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Discussions on Women's Rights

      Historians have been negligent in noting accomplishments of women (and as an aside, also of men and women of color.)

      This article notes some of the women who have fought for and caused change by their actions, but really, this is only a drop in the bucket. There really are hundreds (some of whom the BBC listed in their 100 women who strongly impacted history) but we know that women and men who will never be named have made strong strides in making the changes needed in the world.

      Nonetheless, what follows is an interesting line up of 20 important female figures in world history.

      In the top spot is scientist Polish-born French scientist Marie Curie, who “changed the world not once but twice,” said the magazine.

      Curie founded the new science of radioactivity — even inventing the word — and her discoveries “launched effective cures for cancer.”

      “Curie boasts an extraordinary array of achievements,” Patricia Fara, president of the British Society for the History of Science, who nominated Curie, told BBC History magazine.

      “She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, first female professor at the University of Paris, and the first person — note the use of person there, not woman — to win a second Nobel Prize," Fara added.

      Marie Curie and her daughter Irène in the laboratory at the Radium Institute in Paris, Fr“The odds were always stacked against her,” continued Fara. “In Poland her patriotic family suffered under a Russian regime. In France she was regarded with suspicion as a foreigner — and of course, wherever she went, she was discriminated against as a woman

      Second on the list was Rosa Parks, who, in 1955, famously challenged the race segregation that existed in parts of the US by refusing to give up her seat on a bus to a white person.

      Her actions received the support of many other African Americans and sparked the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. "You must never be fearful of what you are doing when it is right" she has said.

      Image result for Pictures of Rosa Parks


      Emmeline Pankhurst, leader of the British suffragette movement, came in third. Pankhurst founded the Women’s Social and Political Union in 1903, tocampaign for the vote for women.

      “Pankhurst roused thousands of women to demand, rather than ask politely, for their democratic right in a mass movement that has been unparalleled in British history,” said the magazine. “Always in the thick of the struggle, she endured 13 imprisonments, her name and cause becoming known throughout the world.”

      Others that appear in the top 10 were Marie Stopes, Scottish advocate of birth control and sex educator, who “brought to women worldwide the opportunity of planned pregnancies,” and Florence Nightingale, who led the first official team of British military nurses to Turkey during the Crimean War.

      Image result for Pictures of Marie Stopes

      Marie Stropes

      Rosalind Franklin, who provided the “crucial piece of evidence” in discovering the double helix structure of DNA, came in fifth,

      Rosalind Franklin
      and mathematician Ada Lovelace — considered to be the first computer programmer — was fourth.
      Ada Lovelace

      The rest of the top 20 are:

      • Eleanor of Aquitaine
      • the Virgin Mary
      • Jane Austen
      • Boudicca
      • Diana, Princess of Wales
      • Amelia Earhart
      • Queen Victoria
      • Josephine Butler
      • Mary Seacole
      • Mother Teresa
      How many have you heard of?

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      Pundit Post

      The Marines Thought Women Didn't Belong In The Infantry


          The Marines Didn’t Think Women Belonged in the Infantry. She’s Proving Them Wrong.

          First Lt. Marina A. Hierl, is the first woman in the Marine Corps to lead an infantry platoon; but her position as an infantry leader didn't come easy.

          Lieutenant Hierl in June in northern Australia. “I wanted to do something important with my life,” she said. “I wanted to be part of a group of people that would be willing to die for each other.”CreditThomas Gibbons-Neff/The New York Times
          Marine spokespersons have issued the statement that women and men who attend the Infantry Officer Course are evaluated by the same standards; but training courses for such as the one Lieutenant Hierl attended and passed have an 80% failure rate for all applicants.

          Lieutenant Hierl is the first woman in the Marine Corps to lead an infantry platoon — a historic moment for a male-dominated organization that had fiercely opposed integrating female troops into combat, something that still unsettles many within the ranks.

          Lieutenant Hierl is one of four platoon commanders in Echo Company. Her presence, first eyed with skepticism, appears to have been quietly accepted.

