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Why Transgender Candidates Don't Win Elections



      This is a lengthy piece, but an important one that needs to get more exposure. Please you Yaberzers who are on Twitter and Facebook, if you could share this.

      This has to happen if we're to be a truly democratic country.

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      New Tech Fosters Equality And Opportunity



          Three More Technologies
          New Tech Fosters Equality And Opportunity (That's Why Trump Hates It)

          1. Global Satellite Internet and Phone

          Developing regions in the world, the world's poorest nations; remote rural native communities in the Far North; Islands in the Pacific that have never had schools; and inner cities: these are all places where GSI can bring opportunities for progress and inclusion, and hope.
          Is GSI possible and feasible? SpaceX has already lauched low-orbit satellites and made them operational. They are very low latency (fast), and very high bandwidth (they can serve great numbers of users).
          Island communities and remote Native American communities that have never had internet service are coming online practically every day. Schools, in places that have never had schools before, could teach practically anything. Doctors could confer with other docs in real time, with the patient under their hands. First responders to natural disasters could coordinate their efforts, and operate with far less danger. Epidemiologists could track outbreaks of disease and coordinate efforts to stop epidemics. GSI is about inclusion and empowerment. It is real, and it is unstoppable. But, then there's Trump, enemy of progress.

          2. Community Wind And Solar Micro-grid Clusters

          You've heard about this one. There was an article lately in Yabberz about how the U.S. military has begun to use cluster solar and wind farms to power military installations. They are much more likely to survive wide-scale attack, safer, and cheaper. Despite the foot draggers, the military planners are committed to this new technology, and they have no plans to turn back.
          The beautiful thing is that every small community, sub-division, and city block can reap the same benefits. No regionwide power outages, no rolling blackouts, a natural defense against terrorist cyber-attacks, and you and your neighbors could own your energy source, and sell your surplus to other clusters on the micro-grid.
          Fifty years ago, Neil Armstrong became immortal when he stepped out on the surface of the Moon and uttered these words: "One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." But, that was only the beginning. We are capable of so much more.

          3. Interdisciplinary Research Centers

          You may not have heard of this. I credit it to a Colorado cowboy I know, a true visionary.

          A few years ago, a satellite system that costs hundreds of millions of dollars blew up on deployment. The cause was a failure to communicate between contractors who had worked on different parts of this vastly complicated machine. You know about Boeing. Imagine a single building, or a single campus, where coders, mechanical engineers, electrical and electronics engineers, physicians, physicists, inventors, and AI experts could work together without intellectual property NDA's. These centers would be orgamisms, growing and learning - creating for the benefit of mankind. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that you had become a part of something greater than a man, greater than a corporation, greater even than a country. Something altogether new.


          All these things have the potential to bring the World together. So, of course they are anathema to the Trumps, Ryans, and McConnells of this world, worshipers of maximum division and endless strife - wall builders. New technologies, shared fairly (a concept practically unknown to the American high-tech monopolies, but coming on) can save lives and stop wars by allowing people to get to know their neighbors and work cooperatively together.

          The POTUS hates new tech. He would have us return to the Stone Age. He wants to perpetuate division and its sibling, inequality and keep in poverty all but a few elitist white people. He would enshrine inefficiency by digging coal mines, and build nuclear power plants without plans, or funds for their retirement, which takes 50,000 years. He would dismantle solar and wind cooperatives to keep in power the Energy Monopolists. He, and his ilk, would have the many pay the few forever for comfort and shelter. And information. But Trump can't hold back progress, he can't stop the evolution of the planet. The fact that he tries makes him the biggest fool in history.

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          Senate Just Took A Step To End Our Support By Passing S.J. Res 7


              The US Senate is ending support for the war in Yemen.

              For years, the US has helped Saudi Arabia bomb Yemen. Thousands of civilians have died in airstrikes. Thousands more have starved to death. And America has been complicit.

              But the Senate just took a step to end our support by passing S.J. Res 7, which I proudly co-sponsored. pic.twitter.com/J3bvpo1apu

              — Elizabeth Warren (@SenWarren) March 13, 2019

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              Is It A Bad Time To Be Allied With America? Has America Met Its Match?


                  New Zealand is feeling some pain, but does America care? America doesn't even care about its own farmers, New Zealand is "way over there..."

