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As The Final Days Of Yabberz.com Play Out


      So....... as the final days of Yabberz.com play out, I am seeing the remaining hard core starting to disintegrate into dysfunctional name calling, blocking seems to be increasing, the inner cliques are showing their teeth, the Pundits are getting dirty and generally a lowering of the social etiquette which had existed.

      I was starting to see some people putting out some well researched articles, ala Medium.com, on here, but they were swept aside instead of really discussed, for the most part.

      Of course it begs to be asked: Is this who we really are? As the end approaches are the gloves coming off and the real facets and characteristics of us surfacing? Is the approaching end inspiring a new level of on-line anonymity since these personas will, or can, be dissolved to reappear as whoever we choose? So we can be animals now without concern of damaging our Yabberz 'names'?

      Another side thought: Will the Hortons seeing this, accelerate the end to put us out of our misery?

      And, or, will they chalk this up as another aspect of the Yabberz Experiment? How people end their on-line lives?

      S0..... is this how we want this to come to an end?

      Any thoughts of what we SHOULD be doing in the last 2 weeks of Yabberz.com?

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      A. Ocasio-Cortez Exposes Just How Easily Lobbyists Manipulate Policymakers


          Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez exposes just how easily lobbyists manipulate policymakers


          Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) used her Twitter feed on Monday to show voters how corporate lobbyists influence legislators.

          The freshman lawmaker shared an Intercept report about a resort event that was attended by dozens of senior staffers of both Republican and Democratic lawmakers. The party was filled with music, wine and talking points from health care industry lobbyists who urged the staffers to fight Medicare for All proposals.

          “This event wasn’t about fixing the health care system,” Wendell Potter, president of Business Initiative for Health Policy, told the Intercept. “It was about protecting the health care industry, no matter the cost to patients, families, workers or employers.”

          Ocasio-Cortez said this was just business as usual for much of Washington as lobbyists “schmooze policymakers in secret” into accepting their industry-friendly talking points to stay on message:

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          The Right Is Crying Wolf On Antisemitism. That's Endangering Jews


              As a non-Jew, non-Israeli, with only admittedly somewhat superficial understanding of Palestinian-Israel history, I pay some attention to anti-Semitism and those who decry it. (Leon Mintz, this reminds me of my exchanges with you.) But I tend to agree with opiners like Freedman (no pay-wall on The Guardian, but donate a bit if you can):


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              Opinion | Conservatism Has Become A Racket, And Trump Is The Grifter In Chief

              I've used the insulting label "grifter in chief" for Trump before, but here's specific, factual, clear evidence of why the right, from the NRA's Wayne Lapierre to Trump himself, has truly earned that label:


              Yabberz is still not allowing WaPo links--but look it up.

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              Omaha-based Voting Machine Company Denies Russian Hacking


                  Did Trump really win the 2016 presidential election? I suspect Trump knows he did not. Can what happened in 2016 happen again? We should all acknowledge that it can.

                  One of the charges related to Mueller's indictment of 12 Russian intelligence officers was for hacking voting machines in the USA. Not voter registration data, but VOTING MACHINES.

                  The company that sold these machines claims that they had stopped using the remote access software in 2007. However, the reality is that if remote access technology exist, it can be used not only by the marketers of the software, but also by hackers. Trump's 2016 electoral vote victory was too thin and too surgical to not have had some external influence. Although authorities (controlled by Trump) have assured us that did not happen, could I interest you in a bridge I have for sale in Brooklyn?


                  OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Russian hackers didn’t breach an Omaha company’s election machines or software in 2016, according to the company’s officials.

                  Omaha-based Election Systems & Software, the largest U.S. maker of voter machines, worked with the FBI to verify its systems weren’t hacked after 12 Russian government intelligence officers were indicted, said Kathy Rogers, the company’s senior vice president for government affairs.

                  U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced last week the indictment of Russian officials on charges of hacking into U.S. election-related computer systems during the 2016 presidential election. The indictments allege the officials hacked into computers of an unidentified company that supplied software verifying voter registration information.

                  “I can tell you that it wasn’t us,” Rogers told the Omaha World-Herald on Tuesday.

                  The company sells voting machines, computer software for voter registration and vote tabulation and related services to U.S. counties and other election agencies.

                  Rogers said the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that none of the company’s information was breached. Hackers can’t access systems that count votes because the company’s equipment isn’t connected to the Internet, she said.

                  Motherboard, a technology-related news website, published a letter Tuesday that Election Systems had sent to U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon in April. The company acknowledged in the letter to having sold software allowing remote connections to some election customers between 2000 and 2006. The letter contradicted an earlier statement that the company hadn’t ever sold systems with remote-access software, according to Motherboard.

                  Wyden told Motherboard that election equipment with remote-access software “is the worst decision for security short of leaving ballot boxes on a Moscow street corner.”

                  The company released a statement saying that its voting machines don’t and haven’t ever had remote-access capability. The software in question was used for “technical support purposes on county workstations,” Election Systems said.

                  According to the company, no customers currently use the software and it stopped using the software after new election security guidelines took effect in 2007.

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