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Problem Posting Links

Is it just me or are there times where posting a link to an article causes problems. Sometimes when I paste a link into a post I am creating it just sits there and stares at me until I click elsewhere on the page. Other times it looks like all is OK and when I click "Post" it all just sits there. Not sure if it's on my end on Yabberz end.

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A Review Of Yabberz By A "New" Member: What Do You Think?


      Why Yabberz is better....

      I invited a friend from another blog to join us here....several times.....finally my nagging got to her and she reluctantly (to make me shut up) did so.

      She is a blog meister. I have been asking her for feedback. I got this note from her last night.

      "Murph, thanks for being such a Pain in the Butt (just joking...kind of). I have been at Yabberz for a while now and I love it. Why? Let me tell you.

            • It's easy to post here. One stop shopping. You can do all your editing from one screen. And there are a lot of options.
            • It's easy to import images and texts.
            • It's easy to edit after you post.
            • It's easy to respond to the posts of others.
            • It looks good.
            • The members really do control what is being talked about. They post the starter articles and they keep them alive with points, sharing, and ongoing replies. And members who post the best stuff are highlighted with "Pundit" status (by the way how do I get to be one of those?)
            • Articles that move off of "the front page" can be put back there by new activity around the article or by action by the publishers here. I have seen articles that were dead for a week pop back up and get a whole new cycle of life.
            • Sharing and Sponsoring really promotes the best stuff.
            • The tone is outstanding. Facebook could learn a thing or two from the people who run this place. Those who do not play well with others are kicked out of the sandbox. Those who follow the rules, honor the contract, work with the mission, get the point of a site like this...get to stay. Simple. Respectful, honest dialogue with a minimum of meanness and flaming. Love it.

            I could say more but I am spreading the word. I want friends I post with as part of this place. There are five things the site needs.

            • $$$$ Support from the Members. You have told me that you contribute monthly to the site. I am willing to do so as well. Membership is worth getting to support the effort here but I know that Membership Programs are more attractive when they come with "privileges". There are also levels of membership in some places. I don't know what those would be but it's worth thinking about. From what you tell me Melissa and Mike Horton, the publishers here, are carrying the site as a public service (and that too should be publicized).
            • Fixing some small glitches in functionality like the ones you pointed out to me.
            • Getting e mail notification whenever you get a "chat message." The system would be better used if people got quick notification. I am on a site that actually forwards member messages to your preferred e mail automatically. That is great.
            • Polling like another site we know very well allows. Just copy their system. I love responding to polls even when I don't have anything to say. I think it promotes engagement overall.
            • A "in praise of" page....what our long time members are saying about Yabberz that would encourage new members and provide a means for new members to contact veterans.
            • AND...lastly....following is what makes this place work. I have a radical idea....You told me that the editor here has a system that automatically attaches new members to your pundits (which someday I hope to be)...that is great. Here is another idea. Whenever you respond to a post if you give it points you automatically follow and are followed back. Build up the networks of people here.

          I am sure I will other thoughts...you know me.....gabbbbbbyyyyy. Yeah, you can post it....and take the heat if there is any. HA HA HA!

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      Pundit Post

      Something Briken

      Mike Horton something is making the site fail to render on an ipad. Tells me to download android app. Loads ok on iPhone, so not iOS issue

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      why are we seeing ads that help Trump? ...barf

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      Mike Horton -- Minor Problem With Ghostery Bowser Plugin

      UPDATE: I don't know if you changed anything, but this is no longer a problem.

      A minor problem --

      I have had trouble viewing all the discussions on the Home page in my Facebook browser (in Windows). I am able to see whatever the initial batch size is, and then hit the "Load More Discussions" button. It just "spins" but never succeeds in loading more.

      Today, just for the hell of it, I disabled the Ghostery ad block plugin. Problem disappeared. As a test, I added the plugin to my Chrome browser. Same problem. Disabled it and problem disappeared. I use another ad block on Chrome and have not had this problem, so it seems to be specific to Ghostery.

      Ghostery is also performs anti-tracking, so that might be the clue as to what is causing the problem.

      Don't know if anybody uses this plugin, but if anyone complains about the same symptoms, you can ask them if they use this (or maybe some other anti-tracking app).