                  The Americans are going to make a deal with China, eventually, and somewhat normalize their relations. But what about America's puppets: Canada, Australia, and NZ? When their master steps back, What bargaining chip do they have to normalize their damaged relation with China? In the end, NZ, Australia and Canada will be thrown away as pieces of trash by the US, and be left alone to face the wrath of China, who does not forget, nor forgive. We have already seen China's biggest commodity trader refusing to buy Australian coal; there are reports of every single container of Australian and New Zealand exports to China being inspected, slowing down the process through customs. Is America doing anything at all to reduce Oceania's pain? No! Trump's America First really couldn't care less about the well-being of their dogs. It's America First, NOT 5 Eyes first, NOT NATO first. So again, why is New Zealand sacrificing their own economic well-being just because the US told them to? Has New Zealand elected a traitor into office?


                  It's very foolish to take side..!!!! That's the problem of these leaders NOT thoroughly understanding the economic and political costs...!! Example when Canada takes side, it got thrown under the bus by its ally, the US..!! Where you think Australia and NZ will land when it's thrown by its ally US ???


                  "Rules-based order" - this is code for US unilateralism. Jacinda Ardern has no foresight, it's a shame we lack any real leadership right now. We need to break free of being a client of the US. Their demands outweigh the benefits.


                  Independent foreign Policy....lol New Zealand is nothing but a Vassal slave state to the US imperialist agenda. China is gonna be a superpower and Asia affects their foreign policy. The 5 eyes which includes Australia and New Zealand with the USA, Britain, and Canada are all part of this World Domination Agenda! lol She's just a useful TOOL! NPC lol


                  New Zealand and Australia, the best is to mind their own business and stop following America, troublemaker around the world. China is now the rising power and that’s where businesses are, take this opportunity to benefit your countries, like the Huawei’s 5G. Stop listening to America fear-mongering without any proof of spying. America is trying to sabotage the rise of China, America can’t do it on its own, thus seeks the help of "5 Eyes," the Caucasian countries. If New Zealand and Australia follow America’s path, they’ll be left far behind, while other countries benefit thru 5G. Note that recently (Mar. 11, 2019) America has threatened Germany with ostracism, should Germany attempt or continue to do business with Huawei. It's an ages old threat: "You're White, aren't you?!" It's also a subtle reminder that America has no intention, ever, of actually joining the world's people as co-equals.

                  [MN note: Australia and New Zealand combined population size: 30 million including Aussie Aborigine and NZ Maori. Combined, it's a little larger than population of Syria.]


                  Feb. 18, 2019 Q+A with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern – NZ-China relations

                  Jacinda Ardern talks about New Zealand’s relationship with China

                  "The West has lost the art of sharing power," says Kishore Mahbubani

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                  Canada Grounds Boeing 737 MAX 8


                      BREAKING: Under Pressure, Trump Orders Boeing 737 Max 8 Immediately Grounded

                      Canada Grounds Boeing 737 Max 8

                      Joins most of the world's aviation nations,

                      leaving the U.S. the only major holdout

                      By Ray Cunneff

                      March 13, 2019

                      Yesterday, the entire European Union not only grounded the 737 Max 8 but denied it overflight rights in their collective airspace, as aircraft have actually been ordered in several instances to return to their points of origin while in mid-flight.

                      Today, Canada followed suit, joining most of the world in grounding this airplane until the cause of two deadly, nearly identical, crashes within five months can be determined.

                      The world is taking this aviation risk very seriously while Boeing and Trump's FAA are conspiring to downplay the danger to the flying public and presumably protect Boeing stock from further damage.

                      The New York Times published a story on Monday claiming that Boeing and the FAA had decided flight crews did not need to be informed about the change to the flight control system (MCAS) on Boeing's 737 Max 8 aircraft at least in part to minimize the costs of retraining pilots.

                      Aviation experts already suspect that the culprit in both Sunday's crash in Ethiopia and the Lion Air crash in Indonesia last October is a new system on the Max 8 called the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, or MCAS. It was designed to counteract a shift in the aircraft's center of gravity due to bigger, more fuel-efficient engines that increase the potential for the nose to pitch up after take-off and cause the engines to stall.

