s assertion of U.S. global economic preeminence ignores the reality that for many years now China has been growing exponentially faster than the United States. The U.S. has struggled mightily to expand at all, even as the richest got an increasingly larger share of the nation’s wealth.

                          Hmm, could there be a connection between our increasingly extreme wealth concentration and sluggish broad-based economic growth?

                          “Over the last twenty years the U.S. has had a hard time achieving economic growth . . . and even though it is averaging two-and-a-half to three percent, part of the time . . . to say that it’s the best in the world, that’s just a lie,” Wolff says. “Let me give you just one example, the People’s Republic of China. They’re having a bad year . . . ready . . . six-and-a-half percent, which is lower than they have been able to do for most of the last 15 to 20 years.”

                          And what, you might wonder, were wages doing for workers all that time of major growth in China? “The real wages of Chinese workers, the average amount of money they got adjusted for inflation, has quadrupled in the last 12 to 15 years,” says Wolff. “What happened to the average wage in America, adjusted for inflation? It hardly budged. It went up single digits, not three to four times.”

                          What made Trump’s magic SOTU misdirection so complete was how, right after he waved the glittery miracle of faux American prosperity in the air, he conjured up the raping and pillaging hordes of blood sucking illegals that are coming over the southern border in waves that threaten to take it all away.

                          Wolff points out, that while Trump cast undocumented immigrants as the only shadow on American greatness, he didn’t mention one word about the nation’s growing wealth and income inequality which “is the starkest feature of American economic life in the last 40 years.”

                          Of course, it is in the interest of the builders of the great American wealth pyramid, to continue to breathe life into this Trumpian delusion that the American economy is working and working well, ignoring the very real socio-economic deterioration that has now manifested after decades of depressed and anemic wages.

                          And the degree to which there is a collective media buy-in that things are great and improving, the longer it will take for us to fully embrace the radical steps needed to get this country really working for all of America’s families.

                          This never-ending squeezing of Americans who have to work every day to make a living, has now mushroomed into a full- blown affordability crisis that has tens of millions of working- class American households struggling every month to cover the basics. We had ample evidence of this during Trump’s 35-day government shutdown when furloughed Federal workers had to wait on soup lines.

                          Trump didn’t mention them either.


                          Bob Hennelly - author

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