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          1. Sponsorships should last more than one hour

          This is an international website with bloggers reading and responding in multiple time zones. Sponsorships generally become a waste of 100 points when so few can take advantage of it.

          2. Spotlights should be in a separate and prominent link

          They should also receive an award of at least 100 points.

          3. Pundits should get automatic VIP status They should also have a more prominent link and free shares on comments.

          After all, what's the point of selecting Pundits and bloggers awarding Sponsorships if they are given such little value?

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          Pundit Post

          Ratings War On The Leader Board

          Followers – is based on how many followers you have since you have opened a Yabberz account. This puts users who have been with Yabberz for longer with a slight advantage. This factor is relative to your peers. The person(s) with the most followers will receive the full 1000 value.

          What is the current rank of followers in the top twenty, no names please>





















          * Hi Tom, lots of points not many interested, how is that possible?

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          Finding The IP Address Of A Post

          Please help me to quickly zero-in on the IP address of a user.

          I can see the html source code and I suspect the user's IP address is contained within.

          I need to know where the user is posting from. Thank you

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          The Flourishing Business Of Fake YouTube Views


              One of the sources RW supporters have used to rebut Resist Trump articles and reports is You Tube. Except for Google, more people search on You Tube more than they do on any other site on the web.

              You Tube plays can be purchased for pennies, and delivered in bulk. That means that they are highly vulnerable to manipulation, and although You Tube has a system in place to spot and block fake views, some slip through regularly.

              You Tubes fake-view ecosystem undermines credibility by manipulating digital currency which can have a "significant effect" because it can mislead consumers and allow fake news and hate speech. Recently, You Tube blocked InfoWars.

              The following excerpts from a NY Times' report on fake You Tube views gives us a reason not to easily use or accept You Tube views and citations as always reputable.

              Just as other social media companies have been plagued by impostor accounts and artificial influence campaigns, YouTube has struggled with fake views for years.

              Inflating views violates YouTube’s terms of service. But Google searches for buying views turn up hundreds of sites offering “fast” and “easy” ways to increase a video’s count by 500, 5,000 or even five million. The sites, offering views for just pennies each, also appear in Google search ads.

              To test the sites, a Times reporter ordered thousands of views from nine companies. Nearly all of the purchases, made for videos not associated with the news organization, were fulfilled in about two weeks.

              One of the businesses was Devumi.com. According to company records, it collected more than $1.2 million over three years by selling 196 million YouTube views. Nearly all the views remain today. An analysis of those records, from 2014 to 2017, shows that most orders were completed in weeks, though those for a million views or more took longer. Providing large volumes cheaply and quickly is often a sign that a service is not offering real viewership.

              Devumi’s customers included an employee of RT, a media organization funded by the Russian government, and an employee of Al Jazeera English, another state-backed company. Other buyers were a filmmaker working for Americans for Prosperity, a conservative political advocacy group, and the head of video at The New York Post. (Al Jazeera and The Post said the workers were not authorized to make such purchases and were no longer employed there.)

              Image result for Russian Bots picture images

              Multiple musicians bought views to appear more popular: YouTube views factor into metrics from the ratings company Nielsen and song charts including Billboard’s Hot 100.

              Some companies bought views for clients with the promise of social media promotion that would result in real people watching their videos. Purveyors depend on constantly evolving tactics to deliver views, including automated or “bot” traffic and pop-under videos on unsuspecting users’ computers.

              At one point in 2013, YouTube had as much traffic from bots masquerading as people as it did from real human visitors, according to the company. Some employees feared this would cause the fraud detection system to flip, classifying fake traffic as real and vice versa — a prospect engineers called “the Inversion.”

              . . .fixes were made that relieved the fake-traffic surge, which YouTube said resulted from an attack against the website.

              Years later, the battle against fake views continues, even as YouTube contends with disinformation campaigns, like Russia’s efforts during the 2016 election, and language it considers hate speech, including posts by the recently banned Infowars site.

              YouTube would not disclose the number of fake views it blocked each day, but said its teams worked to keep them to less than 1 percent of the total. Still, with the platform registering billions of views a day, tens of millions of fake views could be making it through daily.

              “View count manipulation will be a problem as long as views and the popularity they signal are the currency of YouTube”


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