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Discussions on Women's Rights

Congress's 'No Sleeveless' Dress Code Is Another Arbitrary Barrier For Women


      The right to free speech is never abridged in America, so Pence and the other voices on the right who have taken up the cause of making Rep. Omar a pariah -- like the House minority leader, Kevin McCarthy -- are free to use the opportunity of her broad jump into the bear trap of anti-Semitic comments to try to even the score on "consequences" for bigotry.
      But the effort only opens the door to a full consideration of just how selective this display of moral outrage truly is. (McCarthy himself has never apologized for a tweet widely denounced as redolent of anti-Semitism).
      The comparison to Steve King is the most obvious evidence of an egregious stretch. For his entire tenure in Congress -- and in his previous elected positions -- King has been repeatedly accused of engaging in bigotry. No stranger to charges of anti-Semitism himself (the ADL sent a letter condemning him for smearing the Jewish Democratic donor George Soros), the list of his other dalliances with racist positions and white nationalist leaders is rather extensive.
      Yet it took the Republican leadership in Congress more than 15 years to condemn any of King's ugly views. In the intervening years, he was appointed a committee chairman, praised endlessly by Republican leadership and his endorsement was widely and warmly sought after by presidential hopefuls. Unlike Omar, he never apologized, not even for his most recent descent into bigotry: questioning why the idea of white supremacy should even be considered offensive.

      So you know the GOP came out of the gate barking at Rep. Omar.

      In 2018, Republican state representative Steve Drazkowski publicly accused Omar of campaign finance violations, claiming that she used $2,250 in campaign funds to pay a divorce lawyer in 2017, and that her acceptance of speaking fees from public colleges violated Minnesota House rules. Omar responded that the attorney's fees were not personal but campaign-related; she offered to return the speaking fees. Drazkowski later accused Omar of using state resources and staff for private business, and purchasing plane tickets for personal travel with campaign money, including $3,000 in trips to Estonia and other locations. In response to an editorial in the Minneapolis Star Tribune arguing that Omar should be more transparent about her use of campaign funds, she suggested the criticisms were politically motivated, saying: "these people are part of systems that have historically been disturbingly motivated to silence, discredit and dehumanize influencer's who threaten the establishment.

      Minnesota House of Rep three assignments

      Committee assignments

      • Civil Law & Data Practices Policy
      • Higher Education & Career Readiness Policy & Finance
      • State Government Finance[

      U.S. House of Rep

      Omar received the largest percentage of the vote of any female candidate for U.S. House in state history,[41] as well as the largest percentage of the vote for a non-incumbent candidate for U.S. House (excluding those running against only non-major-party candidates) in state history. [41] She was sworn in on a copy of the Quran owned by her grandfather.[42][43]

      After her election, a proposal was made to lift the ban on head covering in the U.S. House. The proposal was successful and Omar became the first woman to wear a hijab on the House floor.[9]

      Congressional committee assignments

      Committee assignments 116th Congress(2019–21) Party leadership and caucus memberships
      • Budget
      • Education and Labor
      • Foreign Affairs

      She is on some powerful committees and either of them or all can have the Republicans in a frenzy.

      Alleged use of antisemitic tropes

      In 2018, Omar came under criticism for statements she made about Israel

      before she was in the Minnesota legislature, which the Jewish

      Telegraphic Agency reported had "earned her notoriety in the pro-Israel

      community." In a 2012 tweet, she wrote, “Israel has hypnotized the

      world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of

      Israel." The comment, particularly the notion that Israelis had

      "hypnotized the world," was criticized as drawing on anti-semitic

      tropes. New York Times columnist Bari Weiss wrote that Omar's statement

      tied into a millennia-old "conspiracy theory of the Jew as the hypnotic

      conspirator". When asked in an interview how she would respond to

      American Jews who found the remark offensive, Omar replied, "I don’t

      know how my comments would be offensive to Jewish Americans. My comments

      precisely are addressing what was happening during the Gaza War and I’m

      clearly speaking about the way the Israeli regime was conducting itself

      in that war." Later, after reading Weiss's commentary, Omar apologized

      for not "disavowing the anti-Semitic trope I unknowingly used".

      In February 2019, Omar was criticized for tweets that appeared to imply

      that money spent by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)

      was the primary motivation for American politicians' support of Israel.

      These comments were criticized by Democratic leaders, including House

      Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, and Majority Whip Jim

      Clyburn, with the Democratic House leadership releasing a statement

      that called Omar's tweets antisemitic and "deeply offensive."The Jewish

      Democratic Council of America also denounced her statements. Omar issued

      an apology the next day, stating, "My intention is never to offend

      constituents or Jewish Americans as a whole", but adding, "I reaffirm

      the problematic role of lobbyists in our politics, whether it be AIPAC,

      the NRA or the fossil fuel industry".

      Donald Trump, who was accused of using Jewish stereotypes and

      anti-Semitic imagery during his presidential campaign, dismissed Omar's

      apology and said she should resign from Congress. Omar responded that

      Trump had long "trafficked in hate" against both Jews and Muslims.

      Pelosi rejected Republicans' criticism of Omar, saying they did not have

      "clean hands"regarding Trump's and his supporters' use of

      anti-Semitic tropes and Republican Representative Steve King's support

      for white supremacy. Representative Max Rose, one of the first to

      denounce Omar's comments, said that he accepted her apology while

      criticizing Republicans' tolerance of anti-Semitism within their party,

      and accused the news media of a double standard in publicizing such


      LGBT rights

      Omar was endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign, a major LGBT civil

      rights advocacy group. In response to the endorsement, Omar stated, "I

      will fight for LGBTQIA+ rights in Washington D.C."