                      The danger for pilots unfamiliar with the system is to be surprised in the middle of busy takeoff check list when the system automatically pushes the nose down. The crash site in Ethiopia shows a deep crater where the aircraft nosed into to the ground at high speed.

                      Obama's FAA chief Ray LaHood pointedly suggested that Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao (Mitch McConnell's wife) has the authority to overrule the FAA and ground the entire fleet, but she instead chose to take a Max 8 flight from Austin, Texas on Tuesday to demonstrate her confidence in the aircraft.

                      On a conference call with reporters, Chao said she wants "people to be assured that we take these accidents very seriously, we are reviewing them very carefully, and I have asked the FAA deputy administrator to continue to monitor this situation and report up to the Office of the Secretary and me personally on the latest developments.”

                      Cynics have claimed that it will take another similar crash and loss of life in the United States before the U.S. authorities will feel compelled to take any action apart from further investigation. And it has since been revealed that Boeing had planned to install a software fix for the MCAS stall-avoidance system in January, but its implementation was delayed by the 35-day government shutdown earlier this year.

                      189 people died in the Lion Air crash on October 29, 2018 in Indonesia and 157 people died in the Ethiopian Airlines crash on Sunday. Both crashed within minutes of takeoff in clear weather, both flight crews struggled to gain control of their aircraft, and both planes pitched nose-downward several times before final impact.


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                      Pundit Post

                      GOP Seizes On Pelosi's Position On Impeachment


                          Speaker Pelosi has many very strong leadership character traits. For some reason though, she is very uncomfortable with the responsibility of Congress to impeach a president. I am with her all the way when she takes the position that a president should not be impeached based on politics. I am also with her when she says a president should not, NOT be impeached based on politics.

                          People who are thinking politically are calculating that Pelosi is being politically astute for backing off on impeaching Trump, and that may or may not be the case. The problem with it is that it is a political calculus that ignores one of the most sacred responsibilities Congress has. It is a false equivalency to compare Bill Clinton with Trump, in ANY way.

                          Yes, Democrats can abdicate their responsibility to impeach a criminal president, and leave it up to voters to impeach him at the ballot box. However, the precedent that sets is that presidents should not be impeached for committing crimes. That they are above the law.

                          There is one thing you can ALWAYS be certain of, and that is if republicans are agreeing with you about something, it is not the right thing to do. Republicans don't know exactly how to react to Pelosi. They don't know if they should praise her for being smart, or praise her for not being smart. What they are certain of, is that they LOVE her position on this.


                          Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the Washington Post that President Trump is not "worth" impeachment, for now. Republicans are seizing on Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-Calif.) comments pumping the brakes on impeaching President Trump — and their reaction could exacerbate Democratic tensions on the issue.

                          Some supporters of the president argue that Pelosi's comments, in a Washington Post interview, are tantamount to admitting there is insufficient evidence to launch impeachment proceedings.

                          Other pro-Trump voices give Pelosi grudging praise for — as they see it — acknowledging the political reality that an impeachment effort could easily backfire on Democrats, much as the GOP drive against then-President Clinton harmed congressional Republicans in the 1990s.

                          "I think she is aware of the political mistake it would be to go after Trump," said Barry Bennett, who served as a senior adviser to Trump's 2016 campaign. "There is no way the Senate is going to do anything and [Democrats] would look like a bunch of left-wing extremists."

                          Another Trump supporter, Brad Blakeman, picked up on Pelosi's comment to the Post that impeachment would divide the country and "he's just not worth it."

                          "When the leader of the Democratic Party states that it's not worth it, it's not worth it," said Blakeman, who was a member of the senior staff in President George W. Bush's White House. "It's not because she's giving him a pass. It's because there are no high crimes and misdemeanors. They are just deflated that there's nothing there."

                          The fact that Pelosi's words were met with such a warm welcome from pro-Trump quarters will only add to Democratic unease.

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                          Joe Biden/Kamala Harris: 2020


                              A Missouri strategist I know says that for him the strongest Dem ticket right now for his purposes would be Biden/Harris.

                              East Coast/West Coast.




                              A strong moderate leaning right/a strong moderate leaning left.

                              Both quick witted and sharp tongued.

                              YOUR THOUGHTS?

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                              Pundit Post

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