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India Rejects Patent For 'immoral' Sex Toy


      Thought this was interesting..

      Not expecting many comments :-)

      India's patent office has rejected a plea by a Canadian company to patent a vibrator because sex toys violate "public order and morality".

      Invoking India's obscenity law, the patent office said the law "has never engaged positively with the notion of sexual pleasure".

      The patent office said sex toys are considered to be obscene objects and are illegal in India.

      But a 2011 court ruling had said sex toys could not be considered obscene.

      An Ontario-based company called Standard Innovation Corporation had applied for a patent in India for a new vibrator, to prevent generic local copycats being sold in the market, according to Shamnad Basheer, a visiting professor of law at India's National Law School who is working on a book about public health law.

      In April, the patents office rejected the plea, saying that sex toys lead "to obscenity and moral deprivation of individuals".

      "These are toys that are not considered useful or productive. Mostly these are considered to be morally degrading by the law," the office said.

      "The law views sex toys negatively and has never engaged positively with the notion of sexual pleasure".


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      Lava Lamp Protection


          How a Bunch of Lava Lamps Protect Us From Hackers

          Edward Craven Walker lived to see his greatest invention, the lava lamp, make its late-’90s cultural comeback. But the British tinkerer (and famed nudist, incidentally) died before he could witness the 21st-­century digital potential of his analog creation. Inside the San Francisco office of the web security company Cloudflare, 100 units of Craven Walker’s groovy hardware help protect wide swaths of the internet from infiltration.

          Here’s how it works. Every time you log in to any website, you’re assigned a unique identification number. It should be random, because if hackers can predict the number, they’ll impersonate you. Computers, relying as they do on human-coded patterns, can’t generate true randomness—but nobody can predict the goopy mesmeric swirlings of oil, water, and wax. Cloudflare films the lamps 24/7 and uses the ever-changing arrangement of pixels to help create a superpowered cryptographic key. “Anything that the camera captures gets incorporated into the randomness,” says Nick Sullivan, the company’s head of cryptography, and that includes visitors milling about and light streaming through the windows. (Any change in heat subtly affects the undulations of those glistening globules.)

          Sure, theoretically, bad guys could sneak their own camera into Cloudflare’s lobby to capture the same scene, but the company’s prepared for such trickery. It films the movements of a pendulum in its London office and records the measurements of a Geiger counter in Singapore to add more chaos to the equation. Crack that, Russians.

          This article appears in the July issue. Subscri
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          Whale Spotted Pushing Dead Calf For Days


              6 days ago.

              We are witnessing an "extinction event" from all appearances.

              Another casualty that is the fault of humankind, or "all of us" and the lifestyle we have become accustomed to.

              The newborn died on Tuesday off the shores of Victoria, British Columbia.

              Killer whales have been known to transport and support their dead calves for as long as a week.

              The baby's carcass was sinking and being repeatedly retrieved by the female whale, according to the Center for Whale Research, which studies the Southern Resident killer whale and works on its conservation.

              Both Canada and the US list the Southern Resident killer whales as endangered. The whales depend on Chinook salmon - which have been in dramatic decline in recent years - for food.

              Research indicates that only about a third of the Southern Resident killer whales that have been born in the last 20 years survive. No pregnancies in the last three years have successfully produced viable offspring, the centre says.


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              Earth's Climate Flunks Its Annual Physical​


                  Earth's Climate Flunks

                  Its Annual Physical

                  By Ray Cunneff

                  August 1, 2017

                  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported today in its “State of the Climate” report that in 2017 greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere and global sea levels reached record highs and that the last four years have been the warmest ever recorded.

                  Described as Earth’s “annual physical,” the report was co-authored by 524 authors from 65 countries, and also confirmed 2017 as either the second- or third- hottest year since records have been kept.

                  The figures vary slightly because record high temperatures were not influenced in 2017 by El Niño, a climatic event that creates warmer-than-average sea surface temperatures in the equatorial Pacific and exerts a significant effect on global weather.

                  The last El Niño from 2015 to 2016 was one of the the strongest El Niño events since 1950, according to NOAA.

                  The global ocean surface temperature in 2017 warmed to a near-record high, falling just short of the 2016 mark. The world’s oceans are approximately 3 inches higher than they were in 1993 and are rising at an average 1.2 inches per decade, according to the findings.

                  In 2017 the planet also experienced a record low maximum extent of sea ice in the Arctic, the continuation of an “unprecedented multiyear coral reef bleaching” event that decimated reefs around the world, and devastating extreme weather, including cyclones and wildfires.

                  For the 38th year in a row, glaciers around the globe retreated.

                  In November 2017, the White House surprisingly signed off on a lengthy report by more than a dozen federal agencies that reached a conclusion about climate change that President Donald Trump and his anti-science acolytes refuse to accept: that the climate crisis is real and human activity is largely to blame.

                  The report states that Planet Earth has entered the warmest period “in the history of modern civilization” and "It is extremely likely that human activities, especially emissions of greenhouse gases, are the dominant cause of the observed warming since the mid-20th century”.

                  “In addition to warming, many other aspects of global climate are changing, primarily in response to human activities. Thousands of studies conducted by researchers around the world have documented changes in surface, atmospheric, and oceanic temperatures; melting glaciers; diminishing snow cover; shrinking sea ice; rising sea levels; ocean acidification; and increasing atmospheric water vapor.”

                  Yet this latest report comes as the Trump administration works to scrap environmental regulations, including Obama-era policies to rein in emissions, and continues to express doubt about the threat of climate change.



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                  Pundit Post

                      From severe coastal flooding to unusually destructive hurricanes, climate change-related sea level rise is being blamed for some big environmental ills. Now comes a new worry: Rising seas could flood the underground cables that carry the internet, causing widespread outages.

                      Health care systems rely on Over a thousand locations that house the servers and hardware that power our internet will be surrounded by water in the next 15 years, according to a new study. Jonathan Nackstrand / AFP - Getty Images file
                      The internet has become necessary in retail in store and on line for everything from food and clothing to furniture and modes of transportation. Health care systems rely on it, as do intelligence gathering, government, services such as heat, light, and even water; and in reality, most phases of American life.

                      Now new scientific studies have predicted that due to climate change, 4,000 miles of internet cable is likely to be underwater by the year 2030.

                      Recommendations for lessening the threat of this happening,include considering the construction of seawalls, rerouting internet traffic when the threats arise and waterproofing cables and all related infrastructure, but our government seems dead set against paying any mind to science.
                      Sea water
                      is likely to submerge more than 4,000 miles of internet cable in the U.S. and engulf more than a thousand data centers that house servers, routers and other hardware, researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Oregon said in a paper presented July 16 at an internet conference in Montreal.

                      Overlap of internet infrastructure and seawater in New York, left, and Miami with average sea level rise of 6 feet.

                      Overlap of internet infrastructure and seawater in New York, left, and Miami with average sea level rise of 6 feet. Ramakrishnan Durairajan et al / University of Oregon
                      The researchers identified New York, Miami and Seattle as the metropolitan areas at greatest risk for flooded internet infrastructures. Three carriers were identified as especially vulnerable: CenturyLink of Monroe, Louisiana; Chicago-based Inteliquent; and AT&T, which is based in Dallas.

                      “We believe that these results highlight a real and present threat to the management and operations of communications systems and that steps should be taken soon to develop plans to address this threat,” the scientists said in their paper’s conclusion.
                      The inundation could come within 15 years. “That was a little bit unexpected,” said study co-author Paul Barford, professor of computer sciences at the University of Wisconsin. “We sort of expected that it might be parceled out over a longer period of time, but that's not the case.”
                      For their research, the scientists compared maps of internet infrastructure along coastal areas in the U.S. with sea level rise projections made by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The projections, which indicate a worst-case scenario, show a sea level rise of one foot over the next 15 years.

                      The paper included a set of recommendations for mitigating the threat, including assessing the impact of constructing seawalls, rerouting internet traffic when threats arise and waterproofing the cables and related infrastructure; unlike the submarine cables that carry voice and data under oceans, internet cables that run underground are resistant to water but not designed to withstand submersion.


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                      Pundit Post

                      Creative Technology For The Classroom


                          Arduino is the Future!

                          (This article is a must read.)

                          Imagine a system that makes teaching Arduino robotics easy and exciting; and is designed to enable teachers to teach robotics and coding, and develop courses, even if they are non-technical.

                          Arduino boards allow users who are not engineers to easily program thousands of different sensors, instruments and controls, robotic devices and drones from a computer; or even from an app.

                          There is no limit to the possibilities; in Smart Home devices, Medicine, farming, exploration, games, sports training and fitness, and in security and policing; just to name a few.

                          This really amazing Arduino system is ready for the classroom. It includes dozens of class projects, and the devices to make them; and, it encourages schools to have fairs to unveil the completed projects.

                          It's designed for students age 13-17; and if students are a little behind on math skills, there are self-taught, web based systems that will get them up to speed.

                          How proud would your kid be to show off a robotic drone, that she or he helped design and build, that does something really amazing; like watering the roses, but only if they need it. Or, a robot that senses that you are having an epileptic seizure; and turns off the stove.

                          We depend, to far too large a degree, on a "Priesthood of Technology". And, we have a crying need for engineers and technicians.

                          I hope every school in America starts a R.A.D.D. program. That's: Robotics, Arduino, and Drone Development.

                          Ask your kids!

                          Then watch them go!


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                          "In The Beginning"


                              The proof of Russian interference.

                              All of these hacks were executed using these shortened URLs in fake emails, according to Motherboard, and those URLs “were created with a Bitly account linked to a domain under the control of Fancy Bear,” a group of Russian hackers.

                              In October, WikiLeaks began releasing thousands of Podesta’s emails daily before the November presidential election.


                              And an interview with one of the main "protagonists".

                              What it’s like to be the IT guy who accidentally helped Russia (maybe) hack the election.


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