      Minimum wage

      Omar supports a $15 hourly minimum wage.

      Venezuela crisis

      In January 2019, amid the 2019 Venezuelan presidential crisis, Omar

      joined Democrats Ro Khanna and Tulsi Gabbard in denouncing the Trump

      administration's decision to recognize Juan Guaidó, the leader of the

      Venezuelan National Assembly, as the new president of Venezuela. She

      said that the U.S. should not "hand pick" foreign leaders, adding that

      the U.S. should support "Mexico, Uruguay & the Vatican’s efforts to

      facilitate a peaceful dialogue", that Trump's action was a "U.S. backed

      coup", and that Guaidó was part of the "far-right opposition", a view

      not shared by most congressional Democrats; Guaidó's party has been

      described as holding center-left positions.

      In February 2019, Omar questioned whether Elliott Abrams, who was

      appointed by Donald Trump as Special Representative for Venezuela in

      January 2019, was the correct choice given his past support of

      right-wing authoritarian regimes in El Salvador and Guatemala, his role

      in downplaying credible reports on the El Mozote massacre in 1982, and

      his two 1991 misdemeanor convictions for withholding information from

      Congress about the Iran–Contra affair, for which he was later pardoned

      by George H. W. Bush.

      Conservative critics argued that this focus was misplaced in light of the crisis in Venezuela.

      My take on all of this is that the GOP needed a reason to attack her because they don't like the committees she is on. She is female and Muslim Omar became the first woman to wear a hijab on the House floor. Be aware that Congress has had dress codes in place for many decades. Up until now the dress codes have been strictly enforced. Many women have been turned away from the floors of Congress because of their attire. '

      "The CBS story has prompted cries of sexism, specifically against Ryan and the GOP. That’s an easy accusation to make since the dress code fits into the on-going narrative of Republicans pursuing policies that limit women’s rights, specifically control over their own reproductive systems and access to adequate, affordable health care."

      Also every time someone came out swinging at Rep Omar she hasn't yet sat on the sidelines and pouted. She has come back swinging.

      But the GOP owns the floor of the Senate for now and you bet they are enforcing the rules just because they can. As the article explains the GOP loves the control, and have exercised it in all forms. While the DNC has welcomed change in Congress the GOP hasn't. Take a look at the floors of Congress and you will see the differences. All you have to do is look at the attire and you will know who is in control.



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      Life Begins At Conception, But That's Not The Point.


          The forced birthers have a slogan they like to trot out that "Life begins at conception" forgetting that this is not some arkane secret, unknown to women who are pregnant. What they are doing with pronouncements like that, is to insinuate that a zygote or embryo is worth more than the woman who carries it in her body, reducing her to the status of incubator with no value or rights. Women are seen as less than a person.

          I have found this article and while I know it's preaching to the choir, I would like you all to read it all the same for the insights it offers. I have pasted an excerpt here, but please access the entire article by clicking on the link


          Preventing conception or having an abortion isn’t just about getting through the “inconvenience” of a pregnancy, as the right often asserts, though in many situations pregnancy does in fact pose substantial risks to the health and lives of women (such as very high rates of maternal mortality among girls and women in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and among women of color in the United States). It is about whether or not a woman wants to and is able to make a lifelong emotional, financial, and physical commitment—often at substantial cost to herself and/or to her family—to the person who will exist if a pregnancy is successfully brought to term. In the case of a wanted pregnancy, or an unintended pregnancy a woman decides to carry to term this can be a joyous, hoped-for, and much anticipated event. Under other circumstances, and without recourse to safe abortion care, an unintended pregnancy is a forced pregnancy and a forced birth, and amounts to reproductive slavery. Only one person—the woman in question—has the right to decide whether, when, and under what circumstances to bring a new person into the world. And the vast majority of women who have an abortion know they are ending biological life that they can not or do not want to sustain because the commitment to an actual child is a moral commitment they are not able, willing, or ready to make, or can not make for reasons of health or life.

          In the end, when you hear the phrase “life begins at conception,” remember the implications. In debating the “personhood” of eggs, embryos, and fetuses prior to viability, we are also implicitly and explicity debating the personhood of women. Because if you have no choice and control over your body, you are less than an actual person in the eyes of the law. If the right is so worried about abortion the closer a pregnancy gets to viability, then anti-choicers would be making sure both contraception and early, safe abortion were widely available. That really is not their actual concern.

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          Who Rules The World? - Girls!



              After the disgrace of most of the awards going to men last year, women artists really "stepped up" this year, and dominated the awards ceremony. Last year, only one of the major awards went to a woman. This year, it was a lot different. Women had come to the GRAMMYs to be heard. With wins in nearly 40 categories, women stole the show this year. Dolly Parton was radiant, and Diana Ross and her 9-year-old grandson won hearts. Dua Lipa and St. Vincent got my pulse going, while Jennifer Lopez showed us how to dance at any age.

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              AOC Is Making C-SPAN Fun


                  I expect she’ll make mistakes—and they’ll be jumped on, even by moderate Democrats—but it looks like she’s a quick learner. We don’t have time for incremental change any more.

                  Well worth reading--and watching--


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                  I Didn't Know That --Lesson #1


                      From CNN -- "White has continued to serve as symbol for women in politics. Shirley Chisholm, the first African American woman to be elected to Congress, wore white to be sworn in in 1969. Geraldine Ferraro did the same when she was named America's first female Vice President nominee."

                      I didn't know that ~ DC

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