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      Grab your phone and open it find your system updates if it has not updated as of yet then go ahead and update the system. When you are done with that go to your apps and click on the "update all" button.

      No lie folks before this day is though those that waited will be the infected phones. So do it now.

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      John Oliver Bill Nye On Green New Deal


          John Oliver & Bill Nye

          On Green New Deal

          “They want to take away your hamburgers…this is what Stalin dreamt about but never achieved.”

          - Former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka

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          Pundit Post

          Can Technology Solve The Fundamental Problems?

          What are fundamental problems?

          Political & Economic problems (34.8%)

          Inequality (Income, discrimination) problems(30.8%)

          Climate Change/Global Warming problems (48%)

          Fresh Water scarcity (18%)

          Employment problems (12%)

          Education & Awareness problems(16%)


          religious differences(24%)

          Now the world is standing at a point where we have starting looking for sustainable planets to colonize and start inhabiting in a new world. But in this race of development, we ignored a larger global population to face these fundamental problems. what will happen to them who are prone to these problems day in day out?

          Why these problems are not worked upon on large scale?

          In the last few decades, we have had successful technology companies with billion/trillion dollar revenues. But what about the social and fundamental problems? When will we see organisations where millions of population will be free from these fundamental problems

          Note: The data mentioned above is taken from business insider https://www.inc.com/business-insider/worlds-top-10-problems-according-millennials-world-economic-forum-global-shapers-survey-2017.html

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          More On Mirror Neurons


              I was attracted to this story for a number of reasons, then I remembered another reason the term seemed so common to me. With all of this Mueller report business and the Russia angles, the connection to the psychological is always pertinent.

              From Mirror Neurons profile page.

              I came to Yabberz while attending a course in Communicology at Univ. of Hawaii. The avatar name, MirrorNeuron, came to me while attending the course, taught, incidentally, by a 20-year friend who also heads the department. Having completed a few research projects, the last of which having to do with scientific manipulation of emotion during election cycles, I jumped at the chance to participate on Yabberz, first site outside of facebook I ever wrote on; my facebook presence is Mandarin Chinese.

              "Researchers have found that the rat brain activates the same cells when they observe the pain of others as when they experience pain themselves. In addition, without activity of these 'mirror neurons,' the animals no longer share the pain of others. Finding the neural basis for sharing the emotions of others is an exciting step towards understanding empathy."

              Do rats have empathy for other rats?

              Credit: © Pakhnyushchyy / Fotolia


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