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Democracy Killing Democracy. What's New?

Besides lots of Black People, Africa has lots of stuff coveted in and by "The West". And being a Black Democracy advocate or Black Christian was never enough to convince Western powers of an African person's right to life and liberty and pursuit of personal direction.

The maps show what the West wants, and has always taken, at gunpoint or/& Christian chicanery, from Africa, and to the current day seeks avidly to prevent China and Russia from partaking. The accompanying videos should upset you.

Patrice Lumumba: The most important assassination of the 20th century
Patrice Lumumba
The Rise and Fall of Patrice Lumumba
The U.S.-Backed Assassination of Congo's First Democratically-Elected Leader
Patrice Lumumba & Why The CIA Is Not Your Friend.
Patrice Lumumba Assassination Plot with M16
Adam Hochschild: America has 'blood on our hands' in Congo
Belgium's dark, racist colonial past revived following honour for Lumumba
Prof P.L.O Lumumba: "Africa is on dinner table Eaten by Superpowers"

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Conservatives Claim Pete Buttigieg Can't Be Both Gay And Christian...


      I know very well what it feels like to have "Christians-In-Name-Only" say the same to me, but now I just don't care.

      These 'Evangelicals" follow a man...

      who does not love his neighbor,

      whose god is mammon,

      who lies, and lies and lies.

      He cares not a atll for the widows, the orphans, the poor...

      His administration is ungodly cruel to children, tearing babies away from thier parents and locking them in forgotten cages.

      He doesn't care if the people go without healthcare

      They follow him because they crave power.

      They want Supreme Court Justices that will represent the "Evangelical" right, not the people.

      They want worldly power.

      They are no longer the salt of the earth

      The great love of their church has grown cold

      Now I don't care at all what the Pharisees of today think or say about Christianity.

      and I bet neither does Pete.

      "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”


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      Illinois Lawmaker Wants To Make Chicago 51st State


          Maybe you have seen this to maybe you haven't but a Republican named Brad Halbrook has pushed to make Chicago it's own state claiming the new Chicago state would do better on it's own, and so would Illinois.

          Sure it would and so would the GOP. You see Chicago is 29% white and the rest is minority. If you separate Chicago and give it one electoral vote on it's own then you can divide the rest of Illinois up and it won't have the population nor the weight it does now during elections. There is also a chance of them doing this because of Puerto Rico becoming a state and we all know that state will be Democratic. So you have to rig it some how.

          Republicans can't stand the thought of another Democratic State.

          Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary with 50.6 percent of the vote. Donald Trump won the Republican primary with 38.8 percent.

          Chicago tends towards Democratic. Suburban area Reps are saying no this will not happen.


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              Russia's top diplomat has argued that the world is losing faith in the United States as a global leader and that the international community has sought a more diverse approach to global decision making.

              At an annual address to Moscow's diplomatic academy, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov hailed on Friday a new geopolitical era marked by "multipolarity," stating that "the emergence of new centers of power to maintain stability in the world requires the search for a balance of interests and compromises." He said there was a shift in the center of global economic power to East from West, where a "liberal order" marked by globalization was "losing its attractiveness and is no more viewed as a perfect model for all."

              "Unfortunately, our Western partners led by the United States do not want to agree on common approaches to solving problems," Lavrov continued, accusing Washington and its allies of trying to "preserve their centuries-old domination in world affairs despite objective trends in forming a polycentric world order." He argued that these efforts were "contrary to the fact that now, purely economically and financially, the United States can no longer—singlehandedly or with its closest allies—resolve all issues in the global economy and world affairs.

              "In order to artificially retain their dominance, to regain indisputable positions, they employ various methods of pressure and blackmail to coerce economically and through the use of information," said Lavrov.

              Washington and Moscow, rival superpowers during the decades long Cold War, have somewhat resumed their bout for global influence in the 21st century. Russian President Vladimir Putin has set to restore and revamp his country's military and political posture, which were deeply damaged in the collapse of the Soviet Union, leaving the U.S. entirely unmatched.

              Despite President Donald Trump's promises of détente, the U.S. has doubled down on sanctions and other measures designed to push back against the Kremlin since the Republican leader entered the White House. Trump and Putin, once seen as potential political allies, have continued to feud over conflicts in Ukraine and Syria, and at times have both found themselves largely isolated internationally.

              The Trump administration has repeatedly threatened sanctions against several nations, including allies, for not adhering to its policies targeting stated foes such as Iran, North Korea, Syria and Venezuela.

              While Moscow has complained about what it saw as Washington's hegemony around the world, the Trump administration has named Russia an adversary in critical strategy documents, most recently in the 2019 Missile Defense Review. As Russia worked toward building new nuclear-capable hypersonic and cruise missiles, the U.S. scrambled to build new defenses capable of intercepting them, even from space.

              In the latest drama, the two countries pulled out of the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty banning land-launched missiles ranging from 310 to 3,420 miles after the U.S. accused Russia of violating the agreement with the development of the Novator 9M729 missile. Moscow counterclaimed that Washington was breaking the treaty by installing missile defenses that could allegedly also be used to attack from Eastern Europe. Now the two are struggling to find common ground in renewing the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) that would limit their nuclear arsenals.

              "The U.S. and Russian delegations continued the discussion of practical issues related to the implementation of the Treaty," the State Department said Friday, after 10 days of talks.