          Thirty-seven women have attended the Marines Corps’ Infantry Officer Course at Quantico, Va., for 13 weeks of combat evaluations and mileslong hikes carrying heavy loads. Only two women have passed.

          Of those two women, only Lieutenant Hierl has been given a platoon of roughly 35 men to lead.

          Last fall, Lieutenant Hierl was among the handful of new lieutenants who reported to duty with the Second Battalion, Fourth Marines at Camp Pendleton in California. The battalion is made up of about 1,000 troops divided into five companies, including Echo.

          When the commanding officer of Echo Company, Capt. Neal T. Jones, learned that Lieutenant Hierl had been assigned to the battalion, he asked that she be sent to his unit.

          “If you’re the first to do something, that implies you have so many positive traits,” Captain Jones said. “And that’s not always the case when it comes to every lieutenant — including myself.”

          Lieutenant Hierl in June with Marines from her platoon. The troops arrived in Australia in April for a six-month stint as a response force for the Pacific region. CreditThomas Gibbons-Neff/The New York Times
          Most jobs in the Air Force and in the Navy have long been open to women — except in Special Operations units, like the Navy SEALs. A small number of women have tried, but have so far been unsuccessful, in joining those elite forces. Some training courses for those units have a roughly 80 percent failure rate for all applicants.

          There are 184,473 active-duty Marines, of whom 15,885 are women. Among them are 80 women serving in previously restricted combat roles.

          By contrast, 740 female soldiers have been allowed into previously restricted combat jobs out of the roughly 65,000 women in the Army. Fifteen women have graduated from its arduous Ranger school, including Capt. Kristen M. Griest, who became the Army’s first female infantry officer in 2016.

          “I do hope that, with our performance in Ranger school, we’ve been able to inform that decision as to what they can expect from women in the military,” Captain Griest said when she graduated in 2015. “We can handle things physically and mentally on the same level as men.”
          Lieutenant Hierl has avoided publicity and is reluctant to talk about herself. But she did say that she wants to be seen by the Marines in her platoon as a leader, not as a trailblazer because of her gender.

          There are two other female Marines in the battalion, both in enlisted ranks. Colonel Cook said their performance has been at least equal to that of the men.

          The 38 men and one woman of Third Platoon were quickly indistinguishable, a kaleidoscope of green camouflage, tan bulletproof vests and black masks. One Marine struggled to put on the mask. It was not Lieutenant Hierl.

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          Pundit Post

              A majority of white women, reportedly, voted for Trump over Clinton in Nov 2016, with a significant reverse of that for black women. But the overall trends , according to this article, bode broadly ill for the GOP--


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                  I've recently posted a spate of corny, silly, "humorous" bits. But here's an opposite challenge for you: if you can read this and not shed a tear or have a welling up of shame or pride (yes, both) at being an American (if you are), then you should seriously rethink your values.


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                  My True South: Why I Decided To Return Home


                      An essay by Jesmyn Ward, a writer who can write, who can create poetry in prose and demand justice AND respect for Mississippi.

                      Reminds me of my eye doctor, Tina Lucas-Glass, another Mississippian who understands deeply community and justice.

                      Well worth your time to read:


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                      Why Do We Care About Melania's Wardrobe Choices?


                          Melania's careless jacket flap provides an opening

                          Normally, I think the reaction most people have to women's wardrobe choices are hypercritical if not at least overblown. We pay such close attention to women's appearance from their hair to their "wardrobe choice." Shouldn't we focus on women's actions? Their words?

                          But, wait. This was her words.

                          "Melania chose to display a statement in plain English on her body while representing the United States on an official trip in her official capacity as first lady. The content of her "message" -- of THIS message -- is most certainly fair game for public comment. Consider that Melania Trump, a former fashion model, knows exactly what she is wearing. How are we to trust her sincerity now after this jaw-dropping affront?

                          "Here is the problem: The role of the first family is TO care -- about the country and the world"

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