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              Fox News Reinforces Ignorance


                  Bill Maher Turns The Tables And Uses Fox News’s Racism Against Them

                  SAT, APR 13TH, 2019

                  Maher said, “The mean attitude on Fox and Friends. They called Central America Mexican countries. Mexican countries? By the way, a couple of weeks ago, they once called a selfie a selife. They even misspelled spelling bee. That’s true. You know what? If you guys are going to live in the United States, learn the f**king language.”

                  Fox News reinforces ignorance

                  One of the right’s favorite demonizations of immigrants is that they don’t “talk American,” or learn the language. It is as if the right doesn’t understand that the English language was not invented in the United States. The actual American language would be the languages that Native Americans use.

                  It is symptomatic of the ignorance of the Trump cult that they deem themselves superior because they speak English, although many of them don’t speak it well, while their favorite television network can’t get basic words and phrases correct on the air.

                  Fox News is the televised embodiment of the right’s belief that facts don’t matter. Feelings are the only thing that counts. When the right’s war on fact and knowledge is taken to its logical extreme, the result is a television network that not only puts out propaganda but through their sloppiness constantly sends the message that facts and accuracy don’t matter.

                  Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone pushes an agenda of bigotry and division while stressing to their viewers that they are superior, because by watching Fox News, they are getting the real truth.

                  Before Fox News can criticize others, they first have to prove they know how to “talk American.”


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                      Considering moving? Seattle might be a good possibility. Here's why--


                      For the full column she wrote, well worth reading, you should go to the Washington Post (warning: possible paywall)--


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                      Trump Said He'd PARDON Border Official If He Was Jailed For Crackdown


                          Ok, what am I missing here? Trump tells the head of the U.S. Border Patrol to violate laws, and if he is jailed because of Trump's instructions, Trump will pardon him. Trump tells his campaign rally audience to attack anyone in the crowd who disagrees with him, and if they are arrested, Trump will pay their legal fees. Trump tells his "fixer", Michael Cohen, to pay women to not tell the world about affairs, to prevent his "Christian" voters from thinking he is an ungodly person and MAYBE not vote for him. The "fixer" is sent to prison for this, but the "above the law" president gets away Scott free.

                          Does Trump have to literally stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone to be impeached or held accountable, other than words, FOR ANYTHING???

                          Do congressional Democrats have to actually see a video with Putin and Trump conspiring to steal the 2016 presidential election from the rightful winner? Are the American people so timid that we are going to allow an arrogant crook to PUBLICLY disrespect, disregard and indeed dismantle the rule of law and our entire government?

                          WTF am I missing here???


                          Trump told top border official he would PARDON him if he was jailed for breaking the law by stopping immigrants coming in - and told him to close the border.

                          President Donald Trump told the head of the Border Patrol he would grant him a pardon if he was jailed for enforcing a policy to keep out immigrants that ran afoul of the law, according to the latest explosive report on Trump's immigration fury.

                          Trump made the comment to Kevin McAleenan, the head of the U.S. Border Patrol, CNN reported.

                          Trump told the top border official he 'would pardon him if he ever went to jail for denying US entry to migrants,' according to the report, which said the comment was paraphrased.

                          Trump dangled the offer on his visit last week to the border town of Calexico, amidst a looming top-level staff shakeup and the president's demands to halt a flood of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers coming up through Mexico.

                          The network sourced the report to two officials briefed on the exchange, and said it was unclear if it was intended as a joke.

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                          Two Months Worth Of VIP Membership


                              I right now have that, as two members recenttly joined Yabz as a direct result of articles I published on Yabz.

                              This site, as far as I know...will not even be around for two more months, with the switchover to Yabz 2.

                              Melissa Nguyen Horton any comment on this, or what?

                              I am completely curious.

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                              Netanyahu's Win Is A Warning To American Voters: Trump Can Win In 2020


                                  On Thursday, April 11, Chris Matthews on MSNBC's Hardball had these sobering words to offer. I found them compellig.

                                  Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has just given a lesson to

                                  voters in this country to President Donald Trump, and just as important, to

                                  Trump`s critics.

                                  Lesson one: you can with win reelection while not changing your off-putting

                                  style. You can be ego-centric, narcissistic, bullying, the works.

                                  Lesson two: if you oppose such a person, and all the narcissism and bullying,

                                  you can sure as heck lose to them no matter what you think of them

                                  personally and no matter how bad their image is in the world.

                                  Lesson three: the guy you hate can win because whatever else you can say

                                  about him, this person you see as a villain is seen by a lot of other

                                  people as the country`s lone tower of strength; the one politician

                                  willing to take the heat for defending the country, its borders and its


                                  Lesson four: if your opponent is seen as the man ready and willing to

                                  defend the country, its borders and sovereignty, and your candidate and

                                  party are not, you should not be surprised at your country`s verdict.

                                  Bibi won because he, unlike his critics and political rivals, was seen as

                                  strong on the issue of defending his country, its borders and its

                                  sovereignty. By refusing to promote a strong alternative for border

                                  protection, critics and rivals have allowed Trump to position himself so

                                  far as the lone protector of the country`s sovereignty and for him to brand

                                  his enemies for being for open borders.

                                  As former Governor Jerry Brown of California sized it up, Trump has made

                                  his call for a wall in the border a powerful metaphor. Quote: He`s saying,

                                  hey, those lefties and socialists are against it, I`m for it, and it`s

                                  protection. And somehow that will protect you from closing down the

                                  factory or protect you from these strange social experiments.

                                  Like Trump, Netanyahu also dealt in images like getting the United States

                                  to move its embassy to Jerusalem. That showed he had clout in Washington

                                  and they had the toughness to defend his country. And it worked. He just

                                  won reelection.

                                  Trump`s opponent should pay attention. You can bet he has